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  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is Bast. I have been in connection in one way or another in various way with our other dimension. The first encounter was when I was 4 years old. A spirit walked in my room turned the corner and walked left through the wall. This was what I thought to be some sort of unisex non-physical being. After that experience I have always had children spirits or non-physical beings around me. When I was a young girl I would play with a child like spirit in our house. As I got older and had my own children I realized how child like these beings were or are. I have seen so many things that I have dismissed over the years out of fear of what door I would be opening with in myself and our world. That is until I met 2 people on 2 different occasions. One man that I met came to me at an Xavier Rudd concert. It was enlightening to say the least. He told me not to be scared of what I was seeing or hearing. Now, before I go on let me tell you I have never met this man before and he knew nothing about me. He told me that I am a spirit guider for people trying to find their way. Well, this honestly freaked me out even more. I was very drawn to this man. He said he was a physic for the government and that he did not exist. He showed me the palms of his hands and had no (I mean none!) lines on his palms. I have yet to figure out what that means. If anyone know and would like to share I would be grateful. I have not seen or heard from him since that night.

    A few months later I was pumping gas and another man came up to me in the line to pay. This man was younger than the first and looked "appearance" wise to be someone I would hang out with. He asked me a few questions and told me the same thing. Not to be scared of my "gift" to the spirit dimension. He told me that I am a guide to people of this world as well teaching to teach them how to embrace our dimension turning into a 4th dimension. These encounters have been a couple of years ago. I have not gone around telling everyone I meet about these encounters because it sounds a little crazy. So I thought if I could share this information anywhere it would be a place like here.

    I am still not 100% sure of what this means. I do know that I have in serious states of concentration been able to telepathically send messages to people (this is not often). I do have a strange way of knowing when bad energy enters the room from a specific person or through emotional feeling between others. I have always been in tune to what people are feeling and going through around me.

    As for the spirits... does anyone have any idea if a shadow spirit is always considered a negative? I have seen one a couple of times. I am not scared of it but I was told that all dark colored shadows are to be cleared. If anyone has any insight to this topic it would really be helpful. I am also looking for a way to connect or find out about my spirit guide if anyone knows anything about that it would be helpful as well. On the flip side if you have any thing that you think I may be able to help with please let me know.

    May the light of the spirits embrace you all.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my book.. geezzz! ha! 🙂



  • I'm new to the boards & a scorpio born in October. I am thankful to find a place to discuss or even ask a question that doesn't cost me anything! What a great opportunity while times are hard. Not everyone can afford to ask a someone a question to help clear their mind can pay for it. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to being an active member! I do have some "gifts" and I will be happy to share what I can when I can!

  • hi everyone iam a pisces,in need of a reading trickery could be involed .so confused p=please

  • hi bejew iam a pisces ,and also knew to the forum,do you do yhe tarot?

  • Hi! My name is KittyLolita. I'm usually extremely happy and uppity. Lately i haven't though....long story.

    I'm a christian and go to church regulary, but I love the tarot cards and I am working on a cheap deck to learn how to interpret them.

    I'm a taurus, born on May 11 at 11:11 pm....

  • Hello my name is Kim.

    I have always had a fascination with things of the psychic phenomena.

    I always felt that I had this gift but it remains undeveloped. I have times when I have intuition into situations but have disregarded it and I believe that this is why it does not work for me so well. I have a desire to always explain things logically and it just doesn't always work that way with intuition. So I am working on that and hopefully can get some guidance and learn something from others posts.


  • can you feel anything about me and my curent circumstances?i feel like you are the one to try please any help would be much appreciated my body and mostly my back feel so tight kinda like something is twisting me around and around i hope you know what im trying to say its almost unbearable at times especially right now thanks for any help god bless

  • Hi..My name is Sheri and im new here of course. i thought this site would be fun. and a little informative. so i want to find out if people can really see ghosts or know or get the vision of something someone wants to see.

  • Hi, my name is Kathy. Lately i have been having psychic synchronicities. These are incidents where i can feel what certain others are thinking, without really meaning to. At work, i was looking through a lot of plant specimens, and one happened to have an ID that provided an answer to an unknown we had been unable to identify. When i took it into the next room to show my work partner, he was examining the exact same species under the microscope!

    The other thing was a dream i had recently of my house burning down. This is something that my younger brother (anotehr Aquarius) thinks should happen to it. It is haunted and has some kind of hold on me, that he believes is holding me back from change. Somehow, i feel the dream reflects what is going on in my borther's mind. And that worries me.

    And, Shari, yes, people do see ghosts, just not always the way they look in the movies. We can also hear and feel them.

    I want to thank you all for being here. I am interested to hear what you have to say.

  • hi my names danielle, i've always been interested in the tarot and psychics, and i really would love to explore my own intuition :)....... i've had a pretty tough year which makes me turn more to this side of life it give us hope........

  • ~Hi! My name's Jen and I've been a member of Tarot,com for years, but just now decided to snoop through the forums finally. I'm an Empath, a level 1 Rieki, I read cards and dabble in a few other areas....I don't know exactly which direction I'm meant to go in yet. In the meantime, I'm just trying to deal with the intense energies we've been getting the last few!~

  • Hi Everyone

    Its gemiya here ....Just came across this itself ....altough i have been a member for quite a while now with but what ever it is ....its great to meet meet new people n know their feelings n sharing thougts and experiences .....learnin and sharing ...

    I think my intution in this regard is my awarness towards my near and dear ones . If they seem to be nearing to any trouble or any sickness or pain sixth sense just starts ticking a bit louder...and i sense it quite clearly .....

    But last few months has been really tough going for me regards to my health and my life in general ...really down with depression and so on ...seeking some sort of light on my own life ....been divoced for seven years now ...lookin for a good life partner ....but in vain is dragging ......what shall i say now .......

  • Hi, I'm Stacey... I live in Toronto, Canada. This is an amazing site...thanks guys

  • jmb257..... I am truly sorry for your loss. I to lost my husband 3 years ago and am experiencing the same things you are. I was also very strong and now just feel numb and extreme fatigue and anxiety. At first, I would pull up to stores and then leave because I couldn't go in. Now, I just barely leave the house. I haven't felt relaxed since he died. We were together from 1993 to 2007 and were going to grow old tolgether. We have three kids that act just like him. Everyone said it would get better after the first year but it didn't. I still think about him every second of every day. I have also become very forgetful and fearful. Now I worry about things I never have worried about before. We definitely need to talk, you are not alone. I know sometimes you may have twenty people around you and you still feel alone because he isn't there physically. I try to comfort myself by reminding myself that he is here with me and the kids. I talk to him constantly and ask him things. I tell kids things about him all the time, they love hearing stories of his past. My mother kept my daddy's memory alive by talking about him and I am doing the same for my children. They seem to do better when it's not a hidden thing. I try not to make him a touchy subject. I try to make it something that makes them laugh and that also helps me. I truly feel your grief, I have lost a lot of people throughout my life starting with my father dying when I was 7, but nothing ever came close to this. Maybe we can start a new thread so we can help others as well. I heard today that by helping others, you heal your own wounds. We need to turn this pain into something good for others. We are not going crazy, we were in love and that was taken away from us. We have a lot to share with people that may be going through the same thing.

    Have a nice day. Gotta go get a birthday cake for my daughter. Hope it helps to know you're not alone.

  • Hi,

    I am very new to this. I have had pyschic abilities since I before I was a teen. They first started as visions and gut instincts when I was pretty young. As I got older, I began reading cards just mainly for myself and friends. Most of my life I have tried to ignore some of them other than my gut instinct but they tend to pop up stronger at a time I least expect it. My abilies are somewhat untrained. One of the more distracting abilities is to pick up on other peoples emotions and to some degree it can affect my own mood. Now I have a daughter that I am almost certain came to her abilities at age four. I would like advice on how to develop my abilities so that they can be beneficial and also to help encourage her to develop her own so that does not end up with them being sporadic like my own. Since there is also physical abilities in most of her father's family, it is pretty much ineveitable that her own ability will continue to awaken as she gets older. Any advise on training my skills would be greatly appreciated so that I can help my daughter with her own.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hello Everyone! I love this site. This is really awesome.

    My name is Diana. I don't have any special gifts like you guys! It must be amazing to have these abilities to help other people!!

    Keep up this wonderful site!


  • Hi everybody! I'm Sharon and love the site and forums 🙂

  • Hello I am Sarah and I live along the south coast of england about 2 hrs from Stonehenge. I am a reiki teaching master druid. I am a gardener by day time. I hope to meet many likeminded ppl to learn and share with.

    Kind regards


  • my name is Rosanna and I have always been sensitive to the world around me. I am a sort of empath and have sensed things all my life but I have felt off lately and need guidance. I am hoping that by talking to someone I can find some clarity in a world of chaos and figure out what to do with my life to keep it moving forward.

  • just saying hi to everyone

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