Urgent help

  • hoping someone can help me. for the last 3 years ive been n a downward spiral, losing one thing after the other and i dont know why. i have thought about it rationally and it doesnt make sense why my ENTIRE life has done a complete 360. i feel something very negative came into my life 3 years ago, and im not sure what/why/how. but its affected everything and i feel all my bridges/options have disappeared. i was even beginning to think it could have been voodoo, and someone mentioned psychic attacks.

    anyway, if anyone can please help me shed some light on what's going on and how i can turn it around? why has nothing been working out? why are my roads blocked? i would really appreciate it.

  • I've got the same downward spiral, and it started Saturday night for me. You can't believe in stuff like that or you'll get too depressed! My guy left me then and said he needed a break, and I'm still waiting for him to call. But don't lose hope! You've got to think positive and know that even people you don't know, like me, are rooting for you and sending you good vibes! If you want to say hi, send me an email at . Have limited Internet access but I promise I'll answer. Send me some good vibes too. I need them!

  • You should check out numerology. If you've been in a downward spiral for three years, it sounds like you are ending a numerical cycle and life is clearing out the old stuff and creating new stuff for you to deal with in your new cycle. If you are around thirty this would be a major cycle change. However, there are changes that affect you yearly, daily, etc. If you've never had a numerology report done, you will probably be amazed at the insight.

  • Wow! Reading your post, it's as if I typed it myself. I have the same exact problem. Only, just today, do I feel optimistic and feel I am "allowed" to move onto another stage in my life. I will be 42 in July and I feel like it can't come quick enough! I, too, am curious about psychic attacks, but I agree with CapriceUltraviolet, try to stay optimistic! I hope my change in attitude continues to resonate for the next 3 years and I hope for the best for you too!

  • thanks for the well wishes. im just concerned because ive never had such tremendous bad luck. i am a very optimistic person (normally) and its the only way ive gotten by the last 3 years. i dont dwell on problems, its not my nature, i am a fix it or leave it quick type of person. but looking at my life now and where i was 3 years ago, i am amazed, and have NO explanation why things have turned out this way especially when i have made rational decisions to improve the things that were going wrong and then realizing that those decisions while one would thing would to lead to a solution, have actually created a bigger mess? for example, suddenly couldnt make ends meet, so accepted a higher paying job at a differnt company, only to eventually struggle more financially in that position? my bills were maybe slightly higher as cost of living increases every year, but i wasnt shopping and spending a lot less, so it didnt add up for me.

  • smd13, Have you learned anymore about Psychic attacks? And, if so, how do you counteract them? Thanks!

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