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  • Hi all!

    I'm new here, never posted, although I registered a few years ago apparently. I completely forgot, and I don't know why I never posted then lol

    My abilities began showing themselves about 3 and a half years ago, though I didn't know what to make of what was happening until months later. It was early 2009 when I really started to develop them.

    My abilities include sensing (what - human or otherwise - an entity/spirit is, who it is - personality wise, and where they are around me), hearing, and seeing. I also have experienced paranormal tastes (very odd I know). I began reading in around October of last year, with picture readings. I am still new to reading, but I'm beginning to expand to other types, and right now am working on reading with Runes. I have Tarot cards, but I don't use them often. I don't dislike them, I just don't feel drawn to use them at this time.

    I am not a medium, though a spirit has come through during a reading three different times now, but it is very rare for me, and I don't consider it an ability of mine.

    I am always looking to learn more about my abilities and how to develop them.

    I am also beginning a long journey that I hope will lead me to helping those experiencing negative entities and lower energies. I feel this is what I am meant to do, after taking time to think it through, to meditate on it, and to talk to my Guides.

    I'm looking forward to meeting everyone 🙂


  • Hm. Not sure why my name is still caoimhe, I thought I changed it to Raving Raven? That's what it shows on my that something different?

  • mermaidprncess, that is the first time I have read the word "empath;" one of my friends suggested to me a while back I might be one, and I thought he was saying M-path, when I looked it up online of course I didn't find anything. I will be sure to read more about that now, lol! About me, well where to start...I have a lot to learn but I feel like I'm in the right last readings have suggested now is a good time to seek out the guidance of enlightened others to put better use of my talents. I have recently suffered a rather embarrassing fumble in my attempt to follow what I felt was psychic experiences. So I'm unsure where my real gifts lie but one thing is I feel a special connection to Tarot. I really wish I had my own deck but I know someone has to gift a deck to you...this makes me sad because I'm 33 and no one has gifted me a deck yet. Especially when I should have good karma there, I gifted a deck to my best friend back in highschool 😉 I'm happy to have found a thriving community here, I love this site so much, I always get wonderful insights with my tarot readings. I wish I would have joined the forums sooner! Looking forward to participating in threads! Thanks for reading ;-))))

  • Hi,

    Reading your post about intuition mde me think of all the recent events in my life- I have always said that I do not trust myself enough because I have trusted the wrong people in my life..keeping friends who are not really my friends, very negative people, etc- I have realized that the best thing is to clean these people from my life, and to move on. Looking back, I find it interesting that when I lost my job this past July, I instinctively KNEW what was going to happen, although everyone tried to convince me otherwise..I'm glad that I had absolutely no doubts as to whether or not to trust my intuition because it helped prepare me- if anyone is ever prepared. 😞 I wish you luck- and I will trying to meditate and remain open to the Universe's signs.

  • Hi all! I'm new here. I started coming back to this site more often because the tarot readings were helpful and insightful for me.

    Mostly I live a very boring life! 🙂 However, I've had weird things happen I can't ignore. Also, I'm sensitive and caring so that sort of puts me in the intuitive camp.

    To me, the real scientist will look at everything, even something the other scientists think sounds improbable. So I give other peoples' experiences respect, even if it's something I haven't felt myself. The truth is, we really don't know!

  • name is Sarah.Its my first time over at this site 🙂

    I have always had a really strong intuition since I was young. I always knew when bad things were gonna happen and even predict small events in my life.I see dreams too which somehow come true.

    I have been sensitive my whole life and cry very easily maybe thats why I am more empathetic to what other people are feeling

  • Hi everyone! I'm happy to have found this site. I was under the impression that all tarot-related sites were just there to make spam. So glad this isn't true, and that there is even a forum here!

    I have recently renewed my interest in learning how to do tarot readings, so I am immersing myself in all things tarot. I see there are other forms of divination here on this site, and I would like to learn more about them too.

  • hello 🙂

    I am burning in my heart for reader's insight into my situation. I am in need of care and consideration.

  • hi 🙂

    you seem like a fellow gentle spirit. Are you psychic? Can you help me? I need some confirmation and spiritual fortitude to endure...

  • interesting page

  • Hello to everyone, I'm Tanya and I have ALWAYS been into psychic and their readings and the great abilities they have which I find amazing a true gift. I also feel at times my intuition is very good but I don't always see it at the time or maybe I don't want to in certain situations lol but I deff feel it.

    I have had many readings and also my charkas balanced (I recently did a paper on Charkas that was so interesting) once but I only went one time I did not get a good vibe from the time I walked in so that was my last visit there.

    I live in the PA/MD area and would really love to find a great psychic to lead me or help get maybe a better view and grip on things in my life at this time 🙂

    I'm so glad to have find this forum. I been signed up for over a year with daily emails from Tarot just didn't know they had this I'm happy I found you !

    Thanks for reading my intro... Tanya

  • Hi everyone my names Marie and I'm from Glasgow in Scotland. I don't think I have any psychic abilities but I am very interested in this kind a stuff.

  • Hello, My name is Angela, I dont even know where to start.... soo much going on in my life all the time... going through really tough times.. and on top of it trying to figure out all these different feelings i get.. very interested in finding my grandfather is suffering from cancer i do realize he does not have much time left.. but i feel like there is something going on, that may not be in his best interest, and its a strong feeling i get when im in the home... and thats just a the tip of the ice burg...

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Bobbi, and i've been a member of Tarot for a few years now, I don't know if i'd call myself psychic, however certain times, the phone will ring, and i see who's on the other line before it get's answered. For quite a few years, i've abused my body and spirit with smoking, and casual drinking, I found myself distancing myself from my own spirit, so I quit both. Slowly I think I will be able to get a clearer refletion back that I once had. so here goes,,,,

  • Hi everyone, I have been a member of for......cant remember how long, lol. just joined the forum and excited to read the posts. I had stopped practicing for awhile, well tried to. my intuition, is always at work, as well as other gifts. Glad to be here. missmantra

  • Hello all! I have been looking for a forum like this on the internet for a while and have finally found it. 🐵 My name is Claire and I am a Gemini, as you can see, with Libra rising! I came here and joined as since I have been little I have always been interested and had a passion for Tarot, astrology, spirituality, I don't know why as I don't know anyone that influenced me, so I am assuming I was born with the passion 🙂 Anyway, I have been doing tarot readings for the last 10 years and enjoy it very much, manily for friends, only professionally a few times, but I usually get it spot on and love the fact I can help people with the card and my guidance.

    I also like receiving readings too, I wouldn't call myself Psychic as such but I trust my instincts 100% they are always right for me so I always go on that.

    I hope to speak to all of you and get some insight and advice from like minded souls! 😄

    Great to be here!

  • Hello everyone! I have been a member of for many years too, but only this past couple weeks have I been reading this forum. I've found it to be very interesting, enlightening and inspirational. My name is Donna and I am a Taurus sun, Libra rising and Cancer moon. I don't know if I am psychic, however, I do seem to have a very strong intuition as in I seem to know when things aren't right or when something bad is going to happen. Not so much when good things are coming my way, but I read in early posts on this thread to consider it as a pleasant surprise. That is what I will do. 🙂

    Great to meet everyone and look forward to learning a great deal here in this wonderful community!

  • Hello everyone! I'm here because not long ago i was told by a psychic that i had the ability myself which only confirmed my thoughts. At this point i want to know to what extent i can go and how i can get there. i want to keep it short here and save somethings for when i start meeting you guys which i'm looking forward too! so, with that said, talk to you later!!!!

  • Hello! My name is Stasha, I am a 33 y/o empath from california!

    I have a diffcult time reding my own life, so I look forward to getting some insight from others.

    I am also happy to help anyone that needs it. My specialty is reuniting twin flames!


  • Hi--My name is Sara, I was brought here due to my instinctual pull towards the Tarot. I have dabbled with the cards myself for years, but have recently learned that even when I was just learning...the readings I was getting were actually very truthful and helpful to my life. I have also started to develop a strong sense of my intuition and that I have a tendency to have a light in me that attracts those who have not passed towards the white light to cling to me thinking that I am the end. I also have had several visions of almost a desjavu (sorry about the spelling) experiences and dreams that have created me to see things before they happen or to know what is coming next. I still have not learned how to hone in these visions or feelings in a way that they could be more useful to my own life. I am seeking some help in my personal relationship with a man that I have had visions and feelings of being my soul mate. I hope that I will be able to find some insight and direction. Glad to meet all of you.

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