Please help me with my reading.

  • Okay so the story between my ex girlfriend and I is this. She recently broke up with me in the last week of April. But we didn't stop seeing each other until the third week of May. I have been wanting to call her and I did but she consistently tells me to leave her alone. She told me that she needs some space and that the more I keep calling her, the more I push her away from me. Now just recently, Saturday morning, I had a dream about her. We were holding hands and a lady in my dreams told me that GOD made the both of us to be together. I want to believe in my dream but I'm too afraid to try and understand it. I just did a tarot card reading and I would like to know what it means.

    My situation is the seven swords.

    The challenges are the eight of wands

    My advice is the knight of coins

    My lesson is the sun

    My future is the empress

    please help me.

    My date of birth is 11/01/1986

    My ex is 8/16/1989

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