Seeing, glimpses, new awareness...your thoughts please

  • Over the weekend I kept catching "glimpses" my terminology. I could see a variety of people milling about walking through where I live, they made no clear acknowledgment of my being there. It was as if your tv was old and one channel sort of super imposed faintly over another. I kept getting these visuals of people around and moving about, just a glimpse here and there, nothing of significance. When I say glimpse I guess I should further explain to me they are see through, not solid in form, yet anyway. But as I have stressed before seeing is not my forte and luckily or not it does not come to me routinely. So were the events of the last couple days putting me on alert so I was more open to it? Was there some planetary alignment that made the two worlds mesh more easily? Was there some point to my seeing it or was it just the simple fact I was aware I was seeing it? Hmmmm something to ponder eh. Now mind you it didn't bother me. In my past many years back seeing such things sometimes unnerved me. In this case I just acknowledged in my own head yep I saw that and that one too....what's that all about? I would very much like to hear your take on this.

    I don't know if the veil was especially thin this weekend or if something new is opening up for me or if it's finally amazing I noticed it at allbut I would like to know what you think. So please, unleash your thoughts.

  • Why don't you go to a professional and learn to develop this? Where I live there are "schools" where you can learn to ground yourself, protect yourself develop intuition etc. To most folks this would be something of significance. The veil was clearly thin for you eh? Isn't the question what was your take on it? It was your experience...what did you feel? I'd have a whole host of feeling if I "saw" folks milling around.

    Cheers Pfree

  • Pfree, thanks for your post. Good question actually what did I feel? Well first let me explain that when I was a teenager 3 decades back I was frightened by something I saw and more or less asked not to see anymore, for many years I saw nothing, still had other senses of course but didn't "see" things visually. So when I saw them walking about , first I was sort of calm to realize I wasn't nervous about it. That's kind of weird huh? Old habits are hard to break and I was just shocked I was not worried or freaked by being aware of them. So for me that's pretty cool.

    It was kind of like watching people walk through a bus station or on a crowded street, they were just going wherever they were going kind of oblivious to my presence but something made me notice they were there. It happened a couple different times, more people one time than the other. But none even seemed to be aware I saw them and they weren't really paying attention to me being there. So yes the veil was definitely thin for me. It's odd I guess I've been sort of expecting this sooner or later but didn't expect it to look like that if that makes any sense.

    I'll have to look into whether or not there are classes in my area. I never checked to be honest. I'm all pretty much self taught on this stuff so sometimes I sound like a kid who didn't understand the algebra problem I guess. I hope those here understand that and are willing to offer their guidance still.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

  • Your welcome,

    I've had a few experiences and fear has got in my way also of being receptive. Actually your comment that you "didn't expect it to look like that "makes a lot of sense, in my experience expectations are road blocks and nothing has ever looked like I expected or almost nothing 🙂

    Sounds like you were in witness mode and not feeling "old" feelings. Here in Calif the Berkeley Psychic Inst is everywhere teaching classes on meditation grounding protecting oneself. Good luck w/ that if you so choose.



  • RCdreamer


    My sense is you have had an experience with a "PARALLEL UNIVERSE".

    This is when another plane becomes visible on our plane. I think it is when a portal in time opens and one is able to view another dimension in time..

    The view you saw may have be one where the event occurred on that spot, yet in a different time.

    I hope this helps somewhat.


    loving silver wings

  • Hey Pfree, Wish I lived near Berkley. LOL, It was interesting and not frightening. There is a difference for when you see someone and know they are there for you and just seeing someone who is unaware you are even present or perhaps doesn't care you are there. Blmoon told me awhile back we have a hermit living here who likes our house. He scares my granddaughter with his scowling face and doesn't like when she brings attention to his being around. I've never seen him but I feel when he is around. I have a visual in my head which I guess could be through my third eye or perhaps my imagination, I think I know what he looks like. But this weekends experience was very different it was like you said like witnessing it but not being a part of it.

  • lovingsilverwings, A parallel universe huh, I suppose it's possible it was from a different time on this spot. I didn't take notice of the attire although I didn't have the sense it was badly outdated or anything like that. I was more taken by the repetition and the multitude of people, various sizes an statures, sort of milling about. I'm not so sure I'm cool with any portal opening up in my house but it wouldn't be the first time. Our old home had a lot of activity, some of negative, annoying, irritating, sometimes disturbing things but this wasn't like that at all. It was very nonchalant almost unimportant but I saw it. I guess it will be interesting to see how things progress from here. I hope it's a good thing.

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