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  • Hello! Alyssa here. Been dabbling in this for years. My brother was killed in a car wreck when I was 18 and I have been trying to learn about intuition and the stars for quite some time. I have shortly studied many different types of new age for lack of a better term. I am quite intuitive when it comes to others, at some level I believe I choose to ignore signs that pertain to me. I am happy to find you here. Cant wait to share experiences! I am a dirt/nature lover and that is where I do my best thinking. I already feel more opened just posting on here! Be well all of you!

  • Hello. My name is Linda. It is really great to be on here. I too, have been trying to learn more about my own intuition and the vivid dreams that I have. I feel the need to connect to my inner self more than I do. I am a nature and animal lover. I try to read tarot cards but it feels "cloudy" most times. I am very interested in anything psychic, whether it is tarot, astrology or the like. My favorite number is 8. Although I do not know what time I was born, I am a Sagittarius, I think. Lol. I was born on Nov.22. Thanks for welcoming me. Good luck and good health to all.

  • Hello to all my name is Eric, and I am fairly new to the site and was just looking for some guidance into the spiritual side of life. I guess for me personally I really don't have too much experience on exactly what I should be looking for in order to start. Whether its horoscopes to give myself a general understanding of what to expect from my day, or whether I should focus more on a tarot reading that would give me an outlook on my life more as a whole. Maybe the way I am looking at either option is incorrect but that would be my interpretation of them and has been. I am looking for a little bit of direction whether it be a psychic or tarot reader, etc to just give me a little insight. I appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you!

  • Hi! Kittysts here...I've been visiting the tarot site off and on for a couple of years now. Something keeps drawing me back here and i think it is more than my curiousity. I've seen many "wives tales" come and pass enough to believe in them. Nothing shook me more than an incident that happened to me in '97 tho. I started seeing this woman who seemed to be trying to tell or show me something. Then it became almost a harrassment case. Before I continue, let me say that I now know who this woman is/was. She is the mother of a relative that married into the family. I never met her or saw any pictures, but I was having dreams/visions showing me the places that family used to live, some of it in very intricate detail. When I mentioned it to my relative, the lady I described was indeed the mother of my relative's husband. She had passed away from an auto accident many years earlier. Then I ask why me? Why not the man's wife(my relative)? It(the visions) became more than visions. One evening late I was driving with a friend and something really weird came over me. I could not see so I pulled over. It was as if I was in a different consciousness or something. Not only was she showing me how she passed, but i was having the feelings to go along with it. It scared the living poo out of me. I tell ya, nothing has gotten under my skin like that before. If she was indeed showing me the truth, then her death was a violent one. With all that said, does that mean i am some kind of psychic or something or was I just used as a vessel to deliver a message? Do things like this happen to everybody?

  • Hi !

    Just 13 years ago, I had a dream that I was at a funeral. Everyone was there but, my mother. I saw all the familiar faces and the weather was rainy and cold. My granny had been very sick and when I told my mother about the dream, she asked if it was her mom. I told her I didn't see a face but; also, I didn't tell her she wasn't there.

    Six months later, my mother found out she had lung cancer and six months later she died. The weather was cold, it was raining and tornado warnings and lightening were out the day of her funeral. It all came back to me as I was sitting there. She did not have an open casket and I thought about my dream.

  • i am brand new here so if I screw up teach me. i also had a premonition that i should not go on cruise boat w/ boy friend in 2002 . we never got to the ship. my boy friend was hit by car in PA. EN ROUTE TO FL. WE ONLY DROVE 218 MILES FROM OUR HOME STATE. I NEVER TOLD HIM ABOUT MY "THINKING" OF SOMETHING WAS GONNA STOP US FROM GOING TO CRUISE.




  • I'm new to the tarot forum. I've enjoyed all the things on the site for awhile now.

    I recently got the mandala forecast and that got me to thinking about the

    Daily Mandala I get via email each day, and thinking it would be great to share

    this with friends. Along with checking my every morning, I also love the inspiration of this unusual blog at The art of these beautiful and varied "daily mandalas" are like little bursts of positive energy medicine. Created and distributed daily by visionary psychologist Henry Reed, you can sign up to receive these daily as emails. I find them a great start to the day along with my messages. I've been wondering how to share this, and found the forum. Hope readers will try it out!

  • ZouZouZazie I tried to go to that blogspost but I couldn't get it.

  • Totally new here. Very interesting to read the posts. I don't know that I'm psychic, but for whatever reason I always know what's going to happen before it does if a particular action is taken. Like the Lost in Space robot or something. I see it - no one else does - then sure enough it happens. People at work actually get angry at me because of it. I have been called a "know it all" behind my back, even though I am quiet most of the time. Over 25 years I've warned loudly maybe twice because it was BIG, and sure enough it happened. It is just kind of weird and actually quite annoying.

  • Hi- I'm Joonz and have just joined this forum. I'm a Reiki Master and find my intuitive skills come through when I am doing Reiki sessions as well as on a daily basis. When growing up I never really paid to much attention to "gut feelings" and just knowing things that I would get - not really understanding them. I also feel presences, auras and know whether I really want to be someplace just by feeling the room when I walk into it. My granddaughter, who is thirteen, is following in my footsteps but is afraid of it. I've learned that you can only help guide someone but each of us must adjust and deal through trial and error before we can begin to trust ourselves and our decisions made through intuition.

    I look forward to being on this site - Namaste


    Here's the link to the latest one...

    I get it in my email automatically, so maybe I didn't check the link well enough

    Hope you can find it. This on is really colorful and spring!

    Sorry, I hadn't checked back here sooner... hope this works...let me know...thanks...

  • To LibrasLair...I hope you found my message about the Daily Mandala link

    I'm new and not sure how this forum works

    you should be able to go to

    but try

    didn't think you needed the www...but maybe so...

    Hope you find them and can also comment on them there if you wish.

    As it's a blog format...

  • Question for Zou Zou do u know someone called John W who lives in Uk? if not disregard this message!! I just wondered??

  • kk

  • In response to Nefratiti...nope, don't know anyone by that name. We have friends in UK, but none by the name of John...

  • Hi Newbe here, Lennis here. I've been a client/customer of for years but

    never participated in the forums or discussions. How I miss them I don't know or it

    wasn't time to know. Anyway glad I'm here and looking forward to participating in discussions.

    I have sort of a dilemma. I've been seeing a Virgo 9/7, and I've tried to remain detached for vaious reasons. Rather enjoy this person as a good friend, then as a lover. So today I could feel his essence and saying he was in love with me, but wouldn't where his heart on his sleave. And didn't want to be no punk (lol lol). Yet I also admitted to myself feelings of love also.

    Now I thought oh-oh what has happen here. I've been distant sexually lately by my choice.

    Was thinking of kicking that Virgo to the curb lol lol. Now I seem to be having an (Oprah)



    moment! No not a damn ephiany far from that, but do hold on to that thought.

    One never knows when the light just burst on all of a sudden..

    Capricorn - January 13th, should I stay or shoud I go?

  • i just wonder what my purpose in this life is. mabee someone can help,,,,,,..

  • hi i have been intuitive for years. the odd one out or just different. you feel things and just know whats going down before they come to the surface. i am a reike master and feel peoples problems when i touch them. very frightening for them. i now use psychometry with my tarot readings (reading anything from glasses, to coats, watches etc.) it never fails. i pick up on all sorts of things. but you must learn to close your chakras down once you open them. or you will be feeding every psychic vamp in your near vacinity. this is where you must close down your top chakra and rebalance or you will feel totally wiped out.

    have you ever had somebody come up to you and talk to you who are really down and when they leave you are totally shot and they bounce away. you have given away your power to someone else. your top chakra is on the top of your head colour pure white. you must close that before you go out and also do it each day before you venture into your daily life. once you are helping people they will now they will recharge from you. as the hill street blues guy said "Hey be careful out ther". psychic ability should be looked after and nurtured very carefully or it will think you are going crazy. you will see people before you drop off at night and want to help everyone. take your time don`t be in such a hurry it is developing in its own good time. why rush it and get confused and muddled. find yourself a good teacher who knows more than. i had a fantastic teacher joyce allsop and she taught me so much. thanks joyce.

  • my name is Ramonita, a aries, for a very long time i have been reading my horoscope at tarot com. it was not until i moved from puerto rico to florida, that i decided to sign up, what drew me to the sight was looking for answers to my personal problems, I do not know how to put together, the meanings of the tarot cards, sometimes i ask a question and to me the answer is quite unclear,I do have a very good intitution, and when i follow my intitution, everything works out perfectly, it has not misquided me yet, I have three children, which with two of them i have no problem with, yet i have one son, whom i have many problems with, and looking for alot of answers, i signed up. I feel like this son is a enemy of a pervious life, something that hurts deeply because he is my son, and i do love him, here is where, my mystery begins,

    my birthname is really ramonita, the first three letter do belong to ram, which is the symbol for aries,

    my fathers name was ramon, my mothers maiden was mar-quez, the first three letters, of the ram backwards,

    my sons name is mark, having the first three letters of the ram also backwards

    he is from the sign of virgo, sept 6, 1970

    i mention this because in pervious articules the mention of the numbers, showing up at different times, and the letters, are turn into numbers, I really like to learn more about reading and interpeting the cards accordingly, to the question, i ask,

    usually, i pick up on people right away, my mother had psyhic abilities, and wanted me to develope psyhic abilities, at the time i was not interested, i was to young, and just wanted to have fun. from little i gather alot, when i say to someone i know, this is going to be this way, they look at me like i am some sort of freak, later they ask me, how did you know, i just knew!

    I want to express my thanks, to you for listening! my astrology reports, have been so accurate, that they have truly amaze me.

    thank you very much

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