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  • I have noticed certain intuitive abilities since I was a kid. I have had that ability to "know its mine". Example....this guy had a 6 mo puppy and I tried to buy him...several times, always no. Six months later he called me up and offered me the same pup for free. Funnier yet I found out I didn't exactly get the dog I wanted but I got the dog I need instead! (temperament)

    I'd rather post in other threads more about this. My dog shows sings of being more psychic than I.

  • Hello everyone,

    Most of you seem to have types of psychic abilities, while I previously thought that I was already quite an intuitive and spiritual girl. However, I can't read minds, I don't see or hear entities or anything like you do (yet), though I am just quite sensitive to the emotions of others and empathic I think, and a silent little philosopher who cares too much about what others might think of me.

    I occasionally came and read some messages on the Tarot Forum when I had the time (or spent my free time for this), and I felt like I started to believe more in psychic things again, like I used to do when I had just discovered the field at the naΓ―ve age of 15. I am 19 now, and over the last year I've come in contact with spirituality once more and I feel even more open and calm than I had ever been before, and I also started to carefully look for evidence and affirmation to restore my 'faith' in higher entities from beyond. The readings of users by some highly generous gifted people like Captain and Devine inspired me for a great deal. I hope I can come here regularly and keep in touch with these gifted and inspirational peopple over here πŸ˜‰

  • Hi everyone,

    I decided to post in here because I am feeling pulled into spiritual service of some kind. I think I am being asked to use my natural psychic and intuitive powers to help people in some way. Only I'm not sure how. Right now, my life is very earth-bound. I am stuck here firmly on earth due to all kinds of circumstances--mainly financial and making ends meet.

    I am clairvoyant. I have had many conversations with the dead. They come to me and have conversations with me. I can read people by looking at them and am usually right. (I don't however trust my instincts for my own life because I tend toward wishful thinking or pessimism for myself. So I don't feel I am accurate with myself. If that makes sense).

    I occasionally hear people talking to themselves when I walk by--which is weird, but I have only just started to experience conversation on that realm.

    That's all I can think of. Its nice to meet everyone. πŸ™‚


  • hello mercin here πŸ™‚ this is my second account the first one i didn't really use it SO im back,... brand new- participating in the groups hoping to connect with you all bringing you guys love love love times 3

  • We're taught scholastic knowledge, but nothing about what we "really" are capable of. We all have different abilities - you said you have seen and talk to spirits and feel pulled in a direction to be of spiritual help. I think many of us feel pulls and don't understand where to go to help or exactly how. And we have to be careful who we share info with because they'll think we're crazy. TRUST your instincts. Believe in the impossible - your soul is connected to Celestial Planes, your Higher Self. Dreams tell us a lot - very confusing - but like one woman said, she wrties ALL her dreams down (for several years) and she's discovering much about her past lives. Listen to that little voice inside.Kindness to all will attract very good energy that will help. Not overnight, but sometimes it comes and happens FAST. I play the piano and spirits of another time tend to just kind of "appear" on both sides of my piano. I've heard Spirits, Angels - the entire realm is attracted to vibrations, if you play an instrument, you may be getting visitors that appreciate you! Recordered music doesn't attract them. Also they are attracted to artists. There is a JOY for them in all that. Whenever I see the spirits - always of another past time - an older woman is to my left and a male (last time a young boy with a kite) was to my right. They meant no harm, they enjoy the vibrations and energy we give off. Everyone is special, and just feel as though you have a bit of God in yourself. He can create, can destroy, just like us. Keep your mind in a good place and that will attract energies and spirits that will help and eventually make sense of what we're all feelling, hearing, seeing, experiencing. Sorry my post is so long. Have a Good Day.......'The Slayer".....

  • To December Sarah, we are hardest on ourselves and tend to trust our instincts less than for others. Change your mindset. Allow it to happen, go on your hunches. Also, you are VERY sensitive to people - their energies, vibrations and remember, our Auras to make contact. You're feeling all that and feeling 'less than'. Always feel good about yourself. Many folks with abilities are very sensitive - that's how they feel things, see things, know things. Open yourself up to the Higher Side of Light - God, the Universe - let only good in. We all have a Higher Self that we hardly ever listen to. As far as feeling other people (one guy said he would have to leave the many different emotions he felt from everyone was overwhelming). I was like that. If you have a good imagination (this sounds silly), but before I would walk into a tense meeting I would think of Star Trek, when they said "sheilds up". It didn't block all others feelings out but it helped it taught me we can protect ourselves when needed - between our subconcious which is incredibly powerful and imagination - we can have control over all the "stuff" coming at us. From there we're kind of on our own with research. The TV Show "Medium" said what really strengthened her abilities were meditation. Also write your dreams down, Good Luck, Lots of Confidence to You!!!! 'The Slayer"....

  • I hope this gets to you.....It sounds like you're right on the cusp of opening the 'real you' - you are incredibly sensitive. A trick I use to use going into tense meetings and feeling all these horrible thoughts and energies (plus our auras do touch each other and that affects us too). I would think of Star Trek, when something scary would happen on the ship and to protect themselves they'd say "SHEILDS UP!!!" and I imagined an invisible sheild going from my feet to my head - it didn't stop everything but it did help. And it taught me we can control our abilities. We all are different and interpret info differently, see things, hear things, know things - DREAMS - I know it can be a pain, but put a pad and a pen right buy where you sleep so when you're coming out of your dream(s) you can write them down. I was doing that for awhile and almost verbatim the strange things in my whacky dreams happened later that day or within the week. It was nothing significant, but I only did it for a week. The Dreamscape is a way for us to travel to realms, different realities (doesn't always work), and our mind is telling us something iconically instead of using language. Often dreams are like taking a 500 piece puzzle and just dropping all the pieces out of order on the floor. You have to piece them together. You'll find a pattern in your dreams - but you need to write them down or you'll forget. They don't come to us as A then B, then C, etc they're all mixed up, but you will find greater answers and places for you to go to learn more about your (as Stephen King calls them) 'Wild Talents". Good Luck - 'The Slayer

  • Rookie - I agree. How does our response / help get to the person. When I hit submit everyone's gone and I'm in some other category. We're all just trying to help each other. Does anyone know how to reply directory to someone's post? "The Slayer"

  • Hello

  • Hi! I am Kyle, I am a Leo, with some interest in astrology, but I've never tried to do a real chart, much less have anyone do one for me. I sometimes use online tarots that seem to work fairly well for me, but I've never really tried to use a physical deck and I can't say I've ever had anyone do an actual reading for me, but I've always found anything occult or paranormal fascinating!

    I think I may have a spirit trying to communicate with me, at the moment, so I am seeking a medium to facilitate contact! Someone directed me here for that very purpose, but I haven't had much luck, elsewhere!

    This looks like a nice place to talk to people, regardless, so, hi! πŸ™‚

  • Hello, my name is Laurel and Ive used the site for personal tarot readings for about the last 10 years. My readings are usually so accurate that I am careful only to consult the cards when in need of validation that I am on the right path. Other times it's just too confusing. I have consulted and spoken with psychics in the past - the last time was about 7 years ago after the loss of a loved one who died unexpectedly and I was in need of reconnecting / finding closure. It was the most powerful & healing reading- I did in person with a gentleman here in my city.

    I very recently lost another loved one who passed unexpectedly and I am in need of reconnecting. I do not want to rush any communication and hoping to have some sort of contact either in a dream or through someone in this forum who might be able to scratch the surface.

  • I'm Rachael, but you can call me Cinnamon. I've been a member of Tarot for a couple years. I've had this feeling that I am connected to higher energies for quite a while, and I was wondering if anyone could help me discover what my abilities are, if any. My experiences include feeling Deja vu, like something has happened before, and I'm sensitive to emotions. I'd greatly appreciate any help and insight. Thank you in advance!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Moonalisa! πŸ™‚ Have a good day~

  • Hi!

    I'm Mary. I'm a psychic and always learning new things. This forum looks great. I'll offer readings for you now. Blessed be.

  • HI Mary, welcome to the forums. It's been a while since you posted up, but if you are around, I'd love a reading from you! Anything you can pick up, no specific questions. Thanks in anticipation πŸ™‚

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