Help with deciphering my reading

  • Hey Everyone!

    I did an ex-lover's spread last night and was wondering if anyone could help me make any sense of it. Thanks, Buckley.

    1. Past history of relationship-6 of Swords

    2. Where the querent is presently-the Emperor

    3. Where the ex-lover is currently-9 of Wands

    4. How the querent feels about getting back with the ex-Queen of Pentacles

    5. How the ex feels about getting back with the querrent-Temperance

    6. Who/what opposes them getting back together-10 of Swords

    7. Who/what will help the querent get what he/she wants-the Chariot

    8. What the querent may/may not know about the situation-The Fool

    9. the Outcome-6 of Pentacles

    Any insight or interpretations would be quite awesome as I am at a loss.

  • 1. Past 6 Swords. The 6 card moves in the sefirah of beauty and in divine descent and sacrifice, in the heart chakra. A ferry man poles a punt, the waves behind pushing them forward across calm waters. In the ferry sit two hunched figures, one adult, one small. The prow is pierced by six swords. Is it the River Styx, and Charon? Gods who broke an oath on Styx had to drink from it, losing their voices for nine years, and be exiled from the council for nine more years. Humans can be made immortal in it. The passengers may be headed to the underworld. Or is it the River Lethe, of forgetfulness and concealment? The suit of swords is usually seen as reflecting the double edge of truth, so there may be a departure based on learning an unwelcome truth.

    2. Querent present, Emperor. Interesting trump, the uncompromising old man seated on a very angular throne, concerned with maintaining or growing order and structure according to the rules of society, but it is his will and responsibility that gives form to creative ideas. His background is typically the mountains of objective truth.

    3. Ex-lover present, 9 Wands: A man nurses his wounds, and he is expecting an attack, so he has built a wall. It keeps him isolated from the mountains of objective truth.

    4. Querent feeling about ex, Queen of Coins: Earthy mother, holding a coin, perhaps the child of her mind, seated facing left, looking to the past, with children carved into her throne, at home out in nature. The Queen's position in the tree of life is where creative energy comes to rest in the vessel of Yetzirah, the olam of formation. She sees so much potential, but there's a tinge of melancholy; she sees how time passes. The hare at her feet indicates that life is brief and fragile.

    5. Ex feeling about Querent, Temperance. Another good trump, with heartfelt feeling best in moderation. The Angel stands with a badge of a triangle at his breast, a crown of a disc, the left foot on firm ground, the right foot in the water of deep feeling and mystery. More water flows directly from the left cup to another on the right across the heart chakra, or maybe the solar plexus. The Angel leads the way to the right path to the light over mountains of objective truth on one side, while on he Angel's left side, the lilies or passion flowers of the underworld grow verdant. He's trying to be honest with himself, but hidden passions may be entering the mix.

    6 Opposition, 10 of Swords. The 10 card lives in the sefirah of Malchut, the kingdom where we live, beyond the chakras in the feet, the world of earthly, physical, material action. A wall of swords has struck down a man, with the mountains of objective truth far away in the background. The relationship may have suffered from the pain of truth or lies, or failed to hit bottom in order to take a turn for the better. Continual lies may be a problem, whether lying to one's self or to one another.

    7 Aid/Allies, Chariot. The warrior champion wears a crown of the star, the moon goddess' emblems at his shoulders, a square badge of the earthly realm at his breast, holding a wand scepter. He has mastered the chariot led not by reigns but by a duality of light and dark sphinxes, the Egyptian deities who hold and maintain the mystery. He has just crossed a river, on a path leading out of the city. The challenge is in gaining the discernment to master polarized perceptions of the truth or of what is right and what is wrong. There's a risk of hot-headedness and lack of self-control. Letting a man take the lead or initiative may be helpful, but make your own insights known. Or it may just be time to grow up, get past any adolescent-like infatuations of the heart, and move on with a maturity you haven't seen as yet.

    8. Hidden from Querent, Fool. A trump card. The genuinely simple youngest hero packs lightly, dresses festively, holds a white rose of innocence, and stands at a precipice. At his side is a small dog who may provide helpful instincts. Beyond him are mountain heights still to climb on his journey. He doesn't fear looking ridiculous or making mistakes. His arms are open wide, ready to fly. What may be hidden is a readiness to leave again, a lack of commitment.

    9. Outcome, 6 of Coins. This position hints at future outcomes, and you may consider if this is what you want to cultivate. As we've seen, the 6 card moves in the sefirah Tiferet, of beauty and in divine descent and sacrifice, in the heart chakra. A man stands over two beggars, with a scale in the left hand, and drops coins from his right hand into the open hands of a beggar. He appears to condescend, choosing one with a hat over the other with patchy clothes. The giver seems generous, but weighing his potential future use of the recipient.

    There's no doubt there's an openness to a physical connection, but there's also such a feeling of melancholy, a concern about lies and hidden darknesses or discomfort with the compromises required for a relationship. Are you sure you want this one back?

  • It vollies back and forth. We had some good times but I feel that his lack of commitment due to his issues plus someone from his past, as well as his stated need to be alone, is compromising any sort of connection we may have. Out air signs are compatible but after he left, I realized that we both have a lot of issues we need to deal with. There is a lot of melancholy and sadness on my end. I'm trying to move on but unsure how to do at times. It's incredibly hard because, though for a short time, it was incredibly intense. He wanted to be friends and I walked away, again.

  • My advice is to leave him behind on good terms, with the upper hand. The warrior champion needs something to find worthy of fighting for, as does the stingy benefactor. Try to find ways to remember your time together well, let yourself grieve, and find your true self away from his influence. There may be a more fun-loving guy on the horizon who can make you laugh; he may not be the one for commitment yet, but a good transition. Most of all, what can you learn from it, and take with you forward on your path?

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