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  • Hi, I'm Roberta, I have had many psychis experiences many of them warnings that have allowed me to be more discerning when choosing a path to follow. Its funny too, I can visualize an outcome sometimes its great and I want to be living it and sometimes its not so great so I ask for addtional guidance to help steer me in the right direction, intuition is alive and well in us all, and I am so thankful for the gifts that we are being able to share.

  • Hi, I'm from the north east and I always dream things that happen soon after, even lottery numbers, but not the big one. I often feel connections with certain people and can read what they are thinking and when i think them, the other person will say what i was thinking or we will say it at the same time and laugh and say how the heck did we do that. well i dont know, but i like it. i wish that i had all the answers for people cause they love to talk with me because i usually have good suggestions or i just am a good listener. i just wish i could help myself. funny isnt it. well, i cant wait to see what other people have to say about some of my thoughts and questions, maybe someone on this site can help. have a great day,

  • hi i need some help iv been seeingt alot of stuff but iv seen this sins i was 6 but i just started to see wors things and everytime i see this the next day they try to rob us and its bin so for a long time now that this has happend and i saw a guy with dreadlocks it was like a shadow and the next day a guy gun pointed me and he had dreadlocks aswell and the shodow tipe of thing was alsow pointing a gun at me and then he was like in my face and then the next moment he was gone and i could feel him around me all the time and he made me lock the doors everything and since then if been getting this bad feelings and always the next somthing happens and my family thats past away is always nearmei c them walking and smiling at me and in our hall i have a baby sister and when we walk thru the hall my uncle walks in front of us with a candle and my grandma is always flushing the toilet and moving her about somthrocking chair and alot more and they all died +-4 years ago its like someone is tryinging to worn me ?... do any of you have any advice for me? plz i realy need it im going crazy i dont know what to do ?

  • how about readind tarot card or getting your own ?

  • hi i see auras and spirits aswell and its easy for people who can shut there minds off or just ignore it . auras is a good thing to see you can see what they feel like at that momment and much more its a way to get to know people better so dont wissh it away there aint many people that can do that and that would love to be in your shoes

  • Hi BIOnDi15,

    I was wondering if your Aura's change? I was told mine was grey with alot of white light surrounding it. Not sure what that tells about myself.

    I am new to the forums but have been a member for a few years now. I posted something today under new posts that I have been trying to understand for years. If you, any of you, get a chance to read my post and help me understand I would love to hear from you all. It is "Unsure dreams."

  • Hi there

    I'm Maggie from Australia. I've used this site for many years but not been part of a forum. I've had a lot of psychic experiences since I was about 7. I'm now 56 and find that, over the years, I've come to understand a bit more about how it works and perhaps, more importantly, how I can use it as a tool in my everyday life. some of the learning has been a bit scary - the unknown always is. I've always tended to have dreams that happen. Not all of them are pleasant. I've often struggled to understand the whys of this gift and questioned it's value in my life. For me, I understand it as part my sensitivity and find I am able to read people and situations well. I try and use this to understand where people are coming from.

  • have one question,will the father of my children get back together,or did we do to much damage to oursleves and relationship?

  • hi everyone-my name is Suzi and i use my intuation to discover quilt and embroidery designs-and then the colors to do them in by hand---i juswt cant think of using a machine for embroidery or quilts--i used to run the designs past a dear friend of 29 yrs but she died of cancer in 2/07 so have been on my own since then and miss her so much-sometimes the only thing that keeps me goin is the thought of what she would do to me if i did something stupid and my beloved cat Bast---but now that i have found you i hope to be talking with more people soon

  • This post is deleted!

  • i also would like to ask anyone out there if my ex and i will ever be together we are both 58 yrs old it would be nice if someone picked up on something

  • Hi,

    I've always thought my real name plain so I invented the name of Myoriah for my pen name. Later I found out it is a strong name and the qualities associated with it are the qualities I want in my own life.

    The older I get the more questions I have and the less I seem to know. I do believe that there are other planes that people who are open can access and that there is a lot we do not know.

    There are times I just know ahead of time something that is going to happen. For example I told my husband that we needed to move the car because it was going to be crushed by the ice on the house roof. I saw the ice coming down and crushing the car before it happened. Things like this has happened too many times for this to be a coincidence. My husband actually accused me of making things happen but I don't think I'm that powerful.

    What scares me the most is when I see a fire before it happens and don't know what to do because I think people would think I was crazy if I told them there was going to be a fire. So far everytime I've seen a fire it has happened within a month or two. I even moved out of a rental I was living in because I saw a vision of it being on fire. Just after I moved out it burned to the ground and the tenants lost all their belongings. That was the first time that I had seen a vision of a fire and thought it was just my mind playing tricks but I had a strong feeling I needed to move out.

    Over the years I've learned to listen to my intuitions or whatever you call it. Perhaps it is a "guardian angel" whispering in my ear.

    Now for the strange things that have happened in my life. I had to be away from home overnight and had a dream that my cat said goodby. I stopped on the way home at a drive-in and my brother-in-law showed up. Before he could say a word I told him I knew my cat was dead. He had accidentally run over the cat who had been playing on the lawn.

    I stayed home one day from work as I wasn't feeling well. My stepmother came to me in a dream and told me goodby. When I woke up I knew she was dead. What was really strange though is at the funeral home she was dressed in her miltary uniform for the viewing. There was like a earthquake but I appeared to be the only one who felt it. For a second she was wearing a nightgown and told me to take care of Dad. Then she was back in the uniform and her glasses were crooked. My dad quickly rearranged her glasses and I couldn't help but wonder if he had seen something. While going through her clothing I came across the nightgown I had seen in the dream and at the funeral home. I asked my dad if it was the nightgown she had worn and he affirmed it was.

    A few years back I was driving. It was late at night. Suddenly I became aware of someone in the car. I feel asleep at the wheel and woke up to find the car going off the side of the road and this being wrapping me in his arms. The deputy said the car rolled three and a half times and by all rights I should have been seriously hurt. I only cracked a rib and considered myself very lucky.

    I used to hear voices all the time but they have subsided and now when I do hear them they have something important to tell me or they encourage me. Usually though now the messages come in dreams. I actually meet people in dreams and then meet them in real life.

    I've always known that I'm different and over time I've come to accept that fact.

  • My name is Carla, I just turned 60 on March 3. I read on one of the posts where someone has been crying for no apparent reason. I have done this most of my life and usually something catostrophic happens soon after. I have "death bells," a strong ringing in my ears when someone passes. My most recent psychic experience was at the time of my son's death in July of last year.

    On Friday July 18, 2008 My brother and sister-in-law came to town unexpectedly. They spent the night and the next afternoon when I went into my bedroom there was a black bird in there. My sister-in-law suggested getting a broom and plastic bag to try and catch it. I said no, that I was going to close the door and when I opened it again the bird would be gone. You see this was not my first experience with a bird in my room. On two other acassions it had happened, and on each ocassion someone died. I left the house on errands and had forgotten about the bird until my return home; when I went into the room of course it was gone. My 35-year-old boy came over took a shower and lay down in the spare room. I watched him carefully. I awakened him when brother and wife were ready to retire. A couple days later I had this vision of me in a hospital emergency room with my son hooked up to machines and I was holding his hand. I was then at his funeral and I cried. I told myself to snap out of it. Why was I having such morbid thoughts? My baby wasn't dead. On Saturday morning July 26, 2 guys came to the door and said Carl's heart had stopped; They took me to the house where he was and I rode to the hospital in the ambulance. I held his hand in the emergency room, where he was pronounced dead. A couple days later I stood on my front porch in the early morning hours and a tiny white bird flew into the yard for a few seconds then flew out and disappeared.

  • i can sense when something is wrong or what some peple are feeling towards me not sure what it is but it happens all the time everyone have a good day

  • I have dreams or visions..that show me the future presidents before they become one and events surrounding their presidency for the last three presidents....It comes in weird like scenarios that don't make a bit of sense but you can later associate it with a event that will occur during their terms. I can't understand why i am being shown these things ahead of time before they ever happen...??? It's telling me something and i need to know what. maybe you can help me and i can help you with what i have found out on how to piece it together.

  • Hey Carla! I think your brother came to you in a way you would understand it was from him thru that little white bird you saw. Smiles.......I am so happy for you girl! You made me laugh after I read this... Try to tell your brother i thought that was COOL!!!

  • sorry is your son.... take Care....

  • Hi I have always had this feeling come over me when something bad was going to happen. If it was something realy bad I was almost physicaly ill. I always got looked at like I was crazy or over dramatic but I knew to trust my feelings, that is why I was always smart enough to walk away from something when I got that feeling a prime example was when my ex started hanging with this new guy. I just got this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I was around him I was never comfortable around him, and it turned out to be a good read because he was abusing his girlfriend. I also new when my ex's father was going to start some stuff there was no signs to anyone else that something was up he was acting nice and sweet all day then later on he would flip out and pull out guns or start a physical altercation with my ex. One time I got this feeling from him when he walked by me I was 7 months pregnant at the time it was like an electric shock this numbing feeling my heart was racing every time I got around him that day I took my ex to the side and told him I had a bad feeling that his dad was going to do something stupid that we needed to keep and eye out to make sure he did not try anything stupid twards me since I was pregnant. My ex just laughed and said I was just hormonal and being over dramatic, that his dad was in a good mood that his dad would not try any thing stupid around me while I was pregnant, boy was he ever wrong. That eveinig my ex got a call from his grandma that his dad was up the hill at their house drunk and trying to beat up his girlfrind and bust down thhier door about that time his dad drove down to our house beating on the door demanding to come in , we went out the back door and headed to his grandparents his dad followed us there,were he precieded to catch his girlfriends truck on fire almost blowing it up while every one was trying to put it out he came at me in a fit of rage if it had nit been for my intuition and my ex's grandma keeping a close eye on him he would have hurt me and possibaly my unborn baby so. I know to trust these feelings I get they have saved my but on more then one occasion. I think that there is something more to those feeling then just been over dramatic or paranoid I just wish other people would belive me and not think I was nuts.

  • Hi All,

    I have been psychic for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I knew what people where thinking and who was at the door before I opened it. I took it for grated and believed everyone was the same. Sometimes even now when asked how I know things, I think people have told me and they are adamant they didn’t.

    I was given my first pack of tarot cards at 18 years old from a friend who is also psychic and feel that they helped me a lot to focus my ability. Before that I had no control over when or where my premonitions would occur or what they meant.

    I have had a lot of scary experiences in my life and felt at times I must have some mental health issues, then when my premonitions come true I feel sad that I couldn’t prevent the bad stuff but relieved that I’m not just mad lol

    I haven’t had any formal training or guidance and would like to join my local spiritualist church but have been for most of my life confused as too whether it’s a good or bad thing for me to be psychic. Life seems like a rollercoaster where one minute I’m fine with it and the next I’m trying too block it out in an effort to be normal.

    I don’t read the tarot much these days and try to keep my mind occupied on other things but I know I will have too face up to things sooner or later.


  • Hi,

    My name is laura, but, everyone calls me Momma Laura or Lala or etc... I am an Aries mother of a Libra daughter and have probably learned more from raising her than she learned from me...LOL Which has kept me young and in tune with the youth of our nation. My intuition is inate a gift which i focus on. It can be a bit scary at times ,when it's something bad that will be happening; but, when things are going your way.. realize, that, is your positive energy/(intuition) at work in your life even if you don't realize it as the time. Learn to develope and focus on those feelings and situations and a whole new energy will surround and emit from you. . Look,hear,and feel... the beauty in your world today. HAVE A BLESSED DAY.

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