Cheating signs?

  • Which sign do you think is most likely to cheat? So far I've mainly heard scorpio & gemini.

    Any input?

  • Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces,Aries,Libra,

  • Cancers are???

  • i don't think it matters much about the sign.. men i have known to cheat who were aries , scorpio , cancer and leo. i have done some serious flirting but its just that. if i see its going too far, i back off quick. i don't think the sign makes any significant difference, if it does , i think it is very minor or may come into play after the relationship has died. i think it has to do with learned behavior and being self centered or a bad or worn-out marriage.

    in the case of a worn out relationship where one is hurt in some way maybe the sign may kick in as to whether they cheat now or hold on for a divorce. that's just my observation over the years.

    it may be that males in general have a natural instinct to go from female to female. they have to be strong and resist temptation and the weak personalities give in to the temptation. so actually it could be that not cheating is learned, not the other way around ! just a thought : )

  • Cancers and Leos Also.

    I say cancers, because they can be professional flirters lol.

  • Virgos that are anywhere by the Pacific Ocean, they seem to be the worst of all. I do not know what it is about them, but basically they could be "johns" or "call girls" and make a very good living.

    : p


  • Libras, Libras, Libras...lying, cheating, loser libras....ughhhh:)...all in good fun, but just in case you didnt hear my reply...LIBRASSSS!!!:D

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  • Sag, repeat sag.

  • count me in agreeing with above statement, i do go with the virgos as number one, and scorpio men as number two.

    we aries , are very faithful and expect the same, now i am talking a womans view point,


  • I think it just depends on relationship status. A man will cheat regardless if he is not getting attention from his woman. Most likely to cheat? Cancer, Scorpio, Picses. Water signs are suckers for temptation, but they can be very loyal. How do I know this? I'm all three signs. Experience maybe? This is just a mans point of view, now the women water signs that I know are less likely to cheat at all. Capricorn women are pretty sneaky and so are Saggitarius. The three best women in my life were Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer. I would have to say by far, Cappy broke my heart.

  • all air signs because they are emotionally detached and make fabulous liars

    Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. the worst in this air group are Gemini's. thee best liar in the world are Gemini's.

    Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgos. the worst in this earth group are Capricorns. They are emotionally cruel and will ignore you for weeks. passive-aggressive

    Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The worst in this fire group is Sagittarius. They have such big mouths anything will fit. Sags are such blow-hards they will try anything on just for fun.

    Pisces, cancer, and scorpio. The worst in this water group , and I am stuck between pisces and cancer, cuz they are both extremely manipulative and deceitful. they can play the secret love affair very well. such massive liars they can be. I will go with Pisces as thee worst.

    all signs are perfectly capable of cheating or straying. much has to do with your parents and how you were brought up.

    The best way to tell if your man or woman is capable of cheating, is to put them to a test. throw some temptation out there and see if your love will bite.

    This was a silly question, and I gave it my best with silly answers. LOL

    Ms Sunny

  • Cheaters are cheaters no matter what sign they are ! people don't have to be ruled by their signs either. if they are aware of some characteristics of their particular sign that can cause trouble they can control it. Men and women cheat because of something they are missing in themselves NOT the other person to say it is because they are not getting "what they need" from their partner is a cop-out and an excuse. Because no one at any given time can ever give someone everything that they need to be filled up! just my two cents.

  • I don"t believe that people under particular signs cheat because i've dated my sign and he cheated but i am not a cheater. But still if i had to choose it would be gemini,scorpio,taurus, and CANCER'S definately cancers......

  • Ah no! But Cancers are good at cheating lol! They probably are the worst. Here is why I know. I had my girlfriend and my mistress sitting at the same table talking to each other. So debvious, I know. It was a long time ago when I was 24. I can believe this. They both knew, but they never said anything. That definately excited me. Look where it got me. That eventually blew up in my face. But I had fun doing it and I know it will never happen again. I still will blame that one on my Scorpio moon as I do alot of other crazy things. 🙂

  • Hey. New to this Web site but am definitely reporting that Aquarius cheats. Happened to me and broke my heart. Still hoping we'll get back together. Send good vibes!

  • I'm a Gemini and i would never cheat. But Aquarius does cheat and has cheated, unfortunately.

  • I agree with MsSunny - all signs are capable of cheating. Just because some of these signs have broken our hearts at point in our lives doesn't mean we have to stereo type that particular sign who cheated on us.

    My opinion is that people cheat because of different circumstances in their lives at that time - in their search for happiness - or just plain cruel thoughtlessness, selfishness - and this could be any sign.

    Confession: I am divorced now, but when I was married and it was not working out and I was very unhappy, felt unloved-unappreciated, and the marriage was coming to an end. I had an affair at that time because it made me feel wanted and gave me the strength to do what I needed to do. Doesn't mean I'm not loyal - I am loyal to what is working in my life, not to what is not - I gave it my best shot.

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  • LOL on this whole thread. Fun to read, but I agree, hard as it may be, let's not create stereotypes. Loved your reply OhJoy.

    On the flip side of this, perhaps there are certain signs that get cheated on more frequently than others. Perhaps some signs are needier and more demanding than others and some of us don't cope as well with being emotionally drained. I see Cancer, Pisces and Scorp men coming up so much, I'd venture to say, they may be the first to collapse and seek solace in another, if a woman is taking too much from them.

    My two cents on cheaters (just to join the fun) is Mr. Life-Is-Just-A-Party-Sag. Wouldn't trust one as far as I could throw him. They're fun though!

    I disagree on Gemini's - do they really ever stay in a relationship long enough to cheat? Mine didn't, he just moved right on to the next, and the next, and the next. Lol.

    I have a lot of experience with Scorps and I don't think any of them cheated on me, although maybe they are such good liars I never knew. Not saying they are liars or cheats. I just never felt mine were. I never cheated on them either.

    Virgo - What can I tell you. I am a year-and-a-half involved with a married Virgo. I know three other Virgo men who cheat. The "good news" is, they don't necessarily want to leave their wives, they just cheat. They are very good at segregating the physical act from emotional attachment. Seem to think mental/emotional loyalty is most important. The common denominator (among these cheaters - because I DO thing Virgo is entirely capable of faithfulness with the right woman, just as I think all signs are probably most happy living faithfully) seems to be appreciation. They don't feel appreciated by their wives so their insecure little selves seek validation. See my thread "Heart of a Virgo Man" for more than you ever wanted to know on cheating Virgo's. Lol

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