What is going on in his head?

  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what will happen with Chris and I? where we are heading and if we'll end up together? my birthdate is October 1, 1984 and his is August 23.

    I just don't know what is going on in that head of his!



  • Hello. its been some time since you posted this, you still need a reading?

  • You may give me one please 🙂

    I was wondering what the good news is about in regard to my Friend (G). Apparently one of his troublemaker employees got herself in a( "Pickle"). This is a "Mixed Blessing" for him; due to her causing him so much stress in the company. I think that he is able to let her go now?

    Her name starts with an (M) and she has DarkBrown hair. She is a VERY nasty person 😞

    She interfered in our romance.

    Could you Please tell me what situation this employee got herself in, and will he fire her soon?

    Thank In Advance.

    Thanks In Advance

  • Hello Pilot007

    I take it this M screwed up bigtime and that your friend G now has to deal with the damage caused, At the moment M might be going about trying to prove herself to G in the workplace by taking on challenges and responsibilities that are way out of her league however G is in fact considering her performance and the possibility of getting rid of her.

    Since G is in a leadership role at work i suggest he take control of the situation. Currently the situation is represented by wands and swords, fire and air. Advice is an earth element card and the outcome is water so from what i can see, I feel that he will fire her soon and once she's gone, the mistake she made can start to get back on track.

    I hope this helps

  • Thank You So Much 🙂 I appreciate your insight!

  • No problem

  • yes please!

  • ok Alex here you go

    Your current situation is as you told me, nothing's happening in this relationship and right now you're in a state of wondering what he's up to. From your perspective communication within the relationship is getting worse, he's hiding things from you and he's not giving you all the information a couple should share. In his point of view however he feels the time of change is near, he's considering possibly ending something to start something new.

    Are you afraid of what will happen in the relationship? It seems you have suspicions that he'll leave you or that something ominous will happen likewise he may feel that the relationship will get out of hand if you continue or on the other hand, it could just die out.

    Possible outcome would be that you both will end up in positions wherein you need to focus on yourselves first and will have no time with one another.

    Overall it looks pretty rough. Good luck with this

  • Thanks! we're not together, our relationship has gone back and forth a bit, but we're friends. He is in a position where he's probably looking to end something and start something new, but that's probably not ending something with me, seeing we're not together? he's very unhappily married. I don't know if that makes things make sense to you? I care for him very much but firstly as a friend (as he is stil married), I don't want to lose our friendship.

    What you said about communication is right, and him not telling me how he truly feels.... I really don't know how he truley feels anymore...

    I don't know if any of this helps you...


  • Well then that changes my advice, if this problem he has gets to you, you'll get dragged into this. think you can handle it?

  • I can handle it....

  • well good luck

  • Hi KushikamiKiba: amazing username 😃 is that japanese? If you're doing readings, i was wondering two things...one about me and children DOB 05/13/1975 and the second about an old friend 09/13/1975 and his marriage.

    If you sense anything, I'd love to know - positive or negative - i can handle it!



  • oops - typo the other person's birthday is 09/13/1974.


  • Hello Natalia, thats an Italian name if i'm not mistaken or russian. anyway yes its a little japanese name my friends and i made up. something about "divine soul" when translated. Anyway here's your two readings.

    1st regarding you and your children(I'm assuming you have more than 1)

    Are they in a stage of their lives wherein they are moving away from the main body of the family? Married? Moving? Just plain distant? I can sense that they are progressing with their own lives but still look to you for strength and a foundation for their endeavors. Possible conflicts may arise in their lives and you may be called into voice out reason Especially in things dealing with emotions. Aside from that i see nothing wrong with your relationship with your children.

    Now with your friend

    I can see possible conflict within the relationship although it tends to stay hidden under a shoud of happiness and peace, this isnt any concern though since i feel this will be eventually settled internally and the marriage itself will be back to normal.

    Overall nothing seems wrong with either situation you have. But please give me some feedback if i'm a bit off

  • Hi kushikamikiba, would you please give som insight?? I'm 5/19/78 initials LC

    I've been in love with the same person for two years but we are not together in a serious or committed relationship and only see each other maybe once every two months average...

    I dont like any of this but I finally let go of requesting him for more time by e-mails and stuff...

    so I have no idea what his feelings are for me... and why he's away keeping at a distance... his initials are JM... 10/6/73

    lately I've gotten a lot of attention from other guys but I'm not sure what to do...

    thanks so much and looking forward to your advice 🙂

  • Hello happy

    From what i can feel he's undergoing some tough times and in a way he chooses not to get you involved. I think it was wise to ease of contact first as he feels inclined to settle his issues on his own. With regards to those other guys. Well I recommend you dont go looking for new love among these people as they too have some issues. Some with smaller ones than most, its human nature if you really feel ready for it, take caution because whoever it is wont be so secretive of his problems and may ask you to help him shoulder the burden. By choosing the lesser evil you can get out of this "pickle" faster. Still though i advise you to stay away from the word lover first, i see nothing wrong with seeing these other men but keep them in check until you're absolutely sure

    Hope it helps. feedback would also be appreciated

  • Hi KushikamiKiba, thanks so much for your advice... I dont want to leave my Libra man behind, I don't... I love him and it hurts a little that he wants to keep me away... I can't believe you can miss someone everyday even in the most happy moments I wish I could share them with him... everyday for two years and a half...

    but if he loves me, I could wait a little longer! if he loves me and wants to be happy with me forever and ever I would wait for him!!

    do you see this? do you think he loves me and wants me in his life?

    the other guys are ok, funny and obviously give me attention but that is not love...

    and I dont see their soul in their eyes like with JM...

    with JM I see inside his heart when he's close to me, and when I hug him the world stops and i feel complete, nothing matters because I know I'll be ok.. not because he's next to me but because we're together even when we're not next to each other...

    it's hard to explain... it's not that I am needy I think I'm somehow independent I still have goals and dreams for myself and I would want him (JM) in my life...

    I just want to know what can I do or say so that we start getting closer... if it's ok that I wait or if I should give up...

    will he resolve his issues and let me in?? do you see a time frame?

    so sorry I have so many questions... thanks so much for giving me a hand and for reading this 🙂 L

  • It all depends on the issues he's facing, I saw a majority of wands and fire element cards in your reading, pertaining to passion. Chance of getting this settled between you two is very high, and every single one of the other men cannot compare to him, all showed me unappealing side to themselves which brings me to conclude that they are not worth it. Its not in the general theme of this discussion board but if i may just say

    What you have now is represented by the Rune Kenaz, the fire that lights the way. If you choose to be by his side no matter what, then your efforts will be rewarded, this darkness that covers your relationship will vanish with the appearance of both your inner flames.

  • Oh KushikamiKiba, thanks so much!! I will pray for strenght!! I'll focus on myself and my spiritual growth to endure this distance!!

    thanks so much!! my heart jumped when I read your response 🙂

    if he contacts me though (JM)... I see him and just give him my company without expectations?

    OR can I tell him that it hurts to be away but that I love him and I will try my best to be patient and understanding??

    OR should I tell him not to contact me until his ready for our love??

    sorry again for so many questions!! but you have no idea how much I needed your help!!

    thanks from my heart!!

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