• Hello, im a single man. 28 years old,and also a new member. my number is 8. dont know why or how,its just always finding his way into my life somehow. Whats this mean?

  • oh those crazy eights! I read once that in numerology #8 is the most fated and destined of all numbers with #4 being a close second. I too have a close relationship with 8 as my d.o.b. is 08/08, now multiply 8x8, it ='s 64, the year I was born! In my own mind I find it too cool and throw in the time of birth (11:44) ,well lets say I find its a great big mystery I've tried wrapping my mind around for many years! I feel 8's effect with every thing in my life,always, before I even knew of numerology, Get used to it (easier said than done, believe me)strong arming its way into your life , 8 is representative of strength and if you knock it over on its side it becomes the

    " Lemniscate", representative of CHRIST, also infinity. check out numerology sites for much more info on 8. and remember that somethings are meant to stay a secret til we leave our physical selves behind and even then, who knows what will be revealed.hmmm, think we will be handed a check list to check the items we had wondered about while in body so we can be at last "enlightened" ? lol, hope this helps a little,got to go, I see fate and destiny coming thru my door AGAIN!!!

  • If your a number 8, you should never rely on luck, you must work hard for what you earn. Your Keyword should be "Justice". If your a #8 you may feel restricted. this need not be true if you have learned to discipline yourself. You can have outstanding success by moving cautiously and conservatively, relying on your own judgement, for you as a number 8 you are mental and should be well balanced. If you live by the golden rule you can earn a place of authority.

    The symbol 8 resembles the double circle (8). It is the number of the scales, meaning balance and organization. It is physical or material in aspect, much like the #4 but it can reach greater heights. It is more interested in financial success than in spiritual enlightenment, for #8 is a business vibration. One foot at a time should be your watch word, for this principle will lead you to expansion and final manifestation.

    If your a #8 you could succeed in a business in a broad field, such as being a president or business manager of a large company. Other lines open to you are efficiency expert, industrialist, or executive. You also could be drawn to Business law, banking, Acting, or manufacturing. Govenmental work, civic affairs, and politics are other branches for you to follow. If a #8 chooses a literary career, it usually is that of an editor, publisher or critic rather than a Author, although you could write a "HOW TO" book concerning some phase of business.

    If your birthday is on the 8th of any month you belong in the Business world, for you are progressive, creative, and have an excutive ability. you are a good judge of values. #8 birthday is considered lucky for making money, for you need never know want if you live constructively.

    While you have an excellant financial birthday, you may experience difficult circumstances during the later part of your life. You like to make a good impression, and you should be the head of your own business. You are fond of display and large gestures, such as donating money to institutions or becoming a collector.

    As an 8 birthday of any month you could succeed as a banker, lawyer, executive, engineer, personnel director, orchestra leader, accountant or a manufacturer.

  • i've been stuck with number combinations all the time. look at the clock, it's either 2:11, or 1

    ;11. my family birthdates 2/25,4/11,2/11,11/25 and the best one, my son is 9/11. everyone who sees his birthday says how sad, until they see the fist digits of his ss #, it's 111. and the, first thing that comes out of their mouth is that's the number of GOD. it's so funny, that if you met him he's so disabled . then you realize maybe he's here to teach us something about our selves. sometimes i wounder if our lifes are predetermaned. annie

  • Well, I'm not sure about the other numbers in the time preceding the 11. I'd have to say it has something to do with synchronicity. I have a friend and that happens to her all the time. Kind of a dejavu or a mean't to be there feeling. Hope this helps you about your #11's.

    Master Number 11 characteristics are:

    11's are idealist, a dreamer and sometimes a mystic. Having much vision, you should be an inspiration to others. You can open doors and help others to greater achievements. Being psychic you should follow your hunches. You belong on a platform givning speeches or sermons, for people like to listen to you. 11's must be pratical and carry out their plans, otherwise you are apt to live in the clouds and accomplish nothing. 11's must keep appointments and to be on time for them.

    11th Birthday Of Any Month

    If your birthday is the 11th day of any month, you have high ideals and aspirations. you have a master birthday and are governed by inspiration. You should avoid being a dreamer rather than a doer. Often you will be vacillating in your desires and not be practical. Be careful lest your intellect overshadow your intuition, for you are psychic and should act on your first impressions without stopping to reason things out. while you may appear to be calm and collected without, you are actually high strung and nervous within. You are emotional and extreme in your loves and are apt to try to impose your moral standards on others. Avoid being

    Mercenary and miserly with your money. you belong in the limelight before the public.

    11's could succeed as a lecturer, dancer, auctioneer, promoter, or in fields dealing with electricity, philosophy, art, national advertising, motion picture work, or as a statician, accountant or a clerk.

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