Angels/ Spirits-

  • I can't sense angels, however, I believe in their existence. Can anyone sense if I or anyone close to me have angels/spirits with us? Do angels/spirits come and go out of our lives? Can they be with more than one person at once? I feel kind of silly asking such simple questions- but I won't get answers without asking first, right?

  • everyone has a guide, but there is no specific form they come in

    for some it's angels, deceased loved ones, a spirit that gives guidance, sometimes they come in animals form

    you see them out in nowhere or in dreams or meditation or just happens to be in the most unlikely places

    I can't tell who your guide is or what form

    but they are like friends. if you never listen to them or talk to them, they will leave

    they will come back in their own time

    that's why it's important to pay attention to your spiritual life and do necessary spiritual exercises to open you up to guidance

    if you don't know how to listen, then you won't be able to communicate with your guide, let alone receive the guidance

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