Ethics Question or Imagination

  • Is it uncommon for a Dr. to call you after every visit (I had a series of 6.) Had another do the same. This would be for a common ailment (treatment.) Is it inappropriate for a Dr. to tell you that you'll get used to something--it's just like wearing-in a bed.

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same, or if I'm imagining things. Don't really care to get calls at home. Kind of gives me the creeps especially if I'm receiving treatments. Would rather have the office call.

  • I don't really understand what you meant when you said, "You will get used something, it's just like wearing in a bed, Huh? Anyway, I have a 26 year medical administration career under my belt and I would love to answer your question, but, please explain above.

  • Hi, that was just a comment that was made. But could you comment on Dr.'s calling etc. What's your experience w/this. Thank you.

  • Well, sometimes I think we forget that doctor's are just people, just like you and me. They have quirky little things about them that can be hard to understand. There are some physicians out there who beleive in being in touch with their patient's directly, while other's let thier nurses do everything (the later is the more common). I think it depends on why he is calling you, if he is calling to check in on some action he has instructed you to do shows he really cares about his patients and has a great deal of integrity. On the other hand if he is calling you for what feel's like no reason other than to find a reason to call, that is definately inapproporiate. I understand the reason for you being so vague, medical conditions are a very private manner. If your gut instinct is this guy is out of line you definately need to find another physician that you can connect with on a mutual comfort level. All you have to do is find another doctor and at the time you make the appointment ask his office to have your records forwarded to them from your prior doctors office. This can be done really easily, all you have to do is sign and fax to the new doctors office a release of records form and provide them the name and address of where the records are kept (usually the doctor's office). This way you don't have to have an uncomfortable confrontation with the doctor you are not sure about. He might call you and ask why you are changing physicians, but it's not likely if he was acting inappropriately. You are under no obligation to answer his call.

    Again I can't stress enough, doctor's are just people, some of them are very wierd and quirky.

    On one last note, I will say it is hard to find a doctor who calls his patients as consistently as this one does and it does sound wierd to me also.

    I hope this helps you, good luck and good health!!!

  • Hi, Thank you for responding. I'm glad you answered since your in that field.

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