Are there any cancer/capricorn friends out there???

  • I've known this capricorn girl since I was a sophmore in high school. We're practicley opposites, but We seemed to get along right from the start. She doesnt show how she feels very mch & is pretty quiet, while I wear my heart on my sleeve & although I'm pretty quiet too at times, I have my loud moments. That year I got her & my sag guy friend to go out. Me & him were pretty close, like we'd talk about EVERYTHING. He'd been trying to go out with me & my gemini friend since we met him, but we didnt like him as anything more than a friend. Which is why I was so excited when he told me that he liked my cap friend. I asked her how she felt about him, & when she told me that she liked him too I spilled the beans & BAM, they were together within days. The bad thing is that she's changed alot since she's been dating him. Since she doesnt show how she's feeling very much, they dont seem to talk much. When I'm with him, it's great, & when I'm with her I'd all good. But when I'm with both of's like there an occward silence that makes me almost crinj. Usually I''ll try to get them to talk, & it's usually him that does all that talking. Me & him will be talking for hours on end, & she'll get all sad. And it doesnt help that he always blows her off & always asks me to hangout right in front of her. He even tells me how pretty I am right in front of her & now it's like she's changing. She's dying her hair my hair color, wanting to go tanning, trying to be louder. I think it's great that she's trying to show her personality more, but changing herself? And just afew months ago she'd always be calling me her best friend, & yet she's getting all moody everytime me & her at together, & I seem to always get twice as b****y back. When I get like that she just gets quiet & mumbles a word or two, then quits talking. I have no clue if its because her sag guy is always being nice to me or wat, but their both my friends. To make things worst I found out that she was talking crap about my sag friend, her BOYFRIEND, to another cap guy. That just made me look at her in a totally new way because as long as I've known her, she's been the sweetest person. Never talking crap about much of anyone. I'm thinking about sitting her down & talking to her about all this, but I'm not sure where to start. So much has happend, & I do have a temper with some of the topics......anyone who understands you understand wats going on with my friend?

  • She is trying to be like so so that her boyfriend will like her more. She feels as though yall have a better relationship than she does with him... So therefore, if you want to make her feel batter you have to spend less time with her boyfriend and set up dates with her and him to get them more acquainted.... I don't think that they get communicate very well...

  • I have been trying to hangout with her boyfriend less. The only time I ever really talk to him at school lately is when she's with us. And even then, he'll be asking me questions about myself, like wat my favorite color is & favorite food, but he never asks her about anything she likes.

    And as for the whole 'trying to get them to hangout', I've tried multiple times to get them to go out to the movies or something, but the one time he was actually sounding like he was up for it, he asked if me & my boyfriend would double with them. Of course I said no, but he just bailed out on the date after I said no. He said he remembered that he had to work that day.

    But that day, even though he said he was suppost to be working, he 'accidentky' ran into me & one of my friends at a icecream shop & ended up hanging out with us for a while. His girlfriend wasnt happy at all when she found out. I dont blaime her, especially since he's blown off their date for 'work' & wasnt really working, but still, she never says anything about it to him.

    Whats worst is she is getting all moody about me all the time. Like giving me the cold sholder. I dont know if she thinks I'm going to take her boyfriend or what, but she should know that if I wanted her man, I'd already have him. I dont know if its a capricorn thing to act like that, since most capricorn I know are like that, but either way, they need to be happy with who they are, not try to be happy with what other people want them to be.

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