Cheating signs?

  • Laithano - when I was in my early 20s, I was dating a Capricorn. He was very generous, decent and had 4 jobs until he had an injury to his leg and couldn't work. That changed everything - he hated seeing me go to work and took everything out on me, he wouldn't let me shop alone and if I did I had a curfew (and heaven forbid if I was even 5 minutes late), I couldn't talk to anybody without him giving me grief about it, he even accused me of cheating on him at my work....on my break !!!!! LOL Of course I would try and reason and analyse these wild accusations - what a waste of time and energy that was......I found out some years later that he was the one cheating and felt guilty about it. Manipulative.....that's puttin' it mildly honey LOL!!

    I'm glad you're on a better go girl 🙂

    Jenever7 - thanks 🙂 Confession 2: last year I was involved with a married man as well. He is a Pisces who convinced me he was unhappy in his marriage. He told me he loved me and I kept the dream alive by continuing to see him. After 2 years of this, he just suddenly stopped communicating and this broke my heart - and the rainbow collapsed. He decided to give it another shot with his wife because of their kids, and not tell me until after - and I had to ask. Many men will avoid confrontation with a woman period or for as long as they can. What is confusing is he still sometimes says hi by text.....out of the blue - even up till now. Part of me wants to see him get busted.

    Since I have been attracting Pisces in my life, only one was faithful - and thats because he thought I was the right woman for him - I didn't stay with this one because the feeling was not mutual...... the other 3 Pisces men were all attached when they started something with me. I ended all relations with them after I knew except the last one whom I spoke of in the above paragraph.

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  • Laithano 🙂

    LOL - OMG! I did think of calling the wife or letting out the secret and it will somehow get back to her. I do believe that she already thinks something may have went on, but she's not sure. A work colleague of his saw his car at my house and told others at work - news like that speads like wildfire.

    I forgot to add another Pisces in there (gettin' old - HOW COULD I FORGET!!).....he was a football player and 11 years my junior 🙂 ahahahaaaaaa. That was a good one! I knew that one wouldn't last, but I had fun. He was very spiritual, and I can't really say anything bad about him....he was a perfect date to my work party, shoveled snow out of my driveway with his football team sweater on.....LOL! Made me proud....guys from work were flocking around him, and girls jealous with envy ahahahaha! What a treat. Still friends with him too :). He is married now and recently had a child.

    I have been living alone for 7 1/2 years now - since my separation/divorce. I'm doing fine right now, but at first I was pining for someone to be in my life. A series of dates and a few relationships didn't go anywhere. I will be 44 soon - so I feel the pickins are slim.

    My father is a Cancer and he has cheated all through his life too. Temptation is just too much for him to handle. He is with someone right now that is 48 and he is 67 - finally happy.

  • I cant lie...we virgos like our variety. LOL. As far as men ive dealt with that cheated, they were ALWAYS Pisces.

  • Hey Im a cancer and I have never cheated on any of my b/fs or husband. their the ones who cheated on me.. Taurus Gemini Capicorn....I was the one who was the faithful one in the relationships and yes im a flirt but i know when to back off too...

  • Tularegrl - my intention was not to single out Cancer at all. If you read through the thread, I have previously mentioned that people who cheat could be from any sign. Sorry if any comments made offended you in any way.

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  • Laithano - oh noooooo - that sux!!! Hope you find a good one.

  • In my opinion your sign having any significance is a big fat excuse.

    Our Eternal selves before we are even born or have birth charts or signs we are of The Light, Honor, Freedom, Love, Truth, Compassion, etc. If you choose to ignore your heart and betray your "Loves" trust, attempt to fabricate a deceptive reality, and possibly traumatize them into shaking their faith in humanity, you are choosing the darkness. Nothing that can harm another person is Spirit, cant be shrugged off as, ''Oh, well i'm a Leo, so, Ya' know." no, total cop out, your sign may totally be your personallity, but in the end the person makes the choice -

    ~~~ Truth & Freedom ~~* - Peace.

    Blessed Be.

  • The way i see it is simple.

    Anyone can cheat and Lie, regardless of starsign, it's easy to be hurt by one and put the others in the same basket.. so to speak, and it hard to treat each as a individual. just learn from that and dont try to look at a man or ladys sign first and think ohh they'lll cheat, can lead to a lonely road from that narrow vision.

    Just learn and take from experiences

  • Amen to that Scully 🙂

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  • ILoveFlipper


    So true to your statement. No matter your sign, you hava a CHOICE.

    As for tattling to the new significant other, is it not being childish. You are stooping to their level. Let them go. You are only hurting yourself.

    Julianna loving silver wings

  • i'm not a cheater or a liar. i've seen much of it throughout the years. and have seen how badly, drastic and dangerously it can effect the families and the kids once its out in the open. and i could NEVER bare causing that amount of pain on anybody. not even my worst enemy. i don't understand how anybody can.

  • That's great Laithano! Didn't take long....what you get??

  • OhJoy, your avatar made me giggle, then I see your name and nearly fell off my chair.

    Bravo! hahaha

    I am still laughing. hahaha

    You seem like you have a pretty good sense of humor.

  • Ahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks, 1Blondie178 - I was wondering what ppl thought about it. I LOVE it myself....used it alot on MSN messaging- when I wanted to express anything that I liked. I had tons of them...I rarely use MSN anymore. Joy is my middle name 🙂

    Glad you like it.

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