Hans Financial Help - Please

  • I have a rental property for sale, a triplex. It consists of 3 units that 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom plus kitchen and living room each. I am desparate to sell it. Please when will it sell. Thanks so much for your time and help.

  • You will sell it, when you act at the command of the man in charge.

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  • Hi Hans,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I don't understand the part about acting as the man in charge. I am a licensed realtor, so I am the selling agent and owner both. I definitely have the authority to sell it since I own it. Can you please elaborate on this part. Like I said I am desparate to sell this property. I need the money! A Man who sets himself up as capable of selling according to his own judgement could make mistakes and end in failure?? Are you saying that I am not capable of selling the property and only a poser? I have had several sales on this property fall apart for no apparent reason. The offers I have received are far below the list price. The market is bad, I feel that buyers want to steal the property; but at this point I have no choice. I have to have the money to move on. Insurance is due on the property and I do not have the money to pay it . It is bad. I owe no money on the property. I feel like it is a parasite sucking the life and will to be able to move on out of me.

  • Can you please elaborate on this part: Abandon your belongings and climb to higher ground. Don't grieve over treasures left behind. They will return to you in seven days. What you need is temperance.

    A Man who sets himself up as capable of selling according to his own judgement could make mistakes and end in failure?? As owner you are too biased to handle the selling properly.

    Are you saying that I am not capable of selling the property and only a poser? Yes.

    But please don’t give up on it. Little by little you are getting this big joke.

  • Thank you Hans,

    I had a buyer terminate for no reason ( he did not give a reason and I was willing to do the few repapirs that he asked for) last week. Do you think in 7 days he will show up again? How should it be handled when another buyer shows up. I do not deal with any buyers that are not represented by their own realtor since I am a realtor and the owner both, my broker does not want me handling both sides of the sale for obvious legal reasons. But I have to handle my side of the sale there is no way around that. If I am not capapble of selling the property who is? There is no one else to handle my side of the sale.

  • Do you think in 7 days he will show up again? Yes.

    How should it be handled when another buyer shows up: just compare the offers, who is ready to pay more, without deciding too early.

    If I am not capapble of selling the property who is? You are capable if you gain confidence, keeping control of the conflict, avoiding the milk that could be spilled by fear. No mistakes, if you do not suppress your energy, if you can act in an impersonal way without feeling obliged because of relating to the buyer.

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  • Thank you so much Hans. I am taking your advice to heart, no mistakes and gain control over my emotions which have been out of control lately with the desparation to get this property sold ASAP. It's really not a bad property and is a good property really. Being a landlord is just not for me. I need the money to move on to other business interests.

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  • Thank you Hans. I just feel like I can't think or move forward until this property is sold. I mean how long can it actually take? It's been for sale forever - 2 years! - and it's a good deal. I'm at the end of my rope with it. It is literaly destroying me financially. I can't even imagine if I still have it with no windstorm insurance(when the windstorm insurance expires). It makes me neurotic and crazy and scared.

  • how long can it actually take? as long as you need to open up your heart. Until then you will waste time and energy blaming others, causing major damage to your love instead of fixing the minor damage to the property.

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  • I am willing to do some repairs, but the property is good condition overall. Like I said in my earlier post the buyer terminated for no reason. I agreed to do the 3 repairs he asked for, yet he terminated the contract. I'm begining to think he really didn't have the funds.

  • I had an inquiry today from an investor that seemed very interested and polite, but it seems like he is really wanting to negotiate the price way way down. What is up with him? I told him that I was willing to negotiate some on the price, he never threw a number out there, but said he would be calling back. What do you think Hans?

  • Sorry Hans - I don't understand your last reply. I'm not blaming others for the property not selling. The market is bad and I have priced the property accordingly, yet still no sale. I have told the one buyer that did ask for a few repairs that I would do the repairs, yet he still terminated the contract. I feel like the world is just messing with me for the h@ll of it.. I just want to know when this property will actually sell. I cannot do repairs without an escrow contract because I cannot afford to just do random repairs hoping and wondering if this will please a buyer when one shows up. But if I have a buyer that is under contract for a fair price and asking for specific legitimate repairs, then they can be done. The property is good condition, it is not delapitated or in poor condition.

  • By good condition, I mean good condition. The roof is good, the paint is good, the brick is in good condition, the parking areas are paved and have no wear or holes. The sidewalks are good. All the applicances are recent and in working order. The kitchens even have ice makers and dishwashers. The flooring is all within 3 years old. It's not some dump that I want to unload. I have other business interests I want to persue (what do you thing about them?) and I do not like being a land lord, so I want out of this property. I have patiently waited for 2 years. Now it has to go. but when? I really need out of this property, it is becoming a burden. Like I said I do not have the cash to plunk down for the windstorm insurance and we are entering the hurricane season. I have never gone uninsured, that is just not repsonsible. Sorry for all the venting.

  • Hi Hans, Oh now the origianl buyer is back today offering 50,000 less that original offer LOL ha ha ha see what I mean - the world is just messing with me. What sort of game is this moron playing? He can't be for real.

  • What is up with him? He is waiting for a strong impulse from outside.

    What do you think Hans? Do not hope on him, so that he becomes another injury to you.

    I just want to know when this property will actually sell: when you will become more open. If you open your heart, instead of looking only at all that what is not according to your expectations, you will turn around and see, how close someone is to you, who is ready to give you an offer.

    what do you thing about them? wait for wisdom and clarity before exacting other business interests, then let no protest sway you. Find satisfaction in small gains. Move constantly forward. You are a stranger to this situation. Because much of this environment is foreign to you, you must exercise only the best judgement. You don't know the custom there, and it's too easy to cross a line you don't know is there. Because you are the foreigner in this setting, you have no history to acquit you. Watch, listen, study, contemplate, then step lightly but decisively on.

    but when? when you have gained enough attention from the people around you. Become the local hero and sell the property.

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  • What sort of game is this moron playing? He has become a desperate collector, being blocked and having stiff joints. The only thing left is your property which is already crushing you.

    There is no meaning -- and because there is no meaning there is freedom, and because there is no meaning there is no bondage.

  • Thanks Hans - I'm open to any and all reasonable offers for this property. Do you think one of the 2 offers above will work its way out? Will one of them wind up actaully buying the property?

  • Do you think one of the 2 offers above will work its way out? No.

    Will one of them wind up actaully buying the property? No.


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  • Hi Hans - thanks for the reply. Could you please do a timeline reading on the sale process for this property?

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