Urgent help (repost)

  • hoping someone can help me. for the last 3 years ive been n a downward spiral, losing one thing after the other and i dont know why. i have thought about it rationally and it doesnt make sense why my ENTIRE life has done a complete 360. i feel something very negative came into my life 3 years ago, and im not sure what/why/how. but its affected everything and i feel all my bridges/options have disappeared. i was even beginning to think it could have been voodoo, and someone mentioned psychic attacks.

    anyway, if anyone can please help me shed some light on what's going on and how i can turn it around? why has nothing been working out? why are my roads blocked? i would really appreciate it.

    ive also lost tons of weight, my hair has fallen out, i went from being physically fit and energetic to just tired and drained. i cant sleep and i cant focus on anything.

  • You should see a doctor. It could be a thyroid problem or other type of medical condition causing your symptoms. A lot of illnesses can cause depression which would make it hard for you to feel good about anything.

  • thanks manifestdreasms. i've been to the doctor, have been told its just stress, or coffee, or lack of sleep. but these are all things that re a result, not a cause from the way i feel .

  • Dearsmd13,

    I always believed in you are what you eat. I would start eating a good balance meals three times a day. If available use fresh fruit and veggies.



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