What site tells you what your moon sign is?

  • I've used afew different sites to figure out what my moon sign is, & one said my moon sign was a Taurus & the other one said my moon sign was an Aries. I read about both of them & both signs seem to describe me. I'm stubbern & hard headed like a taurs, but I have a bad temper like an Aries. My sun sign is a cancer.....I have no clue which moon sign is right though.

    Most of the sites that told me I had a taurus moon sign just asked for my town of birth, like this site does.

    But the one that told me my moon sign was an sries asked for EXACT location, like longitude & latitude of the location.

    Do you know of any accurate sites that'll tell me which moon sign is right?

  • The one that asked for long. & lat. plus DOB and time of birth will be accurate. Plenty of free sites out there with that info and then some. enjoy learning about you! peace ~ laie

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