Is this how aries guys behave when their interested in someone?

  • I dont know this aries guy personaly. I've barely even talked to him. But lately I'd notice him talking to me a little more. Nothing big, & nothing I really thought much of, but when we were taking our semester exams, one of my friends was crushing on this guy, so I went with her so she could talk to that guy. I didnt pay much attention to wat her & her crush were talking about. Mainly just sat there texting on me cell. And then I got a feeling that someone was stareing at me. I looked up & saw the aries guy looking at me. He'd moved over to a table afew feet away from where I was. I wasnt expecting him to be looking at me, so I looked away. When I looked back though, he was still stareing. He didnt even look away. After about 5 or 10 minutes of that, I got up & went to the other sit of the room to sit at my desk. But when I looked back over at where he was, I relized that he had turned around some & was facing in my direction now! I was like "What the...?" My friends came over & sat with me after that, so that tool me attention away from him. I'd practicley forgotten about all of that till recently.

    My brother, who has known this aries guy for a long time, mentioned that this aries guy was talking about me to him. He said that the aries guy had asked if I'd tutor him in the math class we had together. But the weird thing about that is he has an A in that class, & I'm AWFUL at math.

    I was just wondering wat are the signs of an aries guy being intereested in someone? How do they act? Or behave?

  • I am a Leo and was in a relationship with an Aires man for over 6 years, we lived together. He threw me out a few months ago without saying anything. I would say if you have any sense or feel good about yourself in any way that you run not walk as far away as you can get from this Aires. They are very controlling and they will critize everything you do and after years of beoing in love with them they will dro you like a hot potato

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