Do you try to avoid any Sun Sign, relationship-wise? Why would one avoid yours?

  • To avoid drama, PLEASE let's all try to learn from this topic, and discuss things without being agressive, rude, or unpleasant to others.

    If you feel your sun sign has been wronged, you can explain exactly in what way, and possibly tell what could lead others to think whatever it is that they said.

    Hopefully, this topic could let us all see how people from other signs see us, and possibly attempt to prevent problems that might arise when relating to people from those signs.

    If possible, to keep the posts somewhat clean(please forgive my Virgo attitude) and easy to read, please post in this format:

    Sun signs I would rather avoid in a relationship:

    Sign 1 man/woman: [A few lines explaining the reason for avoiding them]

    Sign 2 man/woman: [A few lines explaining the reason for avoiding them]

    Sign 3 man/woman: etc...

    Why I think someone would want to avoid my sun sign:

    My Sign man/woman: [A few lines explaining why you think people might wish to try to avoid getting into a relationship your sun sign]

    My Asc: (For better understanding of your post by others)

    My Moon: (For better understanding of your post by others)

    Additional Comments:

    [Other comments, anything you might want to add]


    I'll start, so you get an idea...

    Sun signs I would rather avoid in a relationship:

    Gemini woman: I believe they wouldn't be satisfied to maintain a stable relationship with me, as they like continuous movement and trying new experiences constantly... which I am capable of, but am not overly excited about. It's just troublesome. I also find that I don't understand their ways of thinking too well, as they've got such incredible minds but often seem to either not be sure of what they want, or to always overprioritize things which, I find, are superficial (this is NOT a problem of theirs, of course... it's just incompatibility). Oh, speaking of superficial... I find gemini to be quite superficial (Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of superficial people who are very nice people, and there's plenty of deeper people who are quite rotten... but I feel I need someone with a certain degree of emotional, and perhaps intellectual depth... the latter, most Gemini DO seem have, although it's oriented differently than Virgo's.)

    Last, but not least, I am unable to understand the way Gemini can have such an unemotional attitude towards ***, from what I see in my friends... well maybe

    I can understand it, but I don't agree with it.

    Scorpio woman: They're defenitely amazing. They're good at everything they do... and from what I've seen, getting someone like me to fall for them is no exception. The intellectual compatibility seems out of this world... and intellect is a major turn-on for Virgos(I found that out by talking to a Scorpio girl, LOL!).

    In my life, I've always found that I get along with scorpio friends very well... at least for a short while. Because if we talk very often, it always ends up feeling to me like eventually it will either be a relationship, or nothing at all.

    They're like a field with landmines. One wrong step, and KABOOM! The explosions are dangerous, and although they might come back a few days later and say that they're no longer mad, to me it just doesn't feel right to keep talking to them, because the bond will feel like it has been wounded too badly.

    Fortunately, as a Virgo, I can USUALLY have a stroke of inspiration and fix whatever misunderstanding there was as soon as the bomb goes off. Whenever this happens I can't help but say to myself ''PHEW, that was close... I don't know how I fixed it, but it was brilliant... but why do I have to go through these emotional rollercoasters? Is she trying to give me a heart attack?''

    Scorpio's magnetism is undeniable, the moment I find out a girl who I find interesting is scorpio, I might shed some tears and wish I could just disappear, but I can't just disappear... not when someone so amazing seems to be interested in me. This is another place where things go wrong. Scorpios seem to me like they're emotion-ruled(and I can kind of understand that... if my scorpio Rising makes even a Virgo mind have moments of anger that are so hard to control that they make me lose focus on whatever I'm doing just to be able to control them, then a REAL scorpio must have feelings that are really hard to tame.).

    Being emotion-ruled wouldn't be a bad thing, if it wasn't for the fact that I, as a good Virgo, feel the urge to help/save the person I like(even if they don't know they need help! Everyone needs help. Virgos included... and Virgos know this better than anyone), and put my own emotions on the line to attempt to accomplish this.

    With my emotions on the line, it's very painful if one day Scorpio girl is very nice to me and hinting that she likes me, and the following day she's still nice to me but telling me how there's these other guys who are after her, but hinting that it's me who she likes... and then the day after she's all saying how she's confused between me and the others, or saying how she likes me but can't be with me because she'd make the others unhappy, and saying how she hates her life and wishes she had never been born. I, like most virgos, feel myself in the other person's skin, when they say this, so thinking they're unhappy makes me feel unhappy also. And I could never be with someone when they're unhappy to be with me. And I couldn't go after, or fight for someone unless I'm completely sure it's me they want, and not the others. No way! If they're in doubt, it means they're not completely sure it's me they want. To go after them like this? And risk being thought of as a stalker? NEVER would my capricorn moon accept this.

    I don't know whether a person would say that there's other men interested just to make me think that they're not easy to get, but that is a major turn-off for me. If someone else's interested, they get to choose. And unfortunately they don't just decide once and for all 'I'm going with X', they make me keep watering(so that they grow) my feelings for them, and waiting for them. Like, this girl said ''When I go to visit Q, if he was there waiting for me but I saw you at the airport, I don't know what I'd do... I think I'd just run to you and hug you''. This is quite a bad thing to say, unless she did mean to hurt me... especially after weeks before I had talked to her about how I was avoiding to let my guard down with her because I knew for sure that I would eventually end up infatuated... but she kept telling me that I'm cute, which well, isn't something I hear often, as I was voted 2nd ugliest guy in my class in both middle school and high school years, and that she 'kinda liked' me, and eventually that flattery broke through my shield.

    I think there's no way to escape from a scorpio who's set their eyes on you without serious emotional injuries, unless you adopt a battle position from the very start. Don't let them get too close. They are quite destructive. Weapons of mass emotional destruction.

    I want to hate them so I don't get hurt, but each time one appears who starts talking to me often, hate never appears as a selectable option. The only ones that appear are 'Emotional attachment and tears' or 'Disappear from the world'...and even though the former is very painful, I have fortunately never chosen the latter, and hopefully never will.

    Why I think someone would want to avoid my sun sign:

    Virgo man: Extremely shy, women might think we don't love them enough to fight for them(against the ''competition''), but if we even have to fight, then it's because they don't really like us as much as they'd have to like us in order to deserve us(did I mention, 'deserve' is a key word)... unless we know for sure that it's us they like and want to be with, and not the others. In that case we'll be more than happy to protect them with all the might of Spica Virginis, the dancing twin stars!

    We also don't trust easily... even if I'm close friends with someone it'll take many months, perhaps years, until I trust them completely... I might even lead them into thinking that I trust them, but in reality it takes quite a while until I trust them... unless of course they're the one lucky person I've felt I could confide on. And once trust is lost, it's never regained... although I might lead them to think it was regained in order to avoid tension.

    Not wanting to hurt anyone, and wanting to ''save'' everyone (I think Virgos have a tendency to picture themselves as Knights, like Sir Lancelot... waiting for a queen to love and serve) may lead Virgos to make the same mistake we hate to see others make(I've learned this from 'The Heart of a Virgo man', topic by Jenever7 which I recommend to anyone seeking insight into Virgo way of thinking)... not being able to decide once and for all what we really want. This would happen much less often if we valued ourselves more... but I think Virgos see too many flaws in themselves for that... and sometimes they even forget that they, themselves, should also be counted as an important factor in the equation that determines how to act.

    Virgo men can, I believe, also appear to some people to be unemotional and cold... this is very untrue. We do have strong feelings, but we keep them under control... probably each virgo has different reasons for this. In my case it's fear that the feelings won't be returned, or will be tossed away(like that song ''last christmas I gave you my heart...''). And also fear that I have too much emotion for the other person to handle, so I keep them closed tightly.

    But once it's known CLEARLY that the other person also likes them and wouldn't mind if they opened up and would not mistreat their feelings, I believe Virgos can open up beautifully.

    My asc: Scorpio

    My moon: Capricorn

    Additional Comments:

    Sorry if I messed up, I just wrote things as I remembered them. I'm sure I missed some stuff, but I don't think things came out badly. Please correct me if I've said things that you feel are not correct, or feel free to explain anything I might have misunderstood about your sign.

    Most of my experience(not all... but by far, most of it) is from purely online relationships, but I think the feelings are present nonetheless... atleast mine were.

    Also, note that this is my point of view... as my birth chart isn't fully Virgo, I'm not 100% sure that all the characteristics I perceive as Virgo traits are really Virgo traits... but I did the best I could.

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