Had my spirit Guide Drawn :) Truely Amazing!

  • Hi everyone I havent been on for ages but I wanted to share with everyone that I went to the Psychic Fair we have here in Australia once a year

    I walked around the whole fair and only got attracted to two stalls this year and walked past both about 20 times.

    Firstly I wanted badly to get my spirit guide drawn but they were fully booked up 😞 so I left my Name and Mobile number just incase someone didnt turn up cause I had this feeling even though they were booked, I was going to get my picture drawn today .

    So we walked around for awhile and I got this phone call are you still at the show? Yes I said as I was running with the phone to get there asap! Anyway I got Introduced to this wonderful guy named Jason Shultz who told me to relax and take a seat as he draws my Spirit Guide.

    He is an amazing Drawer and told me a few things that later made sense to me, when I thought about it.

    He draw my spirit guide which was a Druid. An amazing picture which I will add a photo off as I was so impressed with it! Jason told me I am an old kind sole with a druid as a Nature spirit guide. He said the Druid has been with me since birth so I got curious as I didnt know exactly what a Druid was or done? So I asked why a Druid? He is a Seer he replied, So I asked Seer does he see things? He said Yes thats why you see things in your dreams. I was wow, this is truely amazing as he never knew I had dreams of the future that has come true. Then later that night I thought about it, and it was two friends who told me to find a Druids Stone and were is my Druid Stone inside my pillow case that I sleep with everynight! I have been drawn to the crystal Druid Stone since I brought it and didnt now why. So this kinda made alot of sense to me. Jason works with only Nature Spirit Guides and he was truely amazing. His drawings leave you truely speechless and i was so lucky I got mine done.

    I also brought some of Jasons New "Forces of Nature' Elemental Oracle Cards as well and i will let others know about them as I get used to using them if anyone is interested.

    I also had another Ladie Leanne draw my Spirit Guide, which she said was Female Indian Healer, She was covered in Purple and Green Aura with a Wolf and Eagle in the aura which flowed to make the Eagle White. Red Star was here name and she told me to prepare for New Transformations, New Business and Spiritual events. The Bottom of the Picture had a round yellow/green circle at the bottom of the picture and I asked her what it meant? It is a crystal ball she said, Red Star told me to draw it and you are a Seer and Healer, but Red star is asking me tell you something and that their are people around you that doubt, and do not believe it, they do not believe in your gift. Red star told me to not let these people get to me, as you know in your own heart you see the gift of sight when needed, With the wolf for protection and the eyes on the ground he can see through day and night and the eagle in the sky are the eyes from above so your always protected from earth to sky, just believe in yourself and your talents will grow.

    I was swepted away by this cause I do have a Wolf and Eagle as Dominent Animal Guides as I love working with animals and I always see eagles and Wolfs in my Meditation which kind of blew me out with leannes drawing.

    So I had a truely amazing day, except the for the ladie who spilt here coffee down my back and never apologised and basically ran off as quick as she could... LOL!....

    Has anybody else had their SPIRIT GUIDE DRAWN?

    Who did you get? and what have they told you?

    I Will add picture of both drawings 🙂 later tonight tomorrow for you to view 🙂

  • Wow, that is truly amazing. What a gift I have never heard of this before, you are lucky to have been able to have this done. Thank you it was fascinating. 😄

  • Awesome. I have never been to a fair where they offered drawings but what a great gift that is for you indeed. Nice to see you again.

  • Hi RCDreamer how are you? Hope all has been well.

    Here is a Picture of the Indian healer Red Star ... I will add the other one of my druid later today as hubby is still asleep being a shift worker. The druid is far more detailed than the Indian.

    Thanks Beaniac

  • sorry I think the picture was too big 😞

    I just resized it 🙂

  • beaniac that's pretty cool, what a gift.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here is a Picture of the Druid I got got done at the fair.

  • dmick59


    We all hava at least one spirit guide with us. As we grow and change these guides MAY change.

    Also, we have one or more guardians with us. some come and go.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Its a shame cause i thought there would be alot more Spiritual Drawers out there?

    This fasanated me all day watching them draw peoples spirit guides.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed the pics 🙂

    Also I asked about guides today, and I got the same response as Lovingsilverwings, and my friend said everybody has a guide 🙂 and they come and go when needed.

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