My Dear Blmoon

  • You have help me in such deep areas

    My God how I Thank You

    Now may I ask you

    I know life has its time and i am grateful that I have been in the universe time to my life

    Now I want to know am I missing something

    I feel a blockage and I am willing to know what is it I need to do'

    I know the anserwer is in me ButI need a conformation as I Trust and Love your insight

    Please ask my Angles and my spirit guides to help me understand what I need to learn

    Love and Blessings as I find my next step..

  • sorry to jump in on your thread but i'd like to ask blmoon for a love reading i'm not with anyone right now and just wanted to get some insight

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  • This post is deleted!

  • You attract children often--a little boy is with you a lot--he's not too young maybe around eleven or twelve. He's the one who gets you to speak up--he talks a lot and is the one that gives you those ideas about being more active physicaly--sport and play time he insists from you. He reminds you that you can be more selfreliant--take care of yourself--fix things yourself. He says you are no sissy. There is a very small little girl as well who likes to cuddle at night--she likes soft things in bed---she is very comforting and a lot like you she says--needs lots of touchy feely--wants more for you--says you need her snuggles. Sometimes when you shop she drags you to the bedroom stuff--trys to get you to buy soft snuggly comfort things. I'm out of time but will look for any others that step forward later. Blessings.

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  • wow i feel like egg in my face sorry to jump in on the thread blmoon

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