What spread would i do, just to ask a basic question?

  • Past, Present and Future one, maybe? I don't know. I'm new to the tarot world. I'd appreciate any help on what spread to do, just to ask a basic question. Thank you.

  • grungychick, there's endless spreads for questions as specific or general as you want, and geared toward any question. However, since you want to ask a basic question, there's one spread I find very easy and effective. Here's one useful way to conduct a reading:

    1. Sitting on the floor, or a table with plenty of room, shuffle your cards by spreading them all out in all directions, like a pool. This allows you to connect with and feel the energy of individual cards. As you shuffle, think about your question, or general area of concern (career, love, etc.). Do this until you are ready to gather them up and put them in a regular stack again.

    2. Once they are stacked, with your left hand (I'm not sure why, but I've heard many times it's most effective) cut the deck into four piles.

    3. Draw the one on the furthest left, being careful to preserve the direction (upright or reversed, meaning upside down). This card represents your current situation.

    4. Draw the next one, placing it below and to the left of the first. This represents past influences.

    5. The third card represents something to consider that you may not have thought of. Place it directly below the first. (It may represent someone influencing the situation if it is a Court card with a page, knight, etc.)

    6. The fourth and final card indicates what you should do. For example, if you get the High Priestess, it means you should follow your intuition.

    7. A final tip...Often the cards are telling a story with pictures as well as the book's interpretation, so always try to see what they are saying yourself before looking up their written meaning in a book or on the Internet. (All authors interpret the meaning of cards a little differently, so feel free to form your own opinions about the cards).

    Let me know how your first reading goes, and if there's anything else you'd like to know. Good luck!

  • Hi Junemoon26,

    All energy comes into the body through the left hand! That's what my Reiki Master taught anyways!


  • Just to add in. I'd say if you're having difficulty finding a spread to use. try making your own. By bonding with your deck it becomes an extension of your own consciousness and so you'll be able to tackle a situation focusing on aspects and positions under your control. I'm not sure but for me, using certain fixed, pre- set reading spreads do not give as useful insight as compared to my own invented spreads

  • Thanks, Lovinglifelam--I knew the left hand was more effective, now I know why! KushikamiKiba, that's good advice too, but personally, I find creating my own spreads a bit of a challenge! Still good advice though--to each her own! 🙂

  • You're welcome Junemoon2. Grundy Chick I personally find that if I am not very clear and write down what my own spreads meanings and outcomes are I get mislead. If you experiment with both styles and see which ones feel best to you and have the most accurate turnouts then you'll know. I found some helpful spreads on Mystic games. com and AeclecticTarot if that helps to experiment with your own or spreads that tackle exact situations.


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