• Hey everyone. The man I was seeing broke it off with me during the 2nd week of Mercury in Retrograde. I have been debating whether or not to get in touch with him and though he broke it off, he wanted to remain friends, I said we were toxic and he was confused, and n ow neither of us have spoken to each other. We were an Aquarius and Gemini pair with our birth dates being:

    February 15, 1975 and May 28, 1983.

    I can honestly say that I've never felt a pull to someone like I have with this one. Not necessarily a soulmate but felt as if we have known each other before.

    Also, a Pisces woman from his past showed up during the shadow phase of the Retrograde. Does this mean anything?

  • Yes, the past pulled him back because he was afraid of the new, of the unknown.

  • Does this mean that we've parted permanently? Any advice on what to do?

  • Does this mean that we've parted permanently? No.

    Any advice on what to do? Get free from your own past, your old self, because that is the lie, that disables your sensors.

    Now should be your only time, here should be your only space.

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