Hans, thank you!

  • Hello Hans, I just wanted to stop by and wish you well, and thank you. Your words inspired me and helped me to move forward. I have pushed through my fear, I actually went out the other night on a bus (this was massive for me). I did it!! I'm also getting myself a bit more involved and I'm feeling that life is starting to open up like a flower for me! I've still got a lot of work to do but am aiming just to be and go with the flow a lot more. Life does somehow have a way of working out. You helped me and I really appreciated the fact that you took time out to stop and think and to write answers to me. Thank you very much. Take care and I hope you have very happy times πŸ˜„

  • Thank you intrigued,

    that means much to me.

    Move on, move on. Never stop and think that you have come to the end.

  • πŸ˜„ you are kind!

  • "Now I want complete silence!" says Mrs. Goodbody to

    her class. "I want it so quiet, you can hear a pin


    A deep silence descends over the classroom.

    After two minutes, little Ernie shouts out from the

    back of the room, "For God's sake, let it drop!"

    So for God's sake, let it drop, intrigued!

  • Chuckle!! I am doing, thank you Hans! and take care of yourself! πŸ˜„

  • Once it is discovered, how to let go, everything else becomes easy, it comes of its own accord. Then love flows, compassion flows, meditation flows -- they are by-products.

  • Hans, I can certainly see that nowadays! Days when I am letting go, I notice such a difference in my husband! I'm getting there though, one step at a tme. I'm believing more in the power of the Universe. Life does have a way of working out somehow and I've always believed that. I just need more faith in myself. Thanking you Hans for your inspirational words. Take care πŸ˜„

  • intrigued,

    an American, a very devout Catholic, had tried for

    years to get a private audience with the pope. When his

    request was finally granted, he flew to Rome, and

    within the hour was kneeling before His Holiness.

    Kissing the ring after the pope had blessed him, the

    man said, "Your Holiness, I want you to know this has

    been the most inspirational experience of my life. I am

    deeply grateful. I would like to share my favorite

    story with you: There were these two Germans..."

    "Excuse me, my son," the pope interrupted, a little

    offended, "are you aware that I am German?"

    "Ah yes, Your Holiness, but don't worry. I will tell

    it very, very slowly."

  • Intrigued, I just have to jump in and say how lovely you are. I always get such genuine warmth and kindness from your posts. Truly a very good soul.

    Also, Hans, I completely echo what intrigued said above. You've helped me see things in a different light so many times and the knowledge you share always eventually makes an impact....even if it takes a few days for the message to sink in! Thank you for giving your time the way you do.

    Take care you two!

  • Hi Hans, thank you, you made me chuckle!! You are a very kind man to stop and give your advice, it is really appreciated. It has really helped me πŸ˜„

    Hi Stonyeye, what a nice thing to say! I was touched. I do try to stay true to myself. I prefer to be warm and kind, life isn't easy for anyone. It's the way ahead! you're very kind and warm yourself. thank you and take care. πŸ˜„

  • stonyeye,

    this is the right moment. Everything is tranquil, a great coolness surrounds you. You can move inwards very easily.

  • intrigued,

    you hang with the chronological time,

    with the very periphery of life, the most futile and

    useless effort that goes on in the world -- and has

    become so important. You have made it so important

    because you have forgotten that the clock is not life.

    The psychological time is dream time. Myth, poetry,

    love, art, painting, dancing, music, intuition, they

    all belong to psychological time. You have to move

    towards psychological time. The chronological time is

    for the extrovert mind. The psychological time is for

    the introvert, one who has started moving towards his

    inner soul.

  • Wow, Hans! I do get it. I know that I have made 'it' become so important. I am forgetting what is really important. I have to say that I also take life far too seriously and forget to be playful and have fun. I'm coming round to it!! Thank you once again. You are too kind! Take it easy Hans, hope that you're having happy days. πŸ˜„

  • Thank you intrigued,

    suppose that you are remembering your childhood. You recollect that your childhood days were happy days. Or perhaps you recollect that one morning you went into the garden: the trees were silent, there was stillness all around, sunrays were filtering through the trees. Just then, you noticed a butterfly fluttering around, and you went after it, chasing it. You can remember this event even to this day.

    There are two ways in which you can recollect this event. One way is to give an analytical description from your intellectual memory; that such and such a thing happened to you then. And the second way is that you just close your eyes, and once again you become a child. You are again standing under the shade of those trees where you stood twenty years ago, fifty years ago. You again feel the sunrays touching you…you have become a child once more. Forget about the fifty years that have come in between. Eliminate them; once again become that child. Don’t just reminisce, relive it. Remembering only takes you to the surface – because if you are fifty years old, you are recalling it as a fifty-year-old woman.

    The meaning of reliving is that once again you became that five- or six-year-old child. It means that for a while you totally forget the existence of the forty-five intervening years. Now, you are just a five-year-old child, living out exactly that same moment. The sunrays have just begun to penetrate the trees, a butterfly is fluttering about, and you start running after it, following it, hot on the chase. Start to run! For a while you become like a five-year-old child. And when you come back, you will return rejuvenated.

    If at the age of fifty you can once again become like a five-year-old child, then even at this age you have given your life a new freshness and vigor. And when you open your eyes, you will find that you have the eyes of a five-year-old – innocent. Of course, this may only last for a moment, but the reliving of this experience time and time again can be instrumental in changing your life.

    Make it a point to relive a moment of happiness, a moment of bliss, a moment of music, so that it does not get lost.

    And if you keep catching hold of these fragments of music, and if these fragments harmonize together and start giving birth to a bigger music, then one day a time will come when you will be able to hear the inner voice – or the voice of God, or whatever name you may like to give it – and take orders from it directly.

  • Wow, Hans that is a very touching piece. I love it. I have tried it and immediately felt a lightness of spirit. I've been feeling too 'heavy' these days. I will practice this regularly and I can really feel that it will make a big difference to me. Indeed, it is all about my thoughts!! Positivity breeds positivity and the lightness of this will also help so much. This means a lot to me and once again I thank you from the bottom of my feet and right the way up! I really appreciate your time and patience Hans. Thank you very much.

  • A Sufi master was staying with a devotee, and they were

    worried that he may do something... "He is bound to do

    something to create a scene, and the neighbors will

    gather. It is good that he has come in the night. We

    should put him in the basement and lock it so no

    problem arises -- at least in the night -- so we can

    sleep silently and the neighbors can sleep silently."

    But in the middle of the night they heard roaring

    laughter coming from the roof. They said, "My God, how

    has he managed to reach the roof?"

    They rushed up, and he was laughing and rolling

    around, and he said, "It is such a great experience.

    You did well to put me in the basement, otherwise I

    would have missed."

    They said, "Please tell us, what has happened?"

    He said, "I started falling upwards. The whole credit

    goes to the roof. Somehow I clung to the roof,

    otherwise you would not have found me. I was falling

    upwards so fast. I have heard that things only fall

    downwards -- this is a new experience of falling


    The whole neighborhood was there and everybody was

    coming with lamps, and they started asking, "What has

    happened?" And the people of the house could not even

    say what had happened.

    The master said, "Don't be worried, I will explain;

    these people cannot. I started falling upwards."

    They all laughed and they said, "We have been telling

    these people, `Don't get involved with that madman. He

    can create any situation and make you all look


    But it is a famous Sufi statement, that one can fall

    upwards. The state you were writing about, lightness of spirit,

    you felt you were rising

    upwards... this is what the Sufis mean by falling

    upwards. The story is just symbolic -- nobody can fall

    from the basement to the roof, but it says much.

  • Hello Hans, I really enjoyed this tale, thank you so much as always for taking time out and the trouble to type it all out! Much appreciated. I am working towards empowering myself and I've received much help and support from yourself. I was thinking yesterday how it means so much that a stranger reaches out to offer a helping hand. I hope you do realise what it has meant to have you believe in me, as I should myself! Take care Hans, you are so very kind.

  • Thank you intrigued,

    there once was a Jewish mystic called Jhusia. He was

    so poor none was poorer. One day the king was out

    riding on his horse and he passed a certain road, a

    road where Jhusia could always be found sitting under a

    nearby tree. If it were cold he would just sit there,

    trembling. He didn't have enough clothes, nor did he

    have wood with which to make a fire. He lived on

    whatever food was given him. The king had always

    noticed him praying in the morning, and so one day the

    king stopped to listen to his prayer.

    Jhusia used to say, "O God, you are so very kind. You

    look after all my needs and fulfill them." The king

    could not endure this. He waited until the prayer was

    over and then he said, "Jhusia, you should be ashamed,

    telling such a lie. A seeker should not lie. What you

    are saying to God in your prayer is completely untrue.

    It is cold and you have no wood for your fire; you

    haven't enough clothes to wear and your body is

    trembling with the cold. You get your bread with great

    difficulty and you don't have a roof to shelter you --

    you are living under a tree. Your poverty is so great

    and yet you say to God, 'O God, you are so very kind.

    You look after all my needs and fulfill them.'"

    Jhusia began to laugh and said, "Poverty is my need."

  • Hello Hans, thanks for that, I'm still digesting it! Thanks so much for taking the trouble to write so much! Take care, hope all is well in your world.

  • Thank you intrigued,

    so long as you can digest it carry on. Nothing to be worried about. I have every sympathy with you but what can be done? πŸ™‚

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