• Hi everyone, bear with me on this,lol, I'm very new about writing on here,but I have enjoyed so reading on all topics and hope someone out there may be able to help me with this,.

    I have had 2 "definate' Real dreams in my life ,that has never left me. The 1st was when my Dad was very ill in the hospital, I slept in the Intensive care waiting room, and the fear of having to worry of losing him was terrible,and I kept worying about the things I wanted to say,well, one nite ,there was a "voice" it was like I was dreaming ,but, the voice was as clear as day,and it woke me,I sat straight up,it said He won't die untill the 10th. Iwas stunned and just sat up the rest of the nite and I remember thinking I have 2days. To make a long story short ,my Dad passed on the 10th. About 2yrs ago...I heard the same voice it woke me again..i had been through a very hard seperation and divorce ...but thought i was coping very well considering and there were very other stressful things going on..my Dad had been gone a very long time,so the thought of the "voice" was not on my mind, BUT it had crossed my mind that nite about loving ever again...I remember that. The "voice again came in my dreams, i woke that nite and agin sat straight up...and my 1st thought was "That was the VOICE!!lol And all it said was His name will be

    and I won't say the name, BUT it has stuck me me because that is the only times I've heard that voice!! TWICE!! I've had dreams ,some that made me know things were coming ,warnings I guess, BUT only twice I've heard this voice. I'm just wondering has anyone had anything like this, and even though it happened my Dad did pass away on the 10th....i still have not found

    the name that was said,and I don't know really what it meant??? Thanks for anyones advice?? God Bless you all Much Blessings on everyone.. 🙂

  • Wow! How wonderful if you did meet someone of that name....who could show you love! I believe you will find love again, despite what you've been through. My advice to you is to remain positive, enjoy your life as best as you can and hopefully your mystery man will appear before your very eyes...it may not be obvious....something like a new workmate, new neighbour....oh how exciting & what a positive way to start 2009. All the best.

  • Hi, I think that it's God. I wouldn't necessarily pin the name on a prospective love. After you hear the voice you could say, "Speak to me Lord for your servant is listening." You know, God has renamed people. For example Saul changed to Paul. And Peter (Petros) which means the rock. It might be interesting to find the meaning behind the name. Especially if it's of Hebrew or Greek origins. You could always pray for clarity. When I was young in Kindergarten I heard a voice several times. I was usually outside playing. The voice itself could have rocked the planet if it wanted to. It sounded very urgent. Not knowing what to do, I got down on my knees and started praying. It stopped. That is pretty consistent w/the themes of some other experiences I've had. The overall message is to pray. Or that's my intrepretation anyway.

  • Hi again, I forgot to say that God maybe renamed your father the new name. Might be a sign or message that he is in Heaven.

  • Thank you all so much for the messages. And, Dalia, thank-you for letting me know you had heard a voice that could have rocked the planet also. i thought it was so interesting what you said about the meaning of the name. I will for sure look that up. Like I said, it has been well over 2 yrs. since I heard the voice the secound time,but it has always stayed with me. And like you said, I really didn't think about it being a "love' it was more this person or name would have some kind of meaning or influnce in my life somehow,not to rule out love,lol, but I have ben single 5 yrs now and have not been "looking' for a relationship.

    I know when the time is right god will let me know the meaning behind it. I will for sure keep praying about it and will do a search on the name. Thank-you again for giving me that insight,I'd never thought it that! lol I hope you have a wonderful day, God Bless 🙂

  • Hi, I believe in the Bible it says that we'll be given a new name and body. Hope this helps. Don't know what passage it is though.

  • ...I have had a dream about my dad being in the hospital, but in reality he wasnt. In my dream i was crying, because deep down i care about him, and when i woke up i found out i was really crying. Now since that day, i take pride in having him here, and live as if he would be gone tomorrow.

  • First off. Thank you for sharing your expirience. I have had many confirmed dreams throughout my life and some premonitions when i'm awake.. Starting with the prediction and DEATH OF MY STILLBORN DAUGHTER. Since that time "2002". I have had many dreams, that get confirmed in the strangest ways.

    I have had dreams save my future pregnancies with warnings. And warnings about my family, and loved ones 🙂 that have come true. I have had the pleasure of being visited in my dreams by loved ones, and I have also heard a strange ringing in my ear that woke and starteld me one evening.

    The only expirience I have had that comes close to what you have described is. I recieved a warning by a vision with sound of a black barking dog, and then I heard a name being whispered into my ear about my childrens fathers. He was in a car accident that evening.

    I dont know who, or where or what the voice is!!!! or why mine was soft, and your was loud. All i wanted to say to you is, It is just great that YOUR MIND IS SO OPEN TO RECIEVE A MESSAGE. :0) and thanks again for sharing your expirience!

  • Hi,and Thank-You for sharing your experience. I "FOR SURE" do not feel alone in this anymore,so I'm so Grateful for that! 🙂 Whether the voice is "loud or soft" I know it is one we never forget,i've only heard it twice in my life and I've never forgotten.

    Let me say I'm sooo sorry about the loss of your daughter,my heart absolutely gos all out to you. I'm so very sorry. +my Mother lost a daughter 2 yrs before me the same way,and I've often thought of her and wondered how wonderful it would have been if she would have been here with me...lol..even though I KNOW she always has been...:) and I've had alot of years in between,but i know she has been here ...that has been a great comfort to me...even after all these years . I KNOW losing someone you love that much,saying they are with you is not much comfort sometimes, BUT, if you've heard the voice....YOU have the insight,so I hope you have been able to feel the comfort...

    I use to think that voice was a curse in a way,because it knew when my Dad was going to die,but as I look back now I know it was just preparing me ,I had lost alot,my lilltle brother had died at 18 ...10yrs before ...but my heart had still not fully mended ,as to this day..I still miss him,but I was lucky to love and have him for 18 yrs...:) and I'm lucky to have heard the "VOICE" !! And to have made new friends on here that have experienced the same thing...I'm so grateful for that...I still don't know the meaning of the name or what it will mean to me, BUT..I know it was the same voice ,so I will keep open to my dreams and praying.

    AND...JacoblSlost....Give your Dad a BIG!!!!! HUG!!!! the next time you see see him :))) Tell him one of your FAVORIATE memories of you and him together...and just ENJOY evey moment you get to share...THANK-YOU for your message...write again when you can...GOD BLESS YOU @ YOUR DAD!!:)

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