Today's Moon Phase & Mood...

  • My friends & I noticed earlier that we all, and everyone else too, seemed very aggitated, irritable and ready to jump out at anyone who dared to say something we didn't like....everything has been very heated & intense all day; it also seemed as if the arguments some were having were over things that they were very passionate about; some of the others seemed to be arguing back to those people just for the sake of doing so & their arguments were also full of false accusations & insults against the people who had done nothing(all the disagreements by them, the 1st passionate group I mentioned above, were done respectfully & in a kind, low voice). In other words, it appeared as if everyone had temporarily(hopefully at least)lost most all of their control. I know that this kind of thing isn't uncommon sometimes, but this was like to the 9th degree in regards to the severity of it. A few of us were wondering if this may be due to the moon's phase right now, or if it is just a simple case of the 'Manic Mondays'....can anyone offer some insight? TIA! & God bless!

  • Hi sleepinghart,

    I wish I could give some insight on this because today I have had some issues with my lovely eldest daughter!!....we have found it very difficult to be in each others company today, VERY unusual!!...I have to say this "strange energy" has really knocked me for six!!...I too am interested if there is some planetary force in action at moment, if this is the case, it is happening all too often just lately, as things have been very difficult in many areas of late....

    good thread sleepinghart,

    many blessings!!


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