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  • This is for EmpressBs.. Sorry i took so long. My experience is somewhat close to your. Now if this is his first child he may be excited about a newcoming baby and yet confused at his current relationship with you. My guess would be that he's trrying to find a way to juggle you, the baby, and his ex all at the same time. Now, the problem is that not many people can deal with to many things at once because it causes stress. So my advice would be to stick around and give him time to adjust to this new situation. He'll probably come around someday. And if not,,, tell him your feelings and talk things through. I'm sure everything will be allright.

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  • This is to Angelwings86 my opinion would be to move on, But to first let him know that you dont appreciate him treating you the way he did. I believe that every woman should be treated with respect and i think you deserve better.

  • i have been with this guy for 17 years he thought the grass was greener on the other side, is he having a midlife crisis we broke up 4 month ago I was wondering if he is going to come back or should I move on and stop hoping for him to come back?

  • To dnnmre i am not psychic so i cannot tell you whether he is coming back or not but i can guarantee you that if you don't tell him how you feel he most definatley will move on.

  • Shenita, Im a Capricorn, my spouse a Scorpio, we've been together for 15 years married 6. We have a beautiful 4 year old son. We had problems in our marriage for some time, but he's been in an affair with a married woman 14 years his senior. He says he still loves me and feels the connection with me, but he tells me he feels no connection with her? He says that the connection is important to him. But he wants out of our marriage. He's started seeking counseling and i start in 2 weeks, we are seeing the same counselor. Do you see any hope for us??

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