My Dear Blmoon

  • Spirit says you have no faith in the down time. Like the moon that grows and disapears you must trust the cycle of things. Validation is important for you. The moon grows--the energy builds--you feel strong--determined--lucky and get things done. But it slows down--energy dwindles--mistakes happen--faith is harder to hang on to and suddenly you second guess all you know. It is never enough to just say--"I'm tired now" it's time to rest--let go--do nothing. Sometimes nothing happens. OR seems that way. And you latch on to down times as somehow meaning that you are blocked--slipping--doing something wrong when it is ok to just be. Do you deserve to just be your imperfect perfect self some days? Accept the truth that low energy and strong feelings change and pass. There is a timelyness that has it's own agenda that we should not try to control or we end up feeling we failed. Sometimes things don't go our way for good reason and we must use each event to grow stronger. Your dreams are important now. Fear is your "stuck" place. When you have fearful thoughts acknowledge you have a choice and learn to change those thoughts. Believe you are safe. Spirit says life just doesn't run constant--there are the highs and lows. Do not let the low times define who you are or lose your trust in how well you are moving forward. Some days nothing gets done--nothing goes right and it doesn't mean you are doing something wrong. You let those days go and the wheel turns upward once again. Trust in cycles and seasons.

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