Messages from loved one's who have passed?

  • Hi,

    There is a lot of financial conflict occurring in my family at the moment and I seem to be coping the brunt of it all. I was wondering if anyone could communicate with my aunt Helen, uncle Manuel and/or great grandaunt Jess and if they have any messages for me about this situation for anything else.

    Also, I have been considering for a number of years now to get a tattoo of a cross co joined with a red rose in remembrance of my aunt Helen, could you please tell me if she approves or disapproves of this?


  • I'm not one to talk to those beyond, yet anyway but I offer you this when I read of your tattoo I could see if a flash bright and beautiful which to me is a positive acknowledgment. Now from a mothers perspective if you are struggling with financial conflict and issues now is not the time for the tattoo but that just means when the time is right you will make it happen in a positive way.

    Wishing you relief from stress.

  • Thanks RC, i have been putting it off for a number of years now because of finances.

    I probably should add that because of my upbringing, to me, Helen was my mother, however, before all you mothers out there start jumping down my throat for this (lol), I will add, I have always respected my birth mother and acknowledge her as mum and because of our culture and her awareness of my upbringing, she has accepted my feelings.

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