Chance for relationship? man & woman same birthday, one year apaprt

  • Hi, met a man, immediately was drawn to him. Just something about him, that I like and want to be with.

    Found out that we share the same birthday- 4 october. His is 4 october 1956 (NY state, dont know what town or time) mine is 4 october 1957, vicenza italy at 1:13 pm.

    Does this mean we have potential as a couple? (I know you aren't fortune tellers, but what are the odds is what I'm asking)

    I'd appreciate any input from you experts

  • Greetings luckymermaid,

    I can write more later, but for now it seems like a good match in more than a couple of ways. Just the mere fact that you're both Libras automatically creates harmony, because Libras are all about balance (the scales) as it is. Your signs (sun: Libra, moon: Aquarius, rising: Capricorn, Venus: Scorpio), are quite a mix of mystery, fun and romanticism! You are a complex creature, indeed, yes?

    Your new man's signs (I figured them with a pre-set time of 12 noon since you did not know, and I used NY, NY for his birth location) tells me he is a double Libra (both sun and moon, based on the partial info you gave me), so he is really a solid person. I bet he is quite grounded and honest, yes?

    If he were all Libra, he'd be too boring for you. However, he has a flair of Leo for his love sign (Venus) and his rising sign is that of Sagittarius. The Sag in him will keep him moving forward and enjoy adventure. He'll always be intrigued with analyzing you, I am sure...and being the blend of signs you are, this can be a long and fun task for him! Men love a mystery, so I think this is why you two would click.

    His Leo sign is a good contrast and buffer to his double Libra signs. To have Leo in his love section is great for you, because this typically reflects a sensual, exciting lover, one who is manly and just full of spark. It's easy to be drawn to a Leo-based man, even if the sign isn't his main sign. Just his walk can be a turn on.

    I think based on the info you've given me, that this is worth checking out; if nothing else, it sure sounds fun and exciting, and yet you both have the balance of good ol' Libra to keep you two in check. Nice.

  • thank you peachyplanet! Yes, he is sexy. I appreciate your time!

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