Cancer sun, libra moon, scorpio mars male! HELP!

  • I briefly started dated this cancerian guy after a lot of pursuing from his side however he strangely concluded it saying that we are to in compatible et al and i was quite upset. Just to make things better for me he said that he wouldn't date anyone until i am alright and convinces me to be his friends and not move away.

    Few weeks down the line he tells me that he wants to see his ex and try make things work out. That upset me again and i tried to move away but he said that he wants to preserve the likeness between us and not lose it especially over something that may not even work out and then adds that if i let things naturally the chances of us ending up together is lot more higher then (i started convincing him to give things a try between us) and that he can consider a long time relationship only after he sorts this out.

    one thing led to the other and we usually party together and it finally ended up with him like seeing two girls at the same time, me and his ex. However, things are not going really good with his ex as they still have their old issues and she is very much obsessed with him to the point of being possessive and clingy.

    He is generally not the kind of guy would say i love you or anything since he says that love doesnt happen in an instant and that you need to spend lot of time together, live with each other for a bit but recently on a night out at a club he texted me i love you several times and after that his behaviour towards me changed so much. we sort of got more closer and he started showing some real signs of falling in love with me until the next time we went out where his friend from other town was trying to chat me up and i was just pushing that chatter away and told him how i feel about this guy. that entire night this guy was quite moody, not enjoying at all and then next day he didnt talk to me at all as in answered my calls or come online and kept things more on a friendly level.

    However, as the week passed i could still see that he really does like me even though i wasnt sure about the love bit and i knew that it's only a matter of few weeks or maybe a month or two before he ends the seeing thing with his ex until he got annoyed at me for something extremely trivial saying that i got too aggressive and needs 2-3 months away from me. i was devastated. i just gave him some time (5 days without talking seeing chatting at all) and pinged him online today and he seemed to have cooled down and gotten over it but things are still not how it was between us before. I really don't know what to do. cant figure him out. does he really like me or possibly love me? he shares a lot about his family and about his other friends and even ends up discussing his ex with me (something which he doesnt wanna do) but today when we made up the tiff, he talks as if he doesnt care about me at all. i can just make out even though i quite cant place a finger on it .

    oh by the way m aries. sorry about the long post. if anyone needs details of the last tiff to help me out, i ca post it further

  • Hello arienprincess!!

    Cancerians are very emotional and moody!! Water sign!! this guy is very much affected and effected by the last relation...I think he was deeply involved and that is why he is surprised that why things didn't you said he talks about the ex with you also...may be is honest but here he is confused. His confusion is your problem. He sees you as emotional support for him and is sometimes swayed with emotions and you feel it is love(even he must have felt so)...but soon he wakes up and become friendly, not in love. I think you should not be hasty for this relation because if you force him or ask him whether he loves or you will leave him ...he can behave haughtily. If you really want to solve just be friendly and try to control your emotions so that he gets time to understand his emotions and decide . Whatever be the decision you should not loose yourself....Life is beautiful...Take care...god bless you!!!

  • thanks intensered...that's what i'm doing at the moment..being friendly...i still cant believe how he got so mad at me for just walking upto him and holding the front of his shirt to tell him that i didnt like what he was saying..we were all quite drunk and i'd have probably kept my shoulder on his chest after that but he found that too aggressive.... he is being so moody 😞 i'm afraid things are not gonna be the same as before. we have been talking and chatting to each other DAILY since january it possible he is attached to me though he says its hard for him to get attached but once he does then it's like proper attachment...and if he was attached to me in the first place, one minor tiff and 5 days without contact undoes everything and all the feeling? i'm quite upset and doing my best to be patient

  • hi sandran712---->Thanks for your response. you are right about him being confused. even i felt the same way but he denies being confused. The last he told me was he barely sees his ex now because she keeps pushing him and is very possessive about him. They broke up for good when she scratched his entire face in a drunken fit of anger a year ago. so i dont think he's gonna go to her for good. he told me that this is the last time he tries working things out with her. (They have been trying to work stuff out several times over the past 1 year after they broke up). We finally resolved our tiff and i told him i'm giving up on him and i'm gonna be there only as a friend to him yet he doesnt behave like a friend to me but more than a friend. Also, do you think this guy gets li'l upset when i pay someone more attention than him? I just dont know what he feels about me. sometimes i think he is too selfish to care about anyone :(( i dont even know if he's attached to me. But he once even mentioned that i make a better friend and wife than her. Ugh! should i move on from this guy or hang in there?

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  • really appreciate your help sandran712..i am going outta my mind with this one as it requires so much patience from me.he's now on a holiday back at home and will be probably back next week so lets see how things are when he gets back. initially i used to come tell him to see me and invariably when the two of us are alone we'd end up getting cozy. should i still ask him to come see me and should i stop him if he initiates getting cozy with him since we are just supposed to be friends? i think in another month or 2 maybe max 3, he should be able to decide whether to get into a relationship with his ex or leave her for good

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