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  • Having trouble with your ex? Having trouble letting go of a past relationship? Cant be with someone because of your familys views? Having trouble with a present relationship? Just reply to this forum and i will give you my insight.

  • Hi there Shenita, I'm a Leo - Scorpio rising - Virgo moon - Horse - 11 (17Aug66). I have been involved with a Pisces - Taurus rising - Scorpio moon - Pig - 11 (17Mar71) on/off for approx. 2 years. Not sure what you need.

    We haven't been together since Nov. 09, we sometimes chat and he still says hi now and then by text.

    I'm confused as to where things are going if anything. I know I need to go forward and not wait around.

    Your advice is appreciated.

  • Hi Shenita! I'm a Gemini and crazy in love with an Aquarius who i think totally dumped me Saturday night. Said we needed to take a break and hasn't called since. Someone I thought was a friend told him a bunch of lies about me, and he believed them instead of me. I don't know what to do or if to call him, but I love him and I can't stop. I don't know what to do at all! I'd be so happy to hear your advice. My email is . Thank you so much!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would like to know whats happening career wise and with my relationship please

  • Hello and welcome to the forum 🙂

    I was told by a psychic awhile ago, that I will have to make a decision concerning my Exboyfriend.

    Could you give me insight on Wha,t and Why I will have to make a decision this Summer?

    My D.O.B. April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance.

  • I cant seem to let go of my past. Only true love and he damaged me so badly that i can no longer feel deep emotions. Please help. Im Aug. 28, 1978 and he Mar.19,1975. thanx

  • Will I hear from my ex Cancer again . Thank you . DOB in case you need it .....31st January 1953.

  • Hi Shenita,

    What can you tell me about my relationship. My DOB is 06/01/71 and his is 10/17/70.

  • WOW.! I didn't expect this many replies. to (oh joy) i believe that you should tell your lover how you feel and see where he/she is with the relationship and let them know that you need more contact if you are going to have a long term relationship with this person.

  • This is to (luvslife) i am not psychic and i cannot tell you anything about your relationship until i know what the situation is.. and i will gladly answer your concerns (if any) and give you my opinion on how things are going.

  • This is to (lindyloo) i am not psychic and i on not know if you will hear from your ex again... However if he has deep feelings for you i am sure that he will find some way to get in touch with you and see how things have been.

  • This is to (CapriceUltraviolet) i think that if you are serious about this person you should try and get in touch with him and tell him the truth. And the so-called-friend of yours is not so friendly so you should check out the background of the friendship before calling this person a friend. As for your lover if he/she is easily torn away from you because of rumors i doubt that it will last long. Relationships should always consist of trust which is something that he/she obviously doesn't have in you... I believe that you deserve someone who trusts you and you can trust them in return..

  • I'm sorry to everybody because i feel as though i have confused most of you.. To make things clear.. I AM NOT PSYCHIC.. I only give advice on relationships and friends... i will gladly answer any questions about relationships but i am not psychic.. Sorry...

  • Dear Shenita,

    Thanks for the insight! I am gonna call him tonight and try to get everything settled once and for all. And my former friend isn't a friend but a horrible enemy. You're right about everything, and I'm so glad to hear from you. Changed my screen name to Star Caprice since it didn't work as Caprice Ultraviolet. Please send me good vibes tonight!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Hi Shenita - thanks :). You mean tell him again? I've told him many times in the past and thought I was pushing him away...... Are you reading cards?

    Oh Joy

  • This is to Oh Joy.. If you have told him this in the past then i think that it means everything you say to him goes in one ear and out the other. The problem in most relationships is that people keep emotions to themselves instead of explaining them... It sounds to me as though he is probably having a lot that is going on in his life that he doesn't want to talk about (which of course is how most men are) by the way, no i am not reading cards and those will be the answer to your questions... try the Celtic love tarot, that will help you to see where your relationship is going.. if you have anymore questions feel free to ask..

  • Dear Shenita,

    I'm in a fog. My love and my wife have left for the second time. The first time hit like a ton of bricks. I still have no clue why or what specifically the issues are. She still loves me but is not living with me. She is willing to toss everything away and end the marriage for ?? That is the part I don't understand. When you ask her you never get a direct answer. Her past somehow seems to be some part of the problem but I'm not sure. She will say we argue all the time but when you don't argue she will bring up something else that is vague. I'm in a fog trying to figure this out.

  • This is for Viper2. The most liable reason that you don't get a straight answer from her when you as her a question is either because she feels as though you should already know what she is thinking and has issues with expressing her feelings.. Of course at the end of the day the way to properly solve your problems would be to talk it through.. If you don't mind me asking.. Have you cheated on her before.. To her knowledge?

  • Hi Shenita,

    I am a Saggitarius woman and a couple of years ago I met a Pisces man. We were friends for a while before hooking up about a year and a half ago. We were seeing eachother for a short time before his ex girlfriend told him she was pregnant. Ever since, we have seen eachother occasionally because I haven't been able to forget about him no matter how hard I've tried. I don't know what to do! In the last 6 months we've hardly seen eachother so I don't think he has feelings for me anymore but I still love him. Can you offer any advice?

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