Hans, I need your help!

  • Around easter time, I found out that my husband had cheated on me. He and I are 800 miles apart at the moment so it was ll over the phone. He was incredibly remorseful and hated himself. My heart told me to forgive him and we have been trying to work things out to save our marriage because we both still love each other very much. As of yesterday... I find out that the girl he was with is pregnant. 5 weeks. I confronted him about how many times they were together and he said maybe 2 or 3. Before we were separated, we did not concieve in 6 months of trying but this girl with PCOS who is told she'll never have children, miraculously concieves after 2 or 3 times together. I don't know where to go from here. Can I save my marriage? Will she carry to term? What does my future hold for me?


  • Dear Carilynn,

    Can I save my marriage? No.

    Will she carry to term? No.

    What does my future hold for me? You will be alone with yourself. Slight humiliation, but no blame. Punishment will have to be carried out by someone who lacks the power and authority to do so. Therefore the culprits do not submit. The matter at issue is an old one and in dealing with it difficulties arise. By taking up the problem the punisher arouses poisonous hatred against herself, and in this way is put in a somewhat humiliating position. But since punishment was required by the time, she remains free of blame.

    I recommend you watching your breath: Lie down and relax. Each outgoing breath is a death and each

    new breath is a rebirth. Breath coming in is rebirth;

    breath going out is death. The outgoing breath is

    synonymous with death; the incoming breath is

    synonymous with life. So with each breath you are dying

    and being reborn. The gap between the two is of a very

    short duration, but keen, sincere observation and

    attention will make you feel the gap. If you can feel

    the gap, then nothing else

    is needed. You are blessed, you have known; the thing

    has happened.

  • Thank you Hanswolf... I am trying to get by one breath at a time... Dying and being reborn multiple times....

  • Go into absolute silence. Close your

    eyes, no movement, just be in.

    A thousand times.

    Catch hold of this.

    Just let the body breathe and you simply be now and


    Go deeper, to the very roots of your being.

    Then come back to life.

    Fresh and young.

    Celebrating your


    In silence, the whole existence is one ocean.

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