Captain please.

  • I need insight on relationships... and career path... life goals. thanks

  • I feel there has been a long and deep uncertainty in you about yourself and your abilities and whether you have the strength to manage on your own. In the past there has been dependency on others for help and guidance but now you are slowly rising to the surface of life and swimming and breathing in the fresh air all by yourself.

    Now it's time to take risks in your love and working life. Strike out boldly and be the person you really want to be (and know in your heart you are). The people you have hidden amongst and turned to for advice are not the sort of people who are best for you. Seek out freedom lovers and adventurers, free-thinkers and visionaries to be your companions. Go for jobs you thought you could never do. This is your time to take your dreams and make them reality. You are gaining the confidence to do as you know deep down you ought to be doing. Be outrageous, be daring, and most of all be authentic!

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