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  • Hi,

    I am Strea,

    I live in the Caribbean and have been a member of Tarot for years.

    I have always wonder why it is that I always have a bad feeling when something bad is about to happen (I guess that is intution) but almost never when something wonderful is about to happen?

  • hi Strea! It sounds like your intuition is working perfectly for you - letting you know when something bad is going to happen (so that hopefully you can take action to divert or avoid whatever it is -- or at least be prepared for it), while letting you be surprised by the wonderful things (why ruin the surprise?).

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  • hi everyone my name is maria,

    i stumbled on this site only today i find this very interesting, when i was younger my abilety to tune in was good although i never see or here things i dream an dream of decicet exsample if someone is not being ture to me then i deam of their decite when a member of my family died they came to me in a dream and told me he was ok now and he was smiling and showed me a scare on there leg which was where they had fixed him but soon it turned from being a nice dream to being corrupt which gave me the feeling of guilt and saddness, the beginng of the message was ment for my mum not for myself when i told my mum she told me he had been complaining of pain in his leg before he died in the same place he had shown me in my dream he died from cancer which just took over his entre body,

    my nan on my dads side has the lucky gift of site and being able to talk to people who have passed over not sure if this is a bad type of contact or good as they are a strange family i dont have any contact with my dad or his family anymore,

    but somewhere along the line i have lost this gift and get very currupt and bad messages dont know if this is myself or if i have let bad in to my mind, i dream everytime i shut my eyes my dreams are not nightmares to me but there very confussing and i never seem to just have a happy dream anymore

    i know i have a gift somewhere as i get feelings and thought of just knowing things which most of the time im right about plus the mental dreams

    i also have a brother who died when he was just a baby and i was around 4 years old when i was around 21 i went to see hes grave for the first time its unmark and not among the baby graves the only thing it has is a rotting wooden cross which was in bits no name or anything i walked around the grave yard and kept asking him where he was in my mind i could see him jumping up and down as a small boy not a baby right on top of his grave but i just took no notice which was wrong as he wasnt berried with the other small babys but with adults so i thought it was someone eles playing with my mind but it was realy him

    when i got home from trying to find my baby brother i felt so drained i looked at loads of graves i fell asleep and in my dream i was taken under grond in a boat the boat stoped and me and a grope of people had to get off in front of me was a lady floating in water in a glass tank she opened her eyes and looked straght at me i felt panic, i got of the boat and quickley followed the group of people it to a under ground tunnel in to rooms one room lead to another then i realized they were peoples bedrooms left how they would have been if they had just died everyone was rushing and kept telling me i had to go through quikly before he came as he knew i was there and he didnt like it i think i was being wraned but didnt know why, the people i was with were frightened and trying to hide from this man some of the names i remembered from this dream the next day i went back to see my brother and looked at the graves of people as i was passing through and the names were the same as in my dream strange dont u think

    my gift is still there but i cant seem to push it forward its just currupt with bad things not with good, so try and shut off and keep it closed as i dont wont bad

    i also have a very big fear of times end of the world i dream this alot me and my partner are standing on top of a hill with my kids then it happens and i look at my partner telling him i told u so but my elest doughter tells me look mummy its god she dosent feel fear i get a warm feeling from her were as i feel scared and worrie whats all that about

    anyhow i hope i can find myself again look forward to exploring this site

  • hi i first started seeing things when i was about 8 years old, it started when i saw my nan who died about 2 years before, then when i was in my teens everything i touched blow up, and in my twentys, my mum became ill, i dont know why but i had to do something to help her, so i put my hands on her and within a few hours she felt alot better, and after about 2 days if was if nothing was wrong, and now i see things that has happened in the past and things that is going to happen, but i try to stop them coming through, and then i get really bad head aches. i dont like using my gift as i become ill when i do.

  • Hello, my name is Nellie. I'm from the mid-west USA. I'm eighteen and have been exploring the world of divination for about a year now. I'm all-American. Mostly Irish, German and Lithuanian. This making me very intelligent, but emotional and loving! I have a very strong sense of awareness and strong drive to help others. My gifts lie in healing, I think. I am very intuitive with people's energies. I seem to be able to read everyone's thoughts just by looking at them. It does not come to me in sounds or hallucinations or dreams. I just feel and know. I am misled the greatest whenever I begin doubting the things I observe. I love to research people and events and ancient arts. I just know how to put any patterns or details together to form an entire story. I seem to see the greater meaning in any small hint of someone, somewhere or something.

    Patterns are everywhere. Its been hammered in my head since I was born.

    And its just beginning to make more and more sense.

    Because thats just it. Knowing is a sense.

    I look forward to knowing more!

  • Hello I am Consciousgem and have been aware of my sensitive abilities since a young age. I am an artist and healer having the ability to feel and sense colors and other perspectives people dont realize. When performing Medical Muscular work I am able to sense emotions, pain and have the ability to feel imbalances in bodies before the other person realizes it. It is great to see the changes in people after my work. Sometimes messages come thru people and if they are open to them I reveal the messages. It is great and bittersweet to help others although one needs to nourish the gifts and give back to myself and the universe more than one realizes. I also use color and forms in my art that heal others and they have the need to hold or touch the pieces. I live in NYC and it is hard to be around so many people sometimes as in a bus or on the subway train as the light and dark energies seem to need balancing and I wind up doing so. It is a lot of work. We all need to put love and light on the planet now as there is so much pain.

  • Hello. I have seen things all my life. I have been communicating with those that have lived before me in many ways. My grandmother always said I had a veil over my face....

  • O.K. So here's my story.....I've always known I've been intuitive because of circumstances that have happened all of my life which has lead me to explore this interest. But, I've never known how to develope the gifts that I've been blessed with. I believe I am a hands on healer, I have the ablility to see auras, knowing other's feelings and thougths (which I don't like, i want to block out, I feel it is an invasion and it drains my energy) the ablitiy to pick up thoughts or hear what spirit guides and/or teachers are trying to tell me, I am very sensitive in every aspect except to anothers touch, I know when to leave a situation or when not to attend an event. I have a feeling that all of this that I have experienced in my lifetime is now coming to a head, (and very soon) but I would more guidence. I will be coming up on my 28th b-day in March of 09 and I know I am already being prepared for this but I don't know why or what else is going to happen. If there are others who can help me, please do so!

  • Hey, Please read my response below! I have a lot in common with you! I think we could learn a lot from each other.

  • OK, I posted a response to Nelli and I'm sure if that goes to her email automatically...How do people know when you've replied to their blog?

  • Hi Julie here.....I have always been interested in the "other side" and experienced things from my early teens on. I tend to "catch" things and am very sensitive to things. Sometimes it is a bother since there is someone I work with who causes me to have intense physical pain whenever I work around them. Bad headaches all day mostly. I have to go out of my way not to walk down the same hallway they are working in because it is just awful. I sense things about people even before I speak with them, and if they happen to touch me, it is either a good vibe or bad. The good ones pass with no problem and I like them, the bad ones just tend to hurt me. I have always had a firm belief in angels and in karma, and my sensitivity has grown stronger over the last few yrs.

    My oldest daughter and my son are also aware. My son doesn't like to admit it, but I know from descriptions he has given me he has been visited. His Dad came to him the night he passed away, told him to "tell your Mother to stop watching the news. It only makes her cry." (His Dad passed in a motor vehicle crash in 2004). Just thought I would hop on here and let you know a little about me. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    My name is Natalie,

    When I was about 8 I started having dreams that came true, then healing by the time I was finished high school I could see auras, and spirits as auras. I refuse to hear them, it freaks me out too much. What I really want to know is how do I block them out. I know I can't shut the window now that it has been opened. But I would really like to have some time to myself.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    Sarah here. I have always been interested in psychic intuition and have had a few experiences of clairaudience and clairsentience. I am also an empath which makes being in large crowds a challenge. I would love to enhance my abilities and tune in to God and be able to help others with enlightenment. I've read and meditated for a long time. I believe in divine guidance and advice from the other side to help us all learn our lessons in this life.

    I welcome any and all advice and guidance on how to strengthen my spirit so that I can tune in to information to help others. Many Blessings to all.

  • Hi Natalie,

    What a gift you have! However, the advice I was given by a very wise person is to ask God (or Supreme Being) to show you only that which you can use to help someone and only what you can handle. Surely, these spirits come to you because you can get their messages out. Maybe you can ask God what you should do.

    I hope this helps...


  • I ust want to add a touch of humour about The Fortune Cookie Monster who I found at my local Chinese restaurant this afternoon. I paid my bill and here my waitress delivers him/her straight to my table with my change !!! Mysteriously, he disappeared! Well, I think he/she might be hiding again.Lets see........where could he be????

  • Hi my name is Karen

    I think i have always been intuitive but I always blocked it because it frightened me, but I started meditating and doing reiki healing and I have opened up a lot more. I now realise it is not something to be scared of it is actually a great gift and if I need guidence I ask my guides and angels for their help and protection, my daughter is very psychic ,she sees every one as a colour. She sees auras everywhere and colour is her main thing ,she also sees and talks to her guides and sees spirits. We are both going to develop it next year on a psychic development course at our spiritual church. I think everyone is psychic and a healer but some people are more open to it than othersand sometimes it takes something like a trauma or or loss or some major change to put us on a spiritual path. We were all put here to learn and are here for some reason, and if that is to be healers or psychics or mediums then i dont think it is anything to fear, just always ask for protection.

  • Sarah dont you have spiritualist churches where you are so you can go on a psychic development course or they do open circles where you can learn to progress your gift.

    Natalie ask your spirits guides (in your head or out aloud) to block anything that you do not want to come through hopefully that should work and you can also imagne yourself in a bubble of white light or imagine a white light covering your whole body, that will also give you protection.

    Hope this helps you both in any way its what I do so it might work for you, blessings

  • Hi Karen,

    I don't know of any spiritual churches around where I live but I can certainly investigate that.

    I had to go a very long way to receive my Reiki training. I've thought of using that gift on animals because humans can block the energy more easily, although I do use it on people.

    Thank you for the advice.

    Blessings back at ya! 😉

  • Hi Sarah we are both virgo's, If you cannot find a church look stuff up on the net ,try you tube etc they show you how to do reiki treatments,EFT, meditation etc or look up psychic development etc on google. You may have some psychic people or mediums in your area that can help you with your development. I am very lucky that we have a spiritualist church in evrery town here and I learnt my reiki close to my home, there are a lot of places around here that do all those things so good luck in your search, I hope you find some help let me know how you are geting on. Blessings to you x

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