Will he do something about us?Help :/

  • I don't know what to expect from him.I think he likes me, he was always around me(when we wer together),flirting ,but he didn't admit thah he likes me.

    So I am wondering will he do smth?Does he care enough for me?

    I'm 7.9, he is 29.9 born.

  • I just did a reading for u.. Regardless that whether he likes u I can only say he will still say that he doesn't.. He will still remain his stand of saying no.. So u were wondering will he do something.. I can say yes.. Those ideas of flirt around u and consistently giving u surprises but one thing for him.. He gets bored easily.. If u says does he care for u I mostly would say not really.. His care is just like a person in resting mode.. he doesn't really shows u the passionate care that u wanted.. My advise is start to pick things up from ur life.. Don wait till he shatter everything in ur life.. It is not worth for it... 😃

  • Yes..:(

    I was hoping that he cares,but what can I do.I will try to forget him.

    Yes ,my friends told me ,that he is not good gay, but I alway idealize person who I'm in love with.

    Thank you :)))

  • btw. I don't have internet at home.so i wrote from my friend Doree,she also recommended this site ,she finds the answers for her love-problems.

    I'm not Doree,that i wanted to say .Nency

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