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  • just wanted to know if my relationship is going anywhere?

  • Hi, I talk to angels and my passed love ones. I can know things before they happen sometimes. But, I would also like to have a reading if they are free. thanks, form colorpurple

  • Hi E1,

    My name is Ty, my sign is Virgo.

    I guess my thoughts today will have to be about a read'n i had gotten when I was living in NYC about 10- 12 years ago. This psychic told me that a female friend of my mother was jealous of the relationship between my parents. At the time, I'm not aware if my parents were aware of this until later on after I was born. The psychic told me that this woman tried very ambitiously to have an affair with my father, long story short, he slept with her several times as confirmed by my mother. I was told that my mom had asked her to tend to me one day while she took care of some business. During this time, my moms friend had given birth to a little boy whom she wanted to be my dads, not being so, out of jealousy and envy, I was told that she cursed me, because if she wasn't happy then she was gonna make sure that I wasn't. All my life I have felt un-happy and outta place. I fell like my life isn't my REAL life that was meant for me. Does anyone think this is possible for someone to do that. I, myself, knows this lady well, her son still to this day calls me his sister, NOT!!!. Now that I am about 40, more mature and conservative, I think its time to confront her about this. it just makes sense to me that she would do that, I haven't told my parents what I learned some years back, but mom did say that this lady kept me often until she found out that this lady was sayn her son was my dads. Wut I want from this lady is to own up to the truth and reverse the curse.

  • Hello... I'm new to this forum and here's my story. It took me so many years to figure out why I "felt different" but I've been researching and learning. I can read other's emotions. They come to me as colors and everyone has a distinct "fingerprint". There is a base color that is how they are when life is "normal". When happy, sad, angry, or even violent emotions are present they show in different aspects, covering the base color. I don't see auras as traditionally described but I can absorb feelings unless I make an effort to block them out. Until I learned to block them out my childhood was a very rough time of ups and downs and not understanding why I felt certain emotions at different tiimes. I can also sense spirits and recently I have begun seeing the spirits colors too. I can tell where the spirit is by where the color is originating and if they are close/strong spirits by how bright the colors are. Lately I've been getting impressions from the spirits, not seeing or hearing them, but just thoughts pop into my head. I can tell gender and age pretty easily, their base color or natural emotional state. I am hoping to learn to develop this more so if anyone can help I'd love to hear from you. I also use the emotional aspect to heal. I'm a hospice nurse and can take someones fear when passing and provide them calmness. I'm still working on releasing this excess energy as it is very draining but it can be so helpful in my career. I believe that's why I was drawn to nursing and then hospice nursing in particular.

    Anyone that has any advice just drop a line. I would love to learn more about what all of this means and ways to better develop it.


  • yeah i shud confront her.

  • Hi there! My name is Becky. I have been having psychic impressions since I was seven years old. Most of my experiences come in the form of dreams but I have also touch and sight impressions especially with those who are emotionally connected to me.

    My issue is that I cannot seem to get a good read on someone who has meant the world to me for years. We met in college and were emotionally but not physically close. After he graduated, our "relationship" consisted of my writing to him and him driving by. Eventually, it just went away. Last year, after several dreams about him, I wrote him. It was the first time in ten years. Now we are back to him watching again. I do not feel afraid with this situation. I trust him with my life. Any thoughts?

  • Hello Everyone .... I have not had any luck in finding a real accurate now the ones can give you names and dates and can read you like an open book... for years me and my family always seen a wonderful lady Marcy who is truly gifted not just interpeting a card . we have lost touch with her when she moved to Pa. I desperately need a reading. My birthday is Nov.10 1963 If anyone knows of anybody...Please Help .... BLESSED BE

  • Hi, Virgos (Virgoes?) Potatoes? I don't know what I'm saying or writing or what I'm doing here.

    No—just kidding. Of course I know what I'm doing here: to meet and greet other odd Virgos just like me!

    I think too much—just like my e-mail horoscope told me today. I check my e-mail daily so if I don't answer you it's not because I'm on vacation or something. A nice way to say it, no? Yes?

    Am I crazy, or what? No—neither.

    I'd like to converse with a zany Virgo like me—no, wait—not like me—one such as I, that's right.

    I'm still giddy, giddy after watching clips of Jon Stewart do politics. I love him! Do you? Do you also laugh out loud when you are all alone, like I? (See: like I do?)

    That's enough. I'm sure you hate me now and will never answer this nonsense.



  • Hello I am also new to this. I have a very strong intuition but sometimes I actually feel like I am reading peoples minds. It's almost like I can hear their actual voice. It sounds weird I guess maybe I am crazy. A few years back I started to practice with tarot but I scared the crap out of myself because I was not ready. It felt like too much bad energy coming in so I stayed away from anything not normal for awhile. I am more mature now and ready to learn to use the good and keep out the bad. I just don't know where to start. Nice meeting you all..

  • My name is Tonya and I have always been interested in the tarot. I find it interesting and I have respect for it.

  • Aloha, I am Glynnis my interest has always been in the metaphysic. I have feelings when something bad is going to happen. I get thoughts about people or situation about what kind of people they are. I want to learn how to develop my abilities to help others as well as myself. Anyone with suggestion on how I can start. Thanks

  • Hello, I'm new to this Forum but I'm a member for for years, having my reading of sort.

    I know I can feel something bad might happen but I can't figure out what it is until its happened.

    I known someone online, we've been on the phone for more than a year suddenly its stop without reason and I feel like he is in pain. He did say that both of us are twin soul. everytime he gt sick I feel the pain. He always come int my dreams and I can hear him laughing all the time. I know he is a kind man and he must be in real pain.

  • And I too, want to know how to use my ability of sensing on this intuitions in teh right way. I also want to know how t do self cleansing, like freeing myself from all the negative thought which is my weakness.

  • My name is Martina....I started having dreams when I was around 10 or 12 years old. What happens in the dream is strange...there will be a scene in the dream and it will remain a "still picture" in my head, even after waking up. I have learned that, if I have a dream in which there is a "still picture" then that dream will happen. I don't know when it will happen, sometimes it's been several years and, of course, long forgotten. Does anyone have these types of premonitions?

  • Hi, I'm Andherson...I live in Jamaica currently and have taken off the past three days off work to recuperate...and do some soul work. So in my readings today, I was led to this page...despite being a member of for over 6 years. I have frequent dreams and visions which tend to guide me through the complexities of scenarios or people present in my life. Recently one such vision zoned in on a world map, then the country Johannesburg...after which someone I worked with called me in the dream. The next day I woke up and called her...only to hear that she had just returned from Johannesburg. These confirmations keep occuring so I have decided to listen to my inner knowing more instead of doubting and questioning things as much as I do.

    At this point I would like to share with like minds as I journey this path...

  • Hi My name is casperrosa I'm new to this forum however I've been a member for a couple of years also, I have always been able to tell when something bad or good was going to happen ever since I can remember what I would like to do is to learn to utilize as well as develop my abilities so that I can help others as well as my self, I have also been blessed with ability to interpret dreams but again I would like to develop all of my abilities any suggestions as to how to start?????? Thanks.

  • Hello to Everyone, I've been a visitor on this site for years and love the New Forums. It sounds so exciting to be able to talk to people on your own leven of thinking.

    I have dreamed all my life and since 1987 have kept a dream diary. It has grown into boxes of notebooks and I would love to write a book some day. .

    I have dreamed true happenings and experienced them first hand. My dreams are pleasent dreams most of the time about meeting new people and people of my past . I once dreamed I would meet my first lovef from my High School days at a McDonalds and just a few months from that dream it happened. O f course we are just friends now but very interesting. I've had lot's more since then and it get's more intersting all the time.

    I have been seeing a Psychic since 1997 Most of her predictions have come true. I'm waiting for the most important one at this time, a few years over due but I believe it will happen. I've come close but to reality on this one and just keep believing it will happen. The Psychic and I keep in touch but she has retired from her office , but I still write her notes.

    By the way i'm Aries, a triple one at that. lol But a big softie at heart. I guess you would say I'm a tame Rame, not wild.

    Anyway would love to hear from all of you . Maybe someone will see when exactly my real life dream will come true. Hope it is soon.

    Take care


  • Hello, My name is Misty and I have a very strong intuitions, I am able to tell when someone close to me is sad or mad and of course when there in pain. I just started recognizing my gifts. Sometimes I can feel spirits around but can't see them. It scared me for a long time but all I did was pray them away especially if I sensed it was bad. Sometimes I get sences of smells and very strong coldness. I don't tell people except my family as I found out all my aunts and grandma have the same intuitions. I am glad theres someone I can share this with this is why I came to you. Thank you Misty

  • hey ! i am not a psychic.. but when i was younger i can hear voices from the death. What brings me here today is not the voice from the death, but voices from my heart. I can feel that i am missing someone special but he is not my partner. But than again i can feel such a strong feeling for him eversince he bring to my attention about having a feelig about us. I want to seek answers to these strange feelings and wonder what is the connection about.

  • hey ! i am not a psychic.. but when i was younger i can hear voices from the death. What brings me here today is not the voice from the death, but voices from my heart. I can feel that i am missing someone special but he is not my partner. But than again i can feel such a strong feeling for him eversince he bring to my attention about having a feelig about us. I want to seek answers to these strange feelings and wonder what is the connection about. Can you help me?

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