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  • my name is Ramonita, a aries, for a very long time i have been reading my horoscope at tarot com. it was not until i moved from puerto rico to florida, that i decided to sign up, what drew me to the sight was looking for answers to my personal problems, I do not know how to put together, the meanings of the tarot cards, sometimes i ask a question and to me the answer is quite unclear,I do have a very good intitution, and when i follow my intitution, everything works out perfectly, it has not misquided me yet, I have three children, which with two of them i have no problem with, yet i have one son, whom i have many problems with, and looking for alot of answers, i signed up. I feel like this son is a enemy of a pervious life, something that hurts deeply because he is my son, and i do love him, here is where, my mystery begins,

    my birthname is really ramonita, the first three letter do belong to ram, which is the symbol for aries,

    my fathers name was ramon, my mothers maiden was mar-quez, the first three letters, of the ram backwards,

    my sons name is mark, having the first three letters of the ram also backwards

    he is from the sign of virgo, sept 6, 1970

    i mention this because in pervious articules the mention of the numbers, showing up at different times, and the letters, are turn into numbers, I really like to learn more about reading and interpeting the cards accordingly, to the question, i ask,

    usually, i pick up on people right away, my mother had psyhic abilities, and wanted me to develope psyhic abilities, at the time i was not interested, i was to young, and just wanted to have fun. from little i gather alot, when i say to someone i know, this is going to be this way, they look at me like i am some sort of freak, later they ask me, how did you know, i just knew!

    I want to express my thanks, to you for listening! my astrology reports, have been so accurate, that they have truly amaze me.

    thank you very much

  • Hi

    My Name is Alicia, I've just returned to school this year to study Psychology/Holistic Medicine as my major. All three of my children are grown and presently in College as well. My youngest is going to graduate before her younger siblings because they keep stopping and returning to school due to who knows why!

    I've met a man about 11yrs ago and fell in love with him on sight. He has his demons and I was married to someone who really was not my fit. I am divorce now and the man I love is trying to advance in his job. He is a Capricorn and i feel he is my soul mate my fit to be accurate. I can feel him when He is not around me. I can visit him in my dreams and feel him kiss me as if it was real. When I need him and express it in my head he shows up or calls me. If I don't call him for a while because I do not want to be clingy even though I crave his presents all the time. Since he wanted a break and I needed space a couple of years ago its not as bad. But I still constantly think of him, dream him and need to hear his voice occasionally, I know I Love him and he loves me. He wants us to be friends for now. How do I deal with that and still concentrate in school when my head keeps wondering if he still wants me or not in his life. My head is fighting with my heart and leaving me confused. A Psychic told me he will be back in June. Should I wait or drop him out of my life all together. As a Pisces I believe he is in my life forever and he was meant to be. But my head tells me to forget him. I've always had vision telling me how things well be and most have come true. True Pisces follow their hearts not let there head rule them. But your head and your heart are suppose to agree on things for them to work. right? I've had some really weird dreams and they tell me to wait and watch. What do you guys think?

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  • Hiya all

    Im new on this board but been active on the astrology one.

    Im so many things regard the "occult" not the dark but the light side of it all

    I wanna ask how i go by getting a in depth reading on what i fully am psychicly n in all the light shiny "occul" ways. Not 2 mention all areas of life such as work/education, finance, personality, pets, fam, love, men, kids, housings etc

    Upfront i must say im broke so i cannot afford calling n spending. So if any r full of grace n heart, plz take pity n help me thank u.

  • hi i'm laydi strong and i've been faced with the delema that i may have to have a heart transplant. in my heart i feel that i'm healed but the doctors say i'm not. i lost my mom due to heart failure this past october. two nights ago i saw her standing in the door way of my bed room. as i was trying to wake up i realized i never did wake up and i began to her my mother breathing behind me. i couldn't roll over to see her face so i began to say mama 3 times and she said huh each time. on the 3rd time i began to get frightened and started to scream until i finally woke up. what was the meaning of this dream.

  • Hi Pisces I love it; I feel you girlfriend, only because I'm there myself we must remember school which is part of our NEEDS have to be the priority. Yes' we have needs but as Pisces we can become to emotionally involved where we 1. frustrate ourselves over our lonliness 2. Lose all control of ourselves

    take it slow yeah you are going to dream about him maybe even fantasize. It just proves 2 can be spiritually involved. As' Pisces' we can have the best of both worlds, me I just pray, pray, and pray. It's not going to get easier so suit up now with God's Power thru Prayer! Only he knows what;s really best for us. I hope this helps I pray we talk again soon.

  • Hello, all

    Well, I have always seen things as long as i can remember, and have lately been hearing voices or like a radio static "white noise" well the voices are so low that it's sounds as if they are far away. I smell certain smell's when diff. people are near me, like a diseased energy kinda smells like someone blew out a match, each person will tell you that the smell's can smell diff. pending on the person experiencing it. Well, I believe I am what you also call empathic... being able to enter into another feelings, I am interested in every one's opinion ????

  • Hi Magic Flower, It sounds like you are taking on the energy from the people you

    are healing. You may want to try prayers of protection and surrounding yourself

    with white light before you do your work. Hugs!

  • I have alot of problem's with thinking at times that I am being talked about or something is going on especially in large group's is this emphathic?

  • Hello.

    My name is Ty. I live in Ohio and I have been aware of my clairvoyancy since the age of 5. As much as I love to exercise this part of me, I do not make it public. I still feel that clairvoyant people are viewed in a negitive light. But I know it will change.

    Take care!

  • Has anyone explored the daily mandala art of Henry Reed?

    The links should be good now. He has over 1700 pictures in the archives.

    Hope you'll check it out. Great bursts of energy medicine to start your day.

    Easy to subscribe, free, in daily email

    Hope you'll report back how you like them!

  • hello i have been a widow since 2003. my life hasnt gotten very satisfying since. can any psysic tell me am i ever going to be in a committed relationship again and if so when?

  • Hi! I'm Andreanna. I just wandered on the forums so I'm checking the place out.

  • Many thanks for the welcome! Hi, I'm River, and for much of my life, since I was about ten or so, I've had weird experiences that could not be chalked up to anything except the paranormal or spiritual world. When I was ten, the Vietnam War was still going on and I found myself in a telepathic link with a Vietnamese boy around my age, and experienced the war through his eyes/feelings for about two weeks, until he was killed. (I felt that, too.) That was my first psychic experience but not my last.

    When I was a young adult, 19 or 20 (I don't remember the exact year), I had a dream for three days running, the same dream all three days, that if I were in a certain place at a certain time, I'd get hit by a car. I dreamed the color, make, and even license plate of the car. I had to be in that place at that time, however; there wasn't much of a way to avoid it, so I tried to put my concerns out of mind and went anyway. I did not own a car at that time and had to go by bus, and the final bus was ten minutes late. I arrived ten minutes late, and the exact car I had dreamed, down to the exact license plate, was up on the sidewalk smashed into a telephone pole, right where I would have stood to cross the street.

    That wasn't the end of my strange experiences, either, but I would rather keep this as short as I can and still provide detail. Suffice it to say that things have happened to me all my life, but not enough to protect me from some other very bad experiences.

    I can tell friends, mostly close friends, when something bad will happen in the next 12 hours or so, especially if it involves driving. I have a fairly sensitive intuition in some things, especially health, but I've never done readings or anything formal like that, and haven't any training. I'm hoping to learn a lot here.

  • hi, i am new here. My experiences have been more like having visions more than predictions. I think having visions are more of a dream like state rather than an actual prediction. I would be thinking about something and then all of a sudden it is before me for a split second. I was told to be careful about what comes out of the mouth because it could come true. I have been to palm readers and psychics, but i left questioning everything that was done. I did not want to accept their prediction because i believe that every move that i make has an effect on the way my life progresses, and no one can predict your every move. I am always eager to listen as if i am being advised, not feeding so much into searching for truth behind it. I feel motivated to do better good or bad, If there was good news i feel accomplished if there was bad news i feel that i should be doing better. I feel good about being here and i hope to learn a lot more.


  • HI my name is Carolyn I've Been in Love with someone I thought was my soul mate. He left to help his daughter He stopped talking to me all together & won't even call anymore. I'm concerned & worried.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm from Canada and new to your Forum. I am new to most of this century's (and last century's) technology in that I've never really gotten too involved in chatrooms, blogging, newest gadgets, etc. So please accept my apologies ahead of time if I booboo something now or in the future! And feel free to share any tips on handling this "posting" business. I figured, no better place to start then with a group of individuals that have the best of intentions to learn and prosper in their development of Great Spirit's blessings. Not to mention the wonderful sharing amongst each other, that I've noticed.

    Thanks in advance.

    Now, to why I'm here....

    Not all together sure of how this will play out but had the compelling urge to keep coming back to visit site and sign-up. If there's one thing I've learned in my years of spiritual study it's to listen and do what I'm told (admitting chuckle here) once I firmly believe the message has come from my true intuition and not my lower self. So here I am.....ready to experience what cosmic energies have in mind at this time. Looking forward to learning, growing, sharing with like-minded individuals using a new and fresh approach for me. I hope to catch up with you whenever I can (scheduling is usually all over the place lol)! I have interests and am involved with many of the psychic/healing/living arts so feel free to chat about any topic of interest to you and hopefully any input I have is harmonious and perhaps even helpful at times...because I know I'll come out a winner simply listening to all the fantastic ideas and experimenting going on around me here.

    May we all reach for the moon, sit upon the stars, and rejoice in Divine Love! Blessings...


  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm just Erin. I'm 29 and I'm in North Carolina. Recently I've taken a keen interest in psychic abilities and divination. I believe I started going through a period of spiritual growth in about June. Right now, I'm trying to learn how to communicate with my guides. I believe my guides have been trying to communicate with me but I wasn't ready. I'm here to seek advice on ways I can improve my meditation techniques and my psychic abilities to make more positive changes in my life.


  • Hello everyone!

    I've been on Tarot for a year. I am supposed to be an Aries, but I am mostly Pisces. I am a published writer, painter, creative and artistic. I am highly intuitive. I know without knowing how the information comes to me. I do not call it being psychic because I am not always clairvoyant or clairaudient; I am an empath. As a result, I am clairsentient. I sense things about people and places. I can also feel what others feel, which is draining.

    About two months ago, I met a Scorpio online and we have been communicating daily ever since. I had a "sense" of his living space, and when I asked him how correct I was, he then proceeded to describe his space. When he finished, he told me I hit the bull's eye. His feelings and emotions affect me, and I can usually tell when he is off-track, emotionally.

    Stuff like this has happened to me since childhood, but my parents squelched it firmly and did not want to hear anything I happened to "know." So, I stopped telling them. However, it lead me to search for ways in which I could use my abilities to help people, using Tarot and volunteering in crisis centers, orphanages for abused children and got into Health Care as a means to make a living.

    My Scorpio friend is a full psychic with all of the abilities I lack. All I have to do is ask him a question--like the breed of dog I played with at a friend's apartment--and he knows right off what the answer is. It makes it a teensy bit difficult to be less than honest with someone of his stature and abilities; however, since I am, by nature, a full disclosure type of person, it does not bother me.

    While I do not remember my very first time of "knowing," I do remember my mother telling me I must have dreamed it or imagined it. As a adult, the first time I can remember was when we gave some friends a ride home in the snow. They wanted us to stop at an intersection so they could climb uphill and not have to "burden" us with an icy uphill road. At the last minute, I told them to stay off the road, to walk through the trees (about 50 yds away from the road). I had a feeling the woman would get run over by a car. Later that same evening, we got a phone call from her friend who told us that, while walking through the treeline, she fell into a deep ditch. At the same time, a car ran off the road and ran over the ditch. She was actually underneath the car. She left the hospital without a scratch.

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