Support for anyone in Difficult Relationship

  • Hello, Everyone

    I first came to this site to look for answer and understanding

    i did find what i been looking for but in my journey i also found other that are looking for certain answer and i want to help

    some of us mention issues with Gemini men, Cancer men etc....

    i really feel Ladies that some of our issues are not completely men related

    yes, men is causing it somehow but the way we view it and deal with it is our responsibility

    The other person that creating the problem, men or women are teaching us something, we need to be aware what that is

    i invite anyone women and men, to share their heart stories on here and let all of us rebuild a positive energy from it

    never mind what the story, concern or your star Sign

    it feel good to get it out

    we all in someway come here to get some help

    it feel great to know there are people that takes the time to listen and send support to other they dont ever know

    you feel less lonely and less powerless to deal with your problem

  • I love this thread topic, star2u! You're so right--ultimately, our issues are our own, and we attract people into our lives who will help us learn the lessons we need to learn. I think you're right about why we come to the forum, too. I know I used the other features of this site for years before heartbreak brought me to the community part of it. (Hey, maybe that's one of the purposes of heartache--to help us remember our common bond!) I have to get back to work now (!) but will post more about my own story as soon as I can. Thanks for the thread! blessings and light, gd

  • p.s., meanwhile, would love to hear more about YOUR story! gd

  • Hello'"Gracefuldaisies" i been talking about my story for 2 weeks now on here, the threads was" i hate Gemini Men" my heart was broken but thanks to all the support i found on here it heal and i found myself again

    but during this journey i met so many people confuse about love, pain and themselves

    The world we are living are teaching us to be alone and be selfish and not be supportive toward other people suffering

    it's all wrong and it pain me to see that the world are rule by greed and self achievement

    I came here upset at the Gemini men but i also found that many Gemini feel rejected by other people

    so maybe this is a great start to found acceptance somewhere

    some people are living alone or are living with someone but feel alone , so this maybe can bring the support other need from other people that want help

    We need to remember that our problem and the issue we meet , never mind what it is we can handle it, God gave us the challenge because we do have in our hands the tool to sort it out

    but sometimes we feel lost, weak and just cant connect with our real strength and yes we do need each other

    all the sign in Zodiac has their unique strength this is because we need each other

    but ultimately the battle is our own but in our heart we need to feel united

  • Hello guys still waiting to here from you, dont feel alone with you issues , every problems got their solution

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