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  • i dont even know where to start with this. I always come onto this site to read my horoscope just for fun but recently i have been feeling the things that the horoscope says sometimes before i even get on to read them. i have always felt different from others around but never really understanding why. when i was around 7 or 8 i was with my aunt and we rode past a hill and i could see lots of bodies laying everywhere so i told my aunt i have been here before and there was alot of death.....from that day i knew something strange was happening. i was always scared of it i always ran from what i was feeling or seeing.

    i feel the presence of people and sometimes see "things". i can feel when something is not right with people or situations. i have been the type of person that observes people and can get a feel of who they are despite who they pretend to be and that helps to determine if i want to deal with these people.

    i have been having dreams of death which also includes the end of the world. now i am afraid that im doing something wrong by being on here trying to figure out whats going on with me. i know that when i become friends wih somebody i tend to develop this passion for them to the point where i can feel what they do and i know when something is not right with them....this kind of scares me.

    lately i have been dreaming of this guy that i know and once had a crush on...for some odd reason i am starting to feel a connection to him and i keep trying to fight it but dont know how to let it go. i really just want answers to why i feel this way and i am looking for someone who can teach me because i feel alone with everything that i know and feel

  • Hi,

    My name is Susan and I was born on March 05, 1960. I have always been interested in the spiritual side of mankind, probably like every other Pisces. I have had ever since I was a child the gift to know important happenings in my life through dreams. I dreamed before I was married that my husband was going to leave me for his chldhood sweetheart, and that happened 15 years later. I had a god awful dream one night and had to figure it out. I started to do research and found my x-husband in our old hometown newspaper, the obituary. I dreamed of the man I am living with now the night before I met him. But my dreams have stopped. The relationship that I am in is so not me. i don't know why I keep hanging on. The man is so cold, not good for a pisces. He is a Libra with many issues about women, all of them have cheated on him. He keeps stringing me along. he lives in my house that I own. His children spend the weekends with us, and the strange thing is I feel like I can't change the situation because I don't want to break up the family! We all get along well and the kids treat me just as good as they do the real mom. I broke up with a warm caring man, due to this cold one. Can someone tell me if there is any hope? We do have some intimacy, but yet we go to our own bedrooms at night. Confused and just about had enough.

  • Hello out there is cyber land, I wanted to chimein on 2012. What a marvelous time this be alive during this dramatic awakening. The climate for change is already taking place and the alignment of our galaxy will be an absolutely phenomenal experience to particiapte in. We are coming of age and I am so grateful to be among the participants.

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  • Hi

    My name is Toni, I feel that I have a little pschic ability through dreams, since I was little I remember dreaming and knowing a little bit about what will happen. Last night I dreamt of my dead relatives, my maternal grandmother, my dad, assorted other family members that I don't really remember who they were also my mothers dog. I feel there is going to be news but what I can't figure out yet.

  • i think you may be tapping into your inner voice, your intuitiion, or maybe you are psychic.

  • Hi there... I'm just a random interloper who enjoys reading interesting things.

  • Hello "Leoinme",

    I just read your post,You sounded like I was reading about myself! WOW! I am also a Leo,

    for as long as I can remember I always felt different, not in a special way, just different. It's really hard to explain but I think you know what I'm talking about. I quit talking about some things to people because I think it kinda freaks some of them out or they think I'm a nut. Also, I have found that alot of people are afraid and don't want to think or talk about it. So, I keep alot of things to myself now. I don't really know how or when I first noticed it but, sometimes I just "Know" something. It's not a vision or a voice or anything like that. And I can't control when it happens, it's like all of a sudden I just "Know". It can even be something that happened in the past that I didn't really give a second thought to at the time and it makes me think back to that exact moment and I "Know". Like I knew my daughter was dying on the day she died before I even knew she had been careflighted to the hospital in a coma. I was on the internet looking for a sympathy card to send to my boyfriend's mother, her husband had just passed away on 9/11.

    This was in the early morning (about 5a.m) on the 15th, anyway I suddenly found myself writting down a poem and crying as I was writting it that I found on the internet about a child that had passed and was telling her parents "Don't grieve for me, to walk on this earth was not meant to be" which in the first place, I always used my printer but for some odd reason I wrote it down in a notebook and was thinking of my daughter as I was crying. Afterwards, I set it aside. Then about 6 or 7 hours later I got the phone call that she had been careflighted to the hospital. As I ran out the door, I grabbed the notebook and took it with me without even realizing what I was doing. She passed away that same night, then I realized I had that poem in my hands. I ended up using that poem on her little card at her funeral. I lost her and a grandchild that day, she had just found out 2 days earlier that she was pregnant. That has been 8 years ago, I feel the presense of her "son" with me alot and I have even seen his image. Also a woman I met through a prayer message when my mother was diagnosed with cancer (she is psychic) she told me that a small child walks with me and to say hello. She knew nothing of my daughter and her child. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is. I am so glad to know that you are here. I'm not the only one that "knows things" and even though "I" know I'm not crazy, sometimes I do start to wonder about myself. Does that make any sense ??

  • Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a little bit and am very interested in the ongoing discussions. I guess if I had to describe my self in a few words, it would be that I am an intuit. It's something I've been experiencing since a was a little kid and it took me awhile to understand that people in general just don't perceive the world the way I do. Sometimes things are difficult and there was a period of time where I just buried all of that stuff because it hurt too much. I've been doing a lot of soul searching for the past 6 or 7 months and have a lot of questions about the minds of the people around me as well as how they will be involved in my future, whatever that future might be. I'm a leo (7/23/65). I'll be around asking questions and requesting feedback, which is pretty normal for me.

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  • hi

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  • Hi everyone I am Rachel. I am married with 2 boys. Live in Oklahoma. Im a Home health Nurse. I have been drawn to the "darkside" as my mom would say..since i was really young. By dark I don't mean anything satanic bc I am a Christian. Just had gut feelings about things, dreams that came true, feelings of just knowing..knowing exactly what was going to happen and not having a single doubt about it. I too have had people who have passed away come to me in dreams looking for answers. I'm not saying I am psychic I think everyone is to a certain extent but i am very interested in learning how to channel in on that psychicness and maybe have a little more control of it. Any suggestions would be wonderful and much appreciated!

  • Blessings to all my name is Layla,

    I have been an online psychic/medium for two years. I am a five star rated psychic and you may have even has me as your reader. As for now I am not working @ this time. I am still helping those in need. If you need help in the way of relationships you may reply and all I need is names no dob needed ;).... I accidently found my name here,lol. As a client named me for someone to go to;) lol. So? I am new here but I am sure Some of you know me well I do help in fertility as well. As honestly I can read just about anything :). Thanks for reading this far! Love and Light to you and Happy Holidays! Look forward to chatting/replying to you all 🙂

  • Hello Layla,

    My name is Dana, but I go by Mikaila. I am embarking on a new life due to a pending divorce. I am scared that I won't find a place to live, and I am lonely for a new relationship. There is a special house that I went to see today as a possible residence for me and my son. I have a very strong feeling about's yellow with white trim. This means something to me. I can picture us living there, but I hope it's just not my imagination manifesting what I want. Also, I could sure use a new love in my life. I feel that I have been wronged by two men, and now I am scared and timid about relationships. What do you feel/see?

  • Hello Layla....Perhaps you can help me. I was friends with some people working in the finance dept where I've worked for many years. I became friendly with T, J, R, and even G. Then I got caught up with some loticial nonsense it seems. The Finance dept came after me and are no longer friends. What happened? They even tried to get me to pay them money that I didn't owe and had to go to court to defend myself. I am not working right now and am nearly out of resources. I filed for workmans Com and filed an EEO. Do you see me winning these? I worked there for nearly 25 years and never had any problems. This has blown my mind. I enjoyed T's friendship and suddenly everyone turned on me. I am in couseling and afriad to go back to work for fear of being fired and losing my hard-earned retirement and benefits. i cannot retire yet. I need a couple more years....What do you see for me? What the heck happened?

  • Hi my name is Glynis and I'm from South Africa, but living in the UK. I have been married for 3 years.

    I am not psychic, but I'm very interested in it. I do see images of those who have passed. My dad had the gift and the moment he died (1.40am) I immediately knew because he told me that everything will be ok. He was not sick, very sudden passing. I have the ability to talk to him. Haven't tried talking to anyone else.


  • please look at my post several below you...deja83....

  • i can relate to u i dream things all the time it be warning sign i know i have a gift but i dont know what it is just yet i always watch my dreams.

  • Namaste ~ I am Raven. (Golanv in Cherokee) Happy to find this forum and can't believe I haven't checked it out before. I have served as VP for a Spiritualist church and have had dreams all my life of things to come. I have a healing circle called The Light Brigade. Right now I am getting ready to fly across country tomorrow for Christmas but had to come here first. I wish you all a beautiful holiday and send you much Love and Light All Ways ~ Raven

    For now, I hope I can still reach you, Nancy777. I too have dreamed the last 3 presidents before the election and you are the first I have ever seen who has had same experience. I believe we must have speaks. I thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Now I must pack and get ready to leave for 10 days. Can't believe I am on the computer instead of in the bathtub, but I am glad to see your post. I will check back in tonight and on laptop when I get to Ca. This is way cool.

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