My Gemini Husband

  • Hey to all, Im new here and just wanted to ask a question to anyone who has been married or in a long relationship with a Gemini man. I have been married for 3 years and with him for 4years. Married too soon big mistake. Well he cheated on my the first 3 years, with online dating and talking to ex girls on the phone. I accepted his apology and took him back.I don't expect him to kiss my butt in anyway, but he still disrespects me by saying hurtful things out of the blue. I decided on yesterday that I had enough. He then proceeded and begged me on his knees to stay with him and kinda of shed a tear, I dont know could have been a act. Stood in the doorway with a puppydog face and saying he will never find anyone like me ever again. I still told him you are driving me insane and you gotta go! He then said you saw me cry and get on my knees and beg and you still don't want me? I felt bad for him once again, and he's still here. How do I know hes sincere, I mean I'm at a lost..I need help from this. He said he will do whatever it takes to stay with me and we are looking into counseling.

  • I just wrote about a terrible break up I had with a Gemini. I think that they have light and airy charming sides and very dark sides that say things that are so terribly mean it surprises you. At one point I caught my Gemini cheating and he did the same exact thing. Begged pleaded, shed a tear when I suggested I'd see other people and said he'd never find another me.

    Gemini are like kids though... he probably meant it, but without some recourse for his actions he will repeat them. If he knows all he has to do is apologize, he will do it again, and apologize again. Because you are married you have to take other things into consideration that I never had to when I decided to leave, but you have to know that you deserve better than that. Maybe counseling will help, but whatever you decide to do, do something. Don't just accept his apology and let it go.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Hello “Saglove” i just responded to ‘libraire” too,

    seriously ladies, what’s up with those guys, hey??? or should i say those boys, it seem they are looking for serious war, come on girls lets give it to them

    don't worry what he did right there, we all lived it, you other there with your one , me here with mine ( well not anymore, oh feel so good now) and Libraire with hers

    they push you to get mad and to want out the relationship and then they cry, beg and chase you like mad

    it’s to really wonder Ladies , “what’s was wrong about the way i loved you before????”

    you are married to him honey and its been 3 years and he been doing it and i m sure still doing it 3 times, come on girl give him a bite of his own medicine

    make him cry for good reason this time

    make him suffer a bite, his been a really bad boy that is begging for his kick, please don't be shy and give him your best shot

    i be you i will ask him to move out and then i will start dating or just plain Business i will let him stay and invite people around

    the hell

    all those people are doing is to diminishing women to be their slave and taking their shite

    Hey hey he maybe bored honey, giving him something to think about at night i m pretty certain he will love it

    it’s game honey and in this one you need to aware how to play it and bit him to it

    in way, it give some kind spice to the relationship and plus you are standing for your own right

    his walking over you like a 3 years old and smile on his face, he cry and play the guilt face when you get made but it;s not really sincere

    he like to cry make him cry

    what all those guys need to tell us woman is what they want” what you i got it” but they playing with own emotion against

    come on show him what a real woman is made of and what a real man should have bloddy learn

    you know him now for long time, show him a new woman that is going to take him to dust

    Charming Gemini men, Women have the natural skills to that job, come on have fun and make him suffer a bite

    i m sure you felt horrible each time you find out about his affair, a game and the game shouldnt never be played alone, whatever he can do ,you surely can double it

    and bring it on

  • this what i told mine: i told him he can go, meet someone else, fuck who ever he want i couldn't care less

    seriously i m an aquarius and it;s not this kind mind that keep us loyal, give him his own medicine you will see YOu be smiling , something he the man in your life should have been worry about, making you smile

    you are Libra and you most be popular too, so show some of your old skills

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