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  • Here's hoping that joining a forum like this will be of help to others, and to myself. I have experienced vivid premonitions mostly while dreaming, and sometimes while wide awake during the course of my day. I've often mentioned what I saw to others, close to me, before the event would happen, surprising them, and myself, with the accuracy related to what would unfold. Being a lifelong Christian, and having a strong prayer life, I give whatever is happening to me, up to God, believing that He is allowing this. I would like to understand more, and to use my "gift" for good. Alot of what I have seen has been preceding a disaster of some kind. I don't know how I could possibly warn anyone without being harmed by the people who would judge me for being able to see what some will never be able to understand. I also have witnessed two, and possibly three UFO sightings. Twice with others witnessing it with me, then once by myself. Whatever it is that makes me so sensitive to certain situations, also seems to be the reason why I have been the kind of person that others, even complete strangers, open up to and literally share their life experiences with me. I want to not be confused, afraid, or harmed by what I see. If I could tap into what, and why, this happens to me, I believe I could better understand, and share, my "gift". Suggestions?

  • Hi MayGrace and others, I also see things before they happen, mosty car wrecks. I can see who it is and the vehicle and the color of the vehicle. I am usually standing there watching it happen and can't stop it. I also had a vision of my daughter's friend falling down bleachers and her baby went flying through the air and landed down below and died. I asked my daughter to warn her and ask her not to take her baby around bleachers and she did. A couple of months later, they were at a game and her best friend that helps her with her baby fell and rolled down the bleachers. Thank God, they didn't take the baby. The scariest vison I've had lately was watching my three children in a red truck and they ran off the road into a ditch and all flew out and were seriously hurt, maybe paralyzed. Since then, my oldest daughter's boyfriend bought a red truck. I pray alot and it is terrifying. I do have a problem with a recurring dream if anyone can help. All my life, I dreamed that my vehicle didn't have brakes and I could never stop, sometimes driving backwards, on cliffs, through water, even with people in the car with me and I try not to scare them. I drive for what seems like hours like this. I even ride past people and say I can't stop. It sounds funny but it's scary. It has recently gotten worse, now I'm dreaming every week that instead of my brakes going out, I'm usually in very heavy traffic with big trucks, semi's, etc around me and all of a sudden my windshield goes black, I can't see anything. Sometimes I'm turning, sometimes cars are coming into my lane and then I wake up once I hit the brake and stop. It is really starting to bother me. Does anyone have any insight into this?

  • Hi

    My name is Dilima, and I am just trying to get into intuition and tarot because after many readings a lot of people have said I have a great psychic ability if I want to pursue it. I don't know where to start though. I have read some books on Tarot and practise on my self, but how do i increase my intuition voice? any suggestion?


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  • Hi

    My name is Opal. I have developed a very strong interest in Tarot recently and even see myself giving readings even though I have never had the cards read for me or know much about Tarot. I started to research and that is how I found my way here. I feel welcomed and hope to learn much from my new friends.


  • Hi, my name is Zoe and im an intuitive (of course) piscean. It really sucks being a fish though. I must say. "The world seems to function over a thick blanket of sensationalism and when i think about it, i become constricted and suffocating"

  • hello i am Moria the peacock the wind, dawn and the moon. my mother says she named me wind rose. i am i Scorpio Leo moon Taurus rising if you go by the Mayan signatures im a white crystal wizard. it is my path in this life to be a healer and an oracle i am young but have always been very insightful and intuitive. one important thing when it comes to training your intuition for a brief period ignore every bad feeling you have meditate or breath though it breath in life purify your way of thinking look at your self objectively. its common for peoples intuition to get skewed by previous experiences before you take on the responsibility of guiding others seek guidance in the spiritual realm as well ask and you shall receive. take care though the other realm has been working harder to reach out to us lately stay grounded s much as you can. also do not hold fear possession is simply something outside of yourself that controls yourself. awareness of others and your self the way everyone effects every situation is key when it comes to understanding your abilitys you must be integrated and versitile. wordy research a lot of different religions, take the time to look in to astrology more , numerology Mayan signature and use them to gather information about yourself what you feel fits keep what you don't think over a few times make sure your being honest we all have the capability to consciously evolve past the negative traits. the key to practicing any type of "occult" practices is intention, study the chakras natural remedy's and spiritual healing. the more intune your body is the more intune your mind will be its called psychokinetic. i would also suggest eliminating tap water and only drinking purified water there is literally something in the water that essentially cases cataracts on the sensory nervous system where your third eye is. study lucid reaming the dream world brings alot of insight in to the day to day life focus on remembering your dreams as you fall asleep and write down what you remember eventually i will post up some good sights and book to help with things of the sort.

    blessed be much love children of the light follow your paths the sky's, the stars hold no limits for our potential

  • Hello..I am Valerie, I have been intuitive all my life...A lot of times I have dreams that are so real and then the dream happens..So I am excited to meet other people like me.

  • Hi

    I am Coral - a great name for a pisces - my mother couldn't have done that better. I am here because I think maybe I have found some abilities, in myself, to see things. I would like to develop them.

  • Hi I'm Shirlee,

    While I've been a member for many years just found thie forum. 🙂

    What I want to know, will my new go green health preventive product be picked up by retailer Sears, or JC Penneys, or? and will that be soon?

    Thank you!

  • hi i'm so glad i found my way here.I had a reading a couple of weeks ago and i was told that i have three angels around me.i love tarot.i do need more understanding and guidance on a couple of issues i'm been dealing with in my life and................just want some more advice if available.

  • Wow sounds like your a healer , amazing .

  • I'm Larisa. I have lots of things going on. I was told that I was "mediumistic". I have never heard voices and have only seen an apparition once when I was 8, but I see shadows, movement, feel warm/cold spots, and hear noises. I can also sense their presence. I don't really have dreams anymore. I didn't have a dream for months, then I had one that was so vivid and scared me. I remember that one til this day. I have had a couple of dreams lately but by noon, I forget what they were. I read my tarot cards when I'm in a certain mood. I am glad I found this place. I like to talk to people that can understand me. (and not think I am a nut) If you name a subject, any subject, I more than likely have a story I could tell you. I just want to share my experiences in hopes that maybe my experiences could help someone so they don't have to experience them too.I used to know when bad things would happen because the weather would suddenly change. It would be sunny one moment then cloudy and sometimes thundering the next. I was going downhill fast and this dream scared me enough to where I changed my path. I still don't know the intent of the dream, just the result. I have lots of medical issues now but I hope I could be of use to someone. I tell you what I see and think about what you tell me. Sometimes it's my own sight and sometimes, I am repeating to you what I am told. I will see the situation through another's eyes. I can't control it either. It will just happen.

  • Hi everyone, I am Beaniac and New to the forum. I have joined in hope that somene can help me further understand why my dreams tend to come true if I remember them?

    I dont beleive I am psychic but I do have wierd dreams or flashes as I call them cause the happen so quick sometimes it more like a Flash.

    I beleive there is something there showing me or guiding me through but still makes me scared when it does come true and they show me its come true. I am trying to find other people like me who can help me understand why this happens.

  • i have been a member of for quite some years now but have only recently starting looking at and commenting the forums. I have had at least two past lives that i can remember in dreams, possibly more. i have had a fairly strong connection to the spirit realm from as far back as i can remember, there has been times in my life where the connection was so strong that i needed to shut my self off completely from that world because it drained me. I am some times visited by my Grandmother who past on December 24, 2004. and i concider her to be some what of a garden angel for me. i have become for more stronger and confident in my psychic ability. and i will offer my help to any i feel i can help. i can read tarot cards, tho i prefer reading runes. My name is Jenna.

    Love & Light all ❤

  • Hi jenna- I'll let you start w/ me. I don't remember what I wrote but I am 2 posts behind you. What can you tell me about me? When will I meet someone that can help me physically? I am medium-istic. I know my abuela used to come around. Lately, I haven't gotten any specific signs of certain guests.Besides reading runes, what else can you do? I was adopted so I am not sure who I got my gift from but I am sure it's heredirary.

  • I am who I am but who am I? What am I supposed to be doing? These are my questions. Guidance please from anyone, God, Spirits, Angels, Psychics, not necessarily have to be in that order, except God.

  • Well, I got here because I was trying it find out what my life is all about. Today is my birthday and I guess I was doing a little soul searching. I wanted to know if a job offer in my chosen profession was going to surface soon? I have been waiting for a long time and wanted to know if maybe I should just call it quits?

    New Moon

  • Hello sylvannah,

    well, i don't know where you are from or what ever your physical aliments may be. i think you could defiantly benefit from a session of Riki witch is a form of healing through energy and or crystals. i am sure tho you can do a web search in your area online for a healer that specializes in that, i know its has become more common around where i live. but i' am not sure about elsewhere. but i have seen first hand how it helps people. also practicing some type of meditation, could help, but meditation takes lots of practice and patience, that from what i can tell you seem to have.

    also, i too feel that your are a natural medium, but i think the reason why you haven't been experiencing things as you did before is because you're body is telling that part of your brain to rest until your body is better or at least some what better than it has been. i don't know if you're Abuela is your birth grandmother or not. but i feel that it is through your connection with her that you have gained your medium-istic ability's. i have a feeling that even if she was not your birth grandmother in this life time that she was related to you in previous life time. weather you believe in that sorta thing or not is up to you. but what i mean by it is that even before you were born you and your Abuela had a connection, a positive and nurturing one. she loves you very much. and she is always with you even tho you have not seen her in some time, she is watching out for you and you will be fine. 🙂

    that all i can get for now. i wish you well and hopefully we shall talk again, you seem like such a sweet & positive soul.

    Many Blessings

    Love & Light


  • Hi Jenna, my Abuela isn't my biological grandmother so I don't know who I got this from. Everything has bee coming back but I have NEVER heard any voices and I have only seen a full dody app. one time and that was my very 1st exp. when I was 8 years old. They seem to "come out' at 2a and last til 5a or sometimes til around 8a or when daylight kicks in. I have to medicate myself to go to sleep and even then, I still always wake up between 2-3a but when I am on meds I can go back to sleep because of them. Monday night, I had lots of activity inside and outside there was something too. My dogs were barking for 2 1/2 hours. Not as much last night. I will probably be up all night tonight cause I fell asleep earlier so I can tell you if I have activity. Whatever that was here, didn't affect my inside dogs at all and wasn't here to harm me. I just don't like the feeling of their presence and especially not the noises they make. I don't really remember too much about my Abuela. I knew she was with me when I was in my twenties and all my friends new it too. I haven't got any specific signs of her presence. I would think I waould've from my grandfather. I was super close to him. I would have to say out of all my family that has passed, I miss him the most. I miss my mom too. Even though we didn't hve any kind of bond til the last 3 years or so of her life. And thank you, I am a very sweet person and I do everything I can to be positive. I have had ALOT of bad happen in my life but I am still always smiling. I try too help people either deal w/ the same negative things or keep them from having it happen to them. I would take my children to different "professionals", and they couldn't believe half the stuff I had been through and still be sane. I have never emotionally dealt with anything. I just accept it and move on to the next issue. I learned a long time ago that there is no oint getting mad about anything cause it will never change it, and I don't always want to be mad and miserable. What I really want, is someone I can talk to that will understand me. Usually, one of the first thing I ask people is if they believe in ghosts. They are a part of my life so there really is no future with anyone that doesn't believe. I have been having experiences every since I was 8. I can feel them, I see shadows (but always out of the corner of my eye), I see movement, and I have felt warm spots. I have been joing a couple of wiccan/pagan groups and I am joining a church. I go to a beach baptism on saturday. The water is good. not just to dedicate myself and my life to Jesus but it will also wash away everything negative. I was told that the beach recharges me. It sounds lioke a good thing all the way around. It also sounds very calming. I am anxious to go. I can't meditate like everyone else does. I can't go anywhere and just close my eyes. I have to always keep them open otherwise I freak out. Just like I am the opposite of claustrophobic. I don't like wide open spaces, I would feel better in a little box. Something could come out of anywhere and I am always watchin in case something does. Just like, I can never enjoy the beauty of forests or anything like that. I always think that a dead body could be there. I want to see it for the beauty that is there, not constantly think of anything negative like dead peopls but that's what I do. I think the sky is beautiful, the ocean, and rain but not places. I live in Z-hills. Everywhere I go I pass lots of undeveloped ares. Instead of thinking how beautiful it is, I think how that would be a great place to dump a body and no one would find it for a while. Why do I do that?Anyways, I'm gonna shut up now. What I really want, is a chat line with all these topics. Instead of writing something, then waiting for a response, then responding back. I will look that up. As long as it is not in Tampa. I don't trust alot of people in Tampa.

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