Relationship Confused

  • I need some advice. I have been dating this guy off and on for a year now. He is hard to read at times and distant while at others he is the perfect boyfriend. We first broke up due to distance issues and the second time we stopped dating was due to a prank his so called friends pulled. Yet as of late it seems like he is distancing his self from me. I know astrologically he is a Libra/Scorpio cusp (Oct 24 is his birthday) and I am a Gemini through and through. Now what really confuses me is when we are together I pick how he is interested in me and is honest with what he says. I just don't know if I am over stressing because this is a great relationship when we are on the same page.

  • It sounds like you just need to better youre communication 🙂 I'm not sure how involved his friends are in your relationship but you must make sure he understands how you feel about the extent... this isn't to say you should ask him to stop talking with them, but he should realise you don't appreciate them creating unnecessary tension in your relationship. You obviously believe there is enough reason to make this a relationship worth fighting for, so perhaps you simply need to do just that. If he is distancing himself from you now, make more of an effort to communicate with him. This doesn't even need to be in spoken words -you say you are both very capable of being on the same page, so hopefully he will know immediately what you're trying to do if you start surprising him by making more of an effort. Leave notes, gifts, plan romantic or adventurous activities or whatever it is you both enjoy so you can spend more quality time with each other.

    If he is very difficult to read, the least you can do is not give up trying to get to know him. Mystery is a beautiful thing at a beginning of a relationship, but if something more is what you're after than you must allow it and devote yourself to it growing naturally over time. Should everything still fall apart, at least you will know you gave it your all and it simply wasn't meant to be.


  • Thanks for the post. As far as him knowing where I stand about his friends...that point is well known too him. And it is kinda funny but yesterday we both became on the same page again. We are actually getting together tomorrow and having a long talk about things and see if we can find more time for one another. Our biggest issue right now between us and he pointed this out is that we are both full time college students and work part-time and I am a single mother. So yah its just a matter of better communication. Which I tend to be a very vocal person, sometimes too blunt, but he admits that he has been slacking on calling me and sticking to plans. I also think that this is something that he does want to work. He took me back after my brother, daughter and I moved out to Ohio and came back due to financial issues. Then he searched for me after his friends basically had everyone convinced that he died in a car accident. I mean he didn't look for me right away, he says he figured he would give me sometime to cool down from the incident. But the point is he came looking for me. I guess sometimes just vocalizing things helps one to look at things in a clearer light.

  • Hi, Sounds like he could be a great friend. My thinking is that sometimes relationships don't work as "lovers" so to speak. But there is a mutual concern towards each other and a helping hand. Everyone needs friends. Sounds like you are very busy. I wouldn't rush the relationship but just give it time and don't put a lot of demands on him or yourself, for that matter. I see this man as a helper for you.

  • good luck if you ever come across a scorpio or a sagatarius they are uncontrolable! lol If your having trouble keeping it together either hes just being the scorpio he is or hes just playing his games like a scorpio. Its not about you and him its about HIM with you. get what I mean? Most scorpios are self centered and dont like to hear they have to stay away from their friends.. GOOD LUCK HUN!! their sexy but dont let them use that to waste your love.

    Proud Taurus mother of a Taurus and soon to be married to Gemini... ❤

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