Gemini husband help

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  • ok star2u. i wrote you the longest email ever- almost a book. tried to send it and it wouldn't go thru. i got it right off this pg as . then i tried .net and still won't go thru. help

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  • Hi"Starangel", i just reply to you, you need to come out Urgently of this situation, you are danger your children, this is no longer about you,

    destructive partner are been repeated here i hope you can see this

    i m here and i m going to try to find things for you to help you to come out of this but trust in God, there is a God he helped me many times

    God wont give a challenge that you couldnt resolve you still have power in your hands and thats the power to protect your children

    I know it's easy for me to talk but i left my own mother and family because my mum couldnt protect me i had the strength in very early age to leave at 10 years old

    i suffer to be alone but i m grateful for all of it, i dont want my children to go through what i went throughout and i really believe you dont want this too

    Please get out,. this is no longer and issue of husband and wife this will stay printed in the mind of your kids and they may also go to an abusive relationship because it's all their will know as an exemple

    you think you stay with him and it keep your family together but in truth you are not staying for them but for you because you are scared to be alone, scared to lose this scenario that you know since young kid

    you are not doing it for them at all, you are doing it for yourself ever you say you hate it, everything he does and how he makes you feel

    Sadly it's the only things you are really use to

    You are a good person dont do this

  • I agree with gemini. Sun signs are not all there is about geminis. My dad and my sis are geminis and the most generous there are around me. My dad was loyal to my mom, an aries. He was nurturing and patient especially when my mom had her chronic depression. He kept us his children together and protected us from the ills of my mom's condition. He had opportunities to travel but didn't take them if my mom and us were not coming. My sister is the most generous person I know. I know of no affairs. They are beautiful people, happy, entertaining and intelligent. Hence, people are easily drawn to them. I read somewhere that geminis are in search of their soulmates to cherish and adore. If it is a miss-match they could be the worst partners. But, remove the idea of astrology, men are all the same. If they are miss-matched they'll cheat, lie, will not care, find another partner, be irresponsible because they want to get away. I had a sag bf who belittled me in part because I have better education than he did. He compared everything he had versus what I had and down played what I had. They was verb ally abusive. He blamed me for everything. He did not care what I needed but demanded all attention to him, buy him things, amuse him --and he's not even my hubby. This is a sag man. I had a libra guy who was also full of himself. Was he artistic, yes, he appreciated art but he wasn't gentle as described in his astrology. I think a key ingredient in successful relationship is the word "love". It has to be truly there. You cannot fool a gemini man or any man for that matter. If it is a match a relationship will persist and bear all problems until one of the partners decides to destroy the balance. i hope this helps.

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