HELP ME Find a Lost Item

  • I lost my wedding ring set Memorial Day weekend and have been searching the entire house for it, but haven't recovered it yet. I've tried an offering to the spirits of the house to help me in searching, but no ring. I am totally heart broken and am desperate for any guidance I can get.

  • Have you ever misplaced it before? Has anything else been missing lately? Spirit says you had a strange dream the week before that has a clue. Spirit shows me the word borrowed---so you should get it back, I'm picking up other items missing. Pray to Saint Michael for protection and ask him to help return your ring and to guard your boundries so your important things do not walk away. Blessing--I see you smiling--ring on your finger.

  • What is a wedding ring set?

  • Blmoon - I will try to remember my dreams. I did find a couple of items that were "misplaced" while looking for my wedding set while tearing apart the house. Praying to St. Michael is the first I have heard of (been praying to St. Anthony).

    During one of my offerings, the candle went out; another person said that maybe that was a sign that the spirits were showing a sign of willingness to help. I have a friend who does Tarot coming over on Sunday to aide in my search.

    The Captain - a wedding set is a matching engagement ring and wedding band that are soudered together. It's great because they don't wear down from rubbing together. And based on my predicament....the downside is if you lose one, you lose the other. I will try to repost a picture again, but I have had problems loading onto the site before.

  • The strangest dream I can recall that was the most recent was about my husband. It was one of those dreams that when I woke up, I laid in bed for a few moments wondering if it really happened. I woke up hearing my husband come home from work early (he was doing stuff either in his bathroom or the baby's room...don't fully remember). He told me he was fired for blowing up a machine at work due to text messaging (have no idea what I was thinking). We got into a huge fight about it and I was just so angry about his carelessness and worried about him finding another job. I just remember that during the fighting I was worried about waking Jericho. When I woke up, I wasn't sure if it had really happened. I remember not being able to fall back asleep, so I got out of bed and took a shower.

  • I see a strange image of a baby reaching out to grab the ring and swallowing it.

  • My son isn't mobile yet, so hopefully he hasn't swallowed it. We have been kinda worried that maybe one of the cats swallowed it.

  • My memory of when I lost the ring is hazey. I think the last day I wore the ring was a Sunday; however, I didn't notice it until Tuesday morning...some days I don't wear it, and I know I didn't wear it on Memorial Day. I have 2 memories that seemed to be blurred, which make it hard to know the last time I had it.

    1. I took Jericho on a walk with my friend Amy. I remember looking at my ring finger and thinking about my tan line that a wedding ring would create....but don't remember if I thought the tan line would become more prominent (becuase I was wearing the ring) or fade (because of lack of the ring)....this was Sunday.

    2. I also remember taking the ring off when I was giving Jericho a bath - I think I placed it on the top of the closed toliet becuase I didn't want to leave him unattended to put it in the normal place. I'm not sure if this happened that Sunday or that Friday.

    Usually I take my ring off every night before bed. It goes on my dresser on the top of a mirrored platter - just loose. I then put it on again in the mornings after my shower.

  • I suggested prayer to Michael because I sensedt this is more than misplaced and more a protection issue. The Borrowed suggestion spirit gave me also suggests someone close to you took it with intentions to borrow money on it but then return it. I asked the dream question because spirit suggested you would not be open to the dishonest loved one suggestion but they warned you so if you could tap into that you would be more open. Often missing items are taken by trusted friends and loved ones and I hesitate telling that as there is a saying---hate the message kill the messanger. BUT from your dream I hear a spirit who watches over you does speak to you at night and says you have your doubts about your husband sometimes--that he tells you the whole story-- and you have anger at times but your bottom line committment is to preserve the family unit and protect your child. A happy family is important to you more than anything--you have a strong sense of responsability--in fact you often feel that you carry the "responsability weight" for both of you. If I am wrong I apologize but you asked so I'm responding that I still see the ring as taken by a loved one and should turn up again as if it were lost but suddenly found. Often the advice with missing items is to let it go and wait but in this case don't stop talking about it out loud and it wouldn't hurt to tell those around you a psychic has suggested someone "borrowed " it on purpose and are about to get caught.. Blessings.

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