Aries & Capricorns (comments wanted)

  • I myself am a capricorn.. my sign has its compatibilities but i am always attracted to a cancer (which is the complete opposite of my sign) i have been in a relationship with an aries for almost two years... however i feel as though he is not the one for me. Confusingly, he is the perfect boyfriend... i just feel as though we would be better off as friends rather than lovers. On the other hand, i feel as though me and a cancer belong together because i see us a halves completing each other... to me aries seem less hard-working and less stressed than me... I believe that perfect loves don"t exist and that my b/f is too good to be true.. Have you ever felt this way about a male aries??

  • you have a perfect boyfriend, but of course we all know there is no such thing as perfect. the point is he is good to you. but you need challenge, and this aries is not cutting it for you.

    Go ahead and dump him to find your sweet, mama's boy cancer. where ever he is, unless you found him already. Male cancer are the worst sign for relationships. they tend to stay real close to mama and sisters or family. and family can be the biggest destroyer of marriages

    Figure out what you really want. Is it fair to hang onto someone you know you have no future with? or you just wanna wait until your cancer boyrfriend shows up?

    Cancer is not complete opposite in fact it's very compatible. you are earth, and stronger than a cancer sign. cancer tend to be clingy, needy, and need constant reassurance. earth supports water.

    aries are about adventure, and life never gets boring. Aries are doers and can achieve just about anything.

    it all depends on your Mars and Venus placement in your natal charts.


  • I've always been confused by the opposites attract thing. Cancers and Capricorns usually fall hard for each other! My opposite is a Virgo and while Virgos always fall hard for me, I never do them.

  • the opposites attracts because of certain qualities that you yourself are lacking. for example, an introvert will be drawn to an extrovert because the extrovert is more outgoing and is able to make good connections and not afraid of social settings as opposed to an introvert. usually one is stronger than the other. ie: one will usually do all the finances, while the other will love to cook and clean. whatever is missing in your life, you will usually find those qualities in a life partner/mate.


  • That makes sense. my hubby and I always say one has what the other is lacking. I'm outgoing... he isn't, ect.... Funny thing though. I forgot that my Ascendant is Capricorn and his is Virgo. If anyone looked at our charts they wouldn't be able to believe we are together. I don't think it really matters what is in the charts as long as the love is there and you're willing to work through the issues.

  • exactly my thoughts too! my hubby is a Virgo very outgoing and I am a Leo and an introvert. LOL

    I am introvert at first, it takes a while for me to warm up.

    my ascendant is a Pisces, my hubby ascendant is a Virgo as well as his sun sign.

    I would rather not become too focused on the natal chart. some of the interpretations are inaccurate, but some of it very dead on.


  • Thanks you MsSunny and PiscesParadox i really appreciate your insight.

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