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  • My grandmother and I both had dreams , the same night the exact dream. I was very young and she introduced me to many of her friends who were Psychic and did readings with Palmistry and of course dream analysis. I have been interested in Tarot for divination lately. I am trying to find answers to a very long (many years 36years off and on) relationship with my ex boyfriend (for lack of a better word) My grandmother is no longer here on this plane, she has passed. I really would appreciate some guidance where this Gemini man is concerned. There is some connection that keeps me 'bound' to him and I do know partly why. I love him. I have always loved him. That does not mean he is willing to love back or commit to a life with me, I realize this, but I desperately would like to know so I can findsome closure or move away or closer to him ??? I can imagine all sorts of things about his motives toward me. If anyone would want to help or has a feeling about him by just reading this, I would appreciate any feedback you could offer. And thank you. Some days I think my heart willl break when he gets distant. I am not making excuses for him or myself, as I am married, but he says he does not want to be married. This is a great wall between us, as I will not divorce my husband for insecurity(and I know myself well - this is what a living arrangement would do to me) If he really loves me , I feeel he would respect that. He also could have many other women and be playing games with me. He refuses to admit that he knew I was pregnant with his child when we were very young ( I do not believe him ) Thank you for reading this long note.....if you did it means a lot to me. Thank you.

  • LaylaInsights, Blessings upon you also. I do believe I am in need of your help. I just posted for the first time a rather long post (it is Dec. 22, 2009) I have pretty much stated my dilemma - I feel like My arms are being pulled in two opposing directions and I just can't figure ut WHY I cannot seem to 'see' for myself what is taking place in my own life. You said you need our first names and not a DOB. If you would feel that you want to give me some help, I would appreciate it so much. Let me know and I will suply you with our two names. Do you need first names only ? Let me know if any other info comes to you that would be helpful for me to supply.

    Love and Light, 2fishes

  • Anyone with any insights into this matter, I will take to heart. I am searching for the truth. My first initial is T. and I am a pisces . His initial is P. and he is Gemini. he makes me incredibley happy when i am with him, however we live several states away at this point. I do not know if he wants anything to do with me, was playing a wicked game with me for his gain, or simply feels distraught (stressed would be a better choice of words to describe an emotion for him) because he is having financial diffficulties (I alwayys wonder if that is what he thought I had to offer in the first place in reconnecting with me! I am soooooo confused. Could anyone offer any help or ideas? Much appreciated!

  • Hey all, my name is Adéle, and when my brother, Candide (yes, I know it sounds girly, I named him when I was 2), was two years old he asked my dad (a devout atheist) if he remembered when he (my brother) was a little girl, and then proceeded to tell my father, in detail, all about life when he "was a little girl"... which I've always wondered about--- my brother is 12 now, and he is not transgendered, gay, and has no sexual abnormalities (aside from his nerdy preference to computer games over dances (with the "hot blonde girls") at his school. There was no story that we ever read him about little girls--- and he was the quietest kid ever--- as a baby he never cried, and he has always known what everyone was feeling, even when people keep their emotions completely and expertly hidden. He "senses" when I am in a bad mood, without even seeing or speaking to me, and comes and gives me a hug and so on. He has always been a solitary boy, and kind spirited--- he is hyper-sensitive about how others are feeling, knows how to calm and sooth even the worst moods, and he has a habit (that he's always had) of speaking to himself, and quietly repeating what he has said after he says it; as if he thinks I haven't heard, or he hasn't himself. Is he gifted, aside from his high IQ?

  • Hello all!

    It's a pleasure to join all of you on this forum! I'm fascinated by psychics and have a great respect for those who use their gifts to help others. I am not really psychic, though I have a few experiences with telepathy and visions, etc... I am also empathetic but have just recently realized this. I would like to learn how to master these gifts, for my own peace of mind and hopefully someday help others..

    I am very new to all this so it's very exciting to learn more!

  • Hi it is nice have found this sight and meet new people. I was wondering if you could please help me I really neeed answers and to my current situations regarding my husband Andr'e . He recently passed. I have a 3 year old daughter age 3 ,Andrea

    Thank you


  • Hello Everyone!

    I'm new here....actually, I didn't know this forum was even here! I've been getting the daily tarot readings for years, too!

    My name is Allie, I have 3 children, and am currently in nursing school. I look forward to making new friends and learning some new skills.

    God bless-

  • Hi all, my name is phoenixaust and im a newbie. Although longtime lurker! haha

    Unfortunatley i dont have any psychic ability i am more here asking for help!

    But thought id just pop up and say hi and introduce myself! looking forward to getting to know you all better!

    Take care

  • Hi,

    My name is Rose. I'm new to all of this and very curious. I've always had a sixth sense of sorts, and I have deja vu all the time. It's really annoying. LOL! I'm actually an aspiring author and am currently working on a book about the supernatural. If anyone has any insight on Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Wicca, or anything along those lines that they would like to share, I would really appreciate some help. I really don't know very much and the resources surrounding the small town that I live in are limited and I'm falling short on the internet searches too. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.


  • hello dear I am sorry I have been pff here for a long time 😛 I have read your question And I do see that you'll meet someone new by Jan 30th.. Pay attention though. Any question specific just ask;) I'll be back online soon!

  • G'day from sunrise, I am as psychic as all heck but I just can't find the on switch so I read, ask, watch, try, mutter under the breath and start again and again and again. has been picking me up of the floor for many years. My Pendulum swings so hard I have to duck and all the pictures on my tarot deck are laughing. I do have healing hands though. I will be back to learn and grow. Have a safe day and remember, If you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, TURN IT ON!


  • This is my first time participating in a forum. My dob is 16th February 1953. The time of birth I do not know. The city of birth is Port Huron, Michigan. I have had a very unusual life and have been looking for answers on how to turn my life around for the better. I've been unemployed for over a year now. I have an idea of becoming a Home Stager, but I'm not sure and looking for confirmation. I am also interested in learning if my finances will improve in 2010 and will I met a new romantic interest? A prophet I meet with once told me my calling was to be a healer and perform miracles. I don't know what to think about this, since I have never felt I had any special gift. So, if Captain, or anyone else can share their insight it would be greatly appreciated.

    Forwarding Love To All,


  • Hi there - I have been reading for several years now and have never joined the Forum, but have read many threads. I need some help now and thought I would start here. I have recently broken up (not my wish) and because I have never really understood why we broke up, I have asked for 'closure' from him. This will happen tomorrow (2/5/10). What I really want is to explain why we are a good match and if there is any way he would reconsider, rather than get closure. It is very complicated to explain the why's and wherefore's of why he brok up with me, but it is not directly attibutable to one event. He is a Cancer 6/13/65 and I am a Scorpio 11/17/57. If Blmoon or someone else, is available to answer me, I would be very grateful to at least get some insight on what I should say to him, if anything, in this regard. Thank you so much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I;, skeptic2. People say I have something but I struggle with that. I can feel things are I'm very intuitive but feel that is all there is. Looking for higher answers to things I can't figure out.

  • I have a whole lot of things going on with me right now and I need some guidance or someone to bounce ideas off of. How long does it take to recieve communication here?

  • Hi LaylaInSights, i am hoping you can give me a reading there is soo much going on in my life right now. My name is Toni, my bf is Bob and my ex husbands name is Bobby. I need to know whats going on with the 2 guys, my ex is bringing me back to court on Monday and my bf confuses me. Please help me to find answers.

    Also are you a medium also? If so do you see anyone around me?

    Thankyou and Bless you

    Baby 76

  • I'm in a messy divorce right now and want to be free, I was widowed before (soulmate died from cancer in my arms), any insight?

  • I am Arlene.

    I have always had a sense that I know things about people or seriously connect to other peoples feelings (even when I don't know them). I went for a reiki session and was very taken aback, yet excited about what she was able to reveal to me. I'm hoping to continue on this new found journey for more clear guidance and knowledge.

  • I've been on for a while, but this is my first day on the forums! I'm an empath, who has just begun working with the tarot a few months ago seriously.. and I'm enjoying it. I have difficulty reading for myself... but I understand that's common. I'm eager to take away any information there is to offer and "meet" some good "forum friends" .. I'm also open to readings for me that anyone has to offer... at least until I develop the skill myself. 😉 It's really a journey that has no ending though .. isn't it? Have a great week all!

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