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  • Hi Beaniac, I can't tell you why they happen but I have them to. I dream of people getting hurt and then it happens. I actually have prevented a few from happening by praying or by warning them. It's scary telling them but I'd rather look crazy than to see someone hurt or dead. I have woken up screaming and crying and I've had others wake me up because I was screaming or crying. The crazy thing is when I'm watching it happen, I know I'm dreaming but at the same time I know it's real. I'm always a bystander that can't do anything in the dream to stop it. I can talk but I can't move. I'm just standing there watching it. Sometimes it scares me for months and then I forget about it and then remember it again to worry some more. It is crazy. I feel like it is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Do you ever have moments where you know with certainty that you've experienced that moment before? The last two times it happened to me was at a friends house that I had never been to in my life. We were walking back to the house from the backyard and I knew what would be said and how we'd walk for the next few minutes, like I had already done it. The other time was in my own yard. I was talking to an adult and a child and I knew the conversation before we finished it. I had been in that moment before. I have experienced this my whole life. Deja vu. Why and how does that happen? If we experienced it in a past life, the people and houses wouldn't be the same????

  • Hi Skeptic2. I will talk to you. Sometimes even if the other person can't help, we figure it out just by talking it out, if that makes sense... I also am very intuitive. I can read other people's emotions when they are around me. It drives me crazy because it wrecks havoc on my relationships. I tend to worry to much if things aren't right between us because I pick up on the smallest things. In the beginning, it doesn't bother me but if it keeps happening, I always assume theres a reason. My mind never stops working on it. I want to know why and how to fix it and then if I can't fix it and the other person won't fix it, it really gets me confused. Being intuitive can be a curse if it drives you crazy. I wish I could be carefree and not let things bother me but I can tell if a person is lying or thinking bad thoughts. Usually, it wouldn't matter but if it happens to be someone you're seeing, it can stir up a lot of trouble and you can push each other away. It allows you to see right through them and then you can't see what you fell in love with originally because it's always looming there in front of you. It's crazy. I love being psychic but it also has its downfalls that can really trip you up if you're not careful or haven't learned self-control.

  • Littlespacemonkey...cute name! When you say empathetic, do you mean you actually feel others pain? I have always hurt in different places of my body and the doctors could never figure it out. This pain prevented me from doing daily functions. I could barely clean my home. I couldn't stand the thought of picking something up after I dropped it. It always drove me crazy because I've always been very active but when it got so bad that I couldn't do anything, my mind was still wanting to accomplish everything. My mind never stops, it's awful. I thought I had worked my body to hard over the years and was now suffering for it. (I was in my early 30's when it became unbearable. Way too young!) Recently I received a reading and was told that the pain I carry isn't mine. I sat straight up in my chair. It was an aha! moment. I never mentioned my pain before the reading. I was told that I feel others' pain. So now, when I feel it, I repeat to myself this pain is not mine, it will go away..over and over and then forget about it. Before I know it, I realize I'm not hurting anymore. It actually works on my own ailments to. Recently, I had to rake the yard and my arms were hurting so bad that I could barely get started and after repeating it I noticed it went away.

  • Hi Confused Scorpion. I don't know you but I have a suggestion on your knowing peoples thoughts and stuff. Watch the show Psychic kids. It has Chip Coffey and he is teaching kids how to manage their gifts. I watch it to learn stuff too. Like a child. I don't experience any of that but I am medium-istic It took a while to even understand what that meant but I think I do now. I don't see or hear spirits but I sense their presence. I see movement and shadows. I will feel warm spots on my floor. I can sense what the answers are to other peoples problems? (not quite sure what that's about) The spirits make noises that everyone can hear sometimes I'm guessing because they get aggrivated that I don't hear them and they always try to talk to me. I wish they would leave me alone or I could hear them so I could help.Sometimes I will hear noises that only I can hear but never voices.I have my own pain so i'm glad I don't feel others and you should probably never come near I broke my back when I was 24 and now I have vertigo and short term memory loss. I don't even know what causes my pain cause I can't do nothing due to the vertigo. I've had that for 6 years. They think I might have MS. I want to strengthen my abbilities so I can hear them. They might only need one thing so they can cross over and I can't help. At least you have the pain thing figured out. So what else can you do? The show I know can help. They have kids with the same things that you have and they teach them how to manage them cause it will never go away but you need to get a handle on it before it destroys you.Seperate them like you do the pain. Say to yourself that they are not your feelings and thought til they go away.I forgot how he told the kids how to manage them so that is my only suggestion.If you can control the pain, you can control the thoughts. Probably the same way but watch the show. I don't know exactly what station it's on. I can find out for you later if you are interested. I have cable so I don't know if it's a local station or not. Do you have cable or sattelite? I'll talk to you later since it is 4a and I have to go to St. Pete today for my baptism. TTFN

  • Thank you Sylvannah! That is something I have never even thought of. It definitely makes sense. I will try it this week and let you know how it turns out. My daughter watches that show and I've always said I want to but never have. I'm usually cooking or something when it comes on and miss it. I will make it a point to watch it and see what I can learn. I don't know what to tell you about the spirits. My father died when I was 7 and he came to see my Mom and his Mom but the only two times in my life where I ever saw spirits was once when my Grandmother was dying from cancer and I had a root canal that went bad and I took her pain medicine because I was so sick from the pain that I couldn't even keep water down. I saw my Grandaddy and several others but I always blamed it on the medicine. The second time was when my husband was killed, I saw him plain as day. My son and someone else that looked up to my husband as an uncle saw him and others felt him. I've always hoped to see him again but haven't. 😞 Do you think your spirits could be relatives that have passed that are only trying to comfort you? You seemed to have had a tough life to, maybe they're there for you instead of wanting your help. I don't know just a thought. When my Dad came to my Mom, she could feel the bed move. When he came to his Mom, she heard his footsteps in the hall every night and he would call out to her and say Mom but every time she answered, he went away. I have a friend that has experienced her father in law in their home. She smells coffee and hears things and even felt like he was pushing her down the stairs one time. It really scared her. I hope you find a way to deal with all this. Sometimes I wish I could see ghosts but then I think it would probably scare me to death!

  • Yeah. Watch it, they just had a kid that was an empath. They just showed her how to use her abilities. She would get migraines and they just told her to remember that it is not her pain, that the pain is just going through her. It's on the Bio channel. The spirits aren't my relatives. My Abuela, she would always play a music box she gave me. They would give me specific signs to let me know it is them. They would never make noises to scare me. I don't need to learn how to control it, I need to learn how to hear them. I'm not sure about seeing them. If they look normal than it's ok but I don't want to see them how they died. The only spirit I ever saw, I was 8 yrs. old. There was an old lady walking a small dog. She looked like an old librarian. She had the long sleeved white blouse w/ the high neck, long skirt, and her hair in a bun. She was glowing green. I was peeking out of my bedroom window. She looked straight at me, put her finger to her lips, and shhhshed me. I was scared to death (I was 😎 I just dropped to the floor. That was THE only time I ever saw a spirit. I have never heard voices. (which is probably good cause I more than likely would have been labeled crazy and would have been locked up) . When I was a teen, me and some friends played w/ a Oija board. They sell it as a board game, didn't think there was anything behind it. Until, it started moving w/ just me playing with it. I always got a spirit that called himself Hog. The last time I used it was when me and 2 friends were playing with it. I had a 4 yr. old sleeping on my bed. I had a candle in like a glass goblet. My friend kept playing around and stuff and apparantly, made him mad. The top half of the holder broke off (in a perfect ring) and wax poured toward her and the no. She had to move. The flame on the candle was about a foot high. My other friend went and got a glass of plain water, poured it on the candle and the flame was about 6 in. from the ceiling. We got the fire out, I grabbed the boy and left the house. After that, I put it in a trunk in storage. I had the board upside down w/ the oracle on top. After about a year or so I took everything out of storage. I opened the trunk cause I was going to throw it away and I only found the board. Never the oracle. A friend of mine went to my mom's house to see if by chance, I left it there. My oldest son was 2. We were in trhe closet looking and my son came in and said "you're never going to find it" and I looked at him and asked "what?" and he just looked confused. I never found it. It just disappeared. I have never touched one since and I tell everyone I know, not to play with it. I was a kid. It was cool to play with one and usually, one of your friends moved it. Never in my case. I never even found out about Hog. Can you tell me anything?Or where the oracle is? My problem is meditating. I can't close my eyes and sit quietly anywhere. I always have .2-3 things on my mind. I can't clear it. I have books from the library and I haven't really looked at them yet. Anyway, I forgot where I was going with this so I'm gonna stop now. TTFN

  • Hello, I am happy to be a part of this group. I am a Christian and seem to be blessed with a strange gift. I know it is not evil because I know it is natural, nothing I did to attain it. My mother told me when I was a little girl that I was born with the "veil" over my face. I am not sure if that is significant. She was not sure what it meant either. For many years I would get knowledge about things that I had no reason to know about the future or sometimes the past. This started when I was about 10 yrs. old. Since I am a Christian and a church goer the gift was used primarily in that setting. However, it is uncomfortable when I am prompted to tell priests and nuns what I receive for them. They come back to me to ask how I knew about it after it happens. Anyway I am here not to learn about my gift but possibly help others with it as I have no control over it. There are many times that I do not want to look directly at people because I will get something for them. When this happens I am compelled to tell them. Thank you, psychnurse.

  • My name is Molly. I'm 28 years old and live in North Carolina, USA. I am a Leo.

  • Hi, My Name Is Tabbie and I'm 32 Years Old Live In TX., USA. I am a Sagittarius/Snake. I'm currently questioning my ability of psychic or strong ESP with my family/ loved ones? I'm not really sure of what it really is either/or which it is or if I should study on this? I was hoping some one here could help. There are times when I get strong vibes when a family member is hurting or in distress. Quite a few of us have had similar or if not the exact same dreams on the exact same nights. I have day time visions and sometimes they are very strong. I don't want to tell the everyday people in my life these things I'm also affraid of the straight jacket myself. Very often times I call someone or arrive at the place where someone is thinking of, or talking about me and I get this more often I think than most people because I hear it (All The Time)..... I have had problems communicating with most people and love relationships are a laugh in the face, I was wondering can someone enlighten me on this issue as well?

  • Hello everyone, I am an 38 years-old community health nurse currently living in Montreal Canada. I am a self taught astrologer and like tarot, numerology , metaphysics, alternative and crystal healing . My sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign is Aquarius and my rising sign is Gemini. I am married to my true soulmate husband who is a sun sign Cancer , moon sign Aries and rising sign Capricorn. If someone need a reading then they can contact me.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a 44 year old female who lives in Toronto, Canada. I have had a lot of experiences with clairsentience, I can feel others emotions, usually only the very strong ones like stress, unhappiness, pain...I have also have felt spirits around me for a while now. I saw one for the first time last week in the middle of the night, I was frightened to death. I also do my own Tarot readings but I still need a lot of practise. I'm a Leo with a Virgo moon, rising sign is Gemini.

  • Hello, I am UnicornMustang. I am a rare yet wild being inside and so I was told I embody both the Unicorn for its rarity and beauty and the Mustang for its wild unbroken spirit inside. I have been spared from death many times and have come to study the Esoteric arts, the Wiccan arts, the Healing arts and the Spiritual side in the last 7 years. I have been a member of for three plus years. I love the venue. I feel that my sense of touch is acute and I feel heat coming off of objects that I may want to choose ( i.e. Tarot cards, fortune cookies with money in them, etc.) and I feel vibrations of objects. I am double earth and water. Taurus sun, Scorpio Moon(full) and Capricorn rising. I can do some psychometry readings and tarot, but need to develop my gifts more. I am a healer, but it hasn't been the right time to take Reiki lessons. I did do it on my own and had static electricity coming from my hands to the person's pain threshold and cured it for several hours. That drained me. I have foretelling dreams and my sixth sense works to warn and guide me. I have learned that it is wise to heed the warnings. But we always have that choice. Thanks for having this forum where we can share and get readings. It will be a great learning experience for all.

  • Hi tabiluky7,

    welcome to the forum!!

    I hope you don't mind me asking but what you wrote..." I am a Sagittarius/Snake"...

    does this mean you know something about the "13th" planet?...I have just of late had a little discussion on the subject of Ophiuchus on the "how do you relate to your sign" thread. and I did a quick search and found that the symbol for it is the snake, a symbol mainly used in the healing profession, and as I chose to become a Reiki master this really got me interested as I read something about it a few year ago that I would have been born under that planet being though my birth date is 2 nd December...just wondering your take on it...

    looking forward to your response.

    Have good Day!!


  • Hello Natapier,

    I would like a reading on my dream it is posted under the thread I would like a dream interpretation. I hope that your reading can give me additional insight. Just to fill you in a bit, I have loved John Johnson for over a year and a half. We are currently not together, but he was in my dream as one of the boyfriends. The other was an old high school sweetheart, that I am still friends with but have no serious feelings for any longer. But John has issues and he is currently running from me. I am just biding my time. So, I am interested to see what the cards reveal to you?

    Thank you so very much for your consideration and time 🙂



    Kent, Ohio, USA

  • Hello Psychnurse,

    I am also Christian and a believer and follower of the Metaphysical arts. I started to realize certain things about 7 plus years ago, when I crossed paths with a teacher that was meant for me at that time to start my training. I have psychometry gifts and I have a gift for healing, but it needs developed more. My sense of touch and attunement to others pain and emotions is acute because of my Scorpio Moon ( full Moon at birth at that).

    Anyway, to get to the point of my writing to you. I wonder if you could tell me anything about a man named John Johnson and myself, Louann? I go by UnicornMustang, because he called me by both names. I am in love with this man and he is afraid of me. I know he loves me very much, but he doesn't understand me. I was told by some that he and I are supposed to be together and everything will work out, and told by others to move on and shed him. We are not together as of now. I am living separately from him. His teenage children helped to drive a wedge between us, but hopefully he will be THE ONE. I feel in my gut I am supposed to be with him. Is this the case and if so, when will he come back to me?

    THank you very much for your gifts, time and devotion.



  • Hello 😃

    My name is Susie, I am 22 years old, I am a strong believer in metaphysical things and have been aware of my intuitive side for quite sometime. Recently I begain channeling and speaking with angels. I dont have many people around me to help guide me through my gifts, but look forward to making friendship here with simular people that may help. I do reiki energy work and crystal healing. I pickup on energy very easily and often read people at times. I am aware my gifts are healing, I like to read and im also very artistic and love makeup.

    I look forward to making new friends here 😃

    • Susie

  • hi im elizabeth and im 22 ive always loved pshcic knowlege my mom has alot of gifts and she says i do too but i dont know how to tap into them yet well just to say im glad to be apart of this community godbless all

  • Hello, I'm new to the forum.

    I am interested in asking some questions and giving help when I see it is needed.

    As for special abilities, that's up for debate. Loosely, most people in my family believe that we all have some talent that mostly stems from my great-grandfather who was extremely perceptive.

    I think I have some perception, but nothing like what my great-grandfather had, and that is either from just lack of skill or power or the fact that I realize, and was taught, that being perceptive is opening yourself up to ALL forces, not just the positive, and that once some doors open, they can't be closed so easily.

  • Hello my name is Jackie also known as the Peace Lady Im 42 my birthday is October 11 1966 is which I will be 43. I do look about 10 years younger than I am but I feel like I've been here for longer . Many things I have experienced in which I am destined to write a book about and it will consist of real events that are to be told and I have climbed many feet even if they are other shoes I wore so I may walk not only in my own..I live in Colorado now and been trying to get here for 7 years ,but I had to go though many of callings to get here....I believe everyone has

    the potentail for change and with this world and it long ago predictions, change is very imparative ...But I know I cant change eveyone but I do show them amazing beauty in who they are and how some are here for a reason and some need guided and I feel even at times I am so tired it is Gods will for me the Great Spirits plan I have come to accept my destiny.I have had so many great reviews you could say on my gifts and I want to help the children that will be here for a reason for change and to protect them from our government for the Monarch system needs to die as it was so evil to have been secretly put in our world in our schools in what is known and t.v. this stems from way in our past. Things are not going to be as we see them anymore as I remeber writing visions down that date back to 1989 and past...I do have one of the hardest jobs of them all being the peace lady...but I will jot down more later so.............Peace be with all that is and thank you for I am so rested that this forum showed itself this morning...I will help any that is need of what I can give in Gratitude ..

    Forever the star is on fire....Starfire101166

  • Heck! I'm not sure if I'll be3 able to find my way back to this forum tomorrow! many questions and I would sooo love to talk to someone who understands why the 'spirits' are so in my face all the time! constant chatter but I don't know how to help any of them, much less myself- any advice? anyone?... And really, why can I not figure out my OWN life?...

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